Hey everyone! In this post, I will cover the Valorant Act 3, its end date, rewards, changes, and more so bear with me!

When Does Valorant Act 3 End?

Valorant Act 3 ends on January 11th, 2020.

New Map Icebox

A new two-site map has been launched and can be played in unrated and deathmatch. It will also be available in the competitive play on the 27th of October.

Act 3 Battlepass

The new battle pass features a whole new set of tiers and unlocks, a reworked weekly quest progression for faster progression throughout the battlepass, and additional epilogue tiers.

New Agent Skye

Skye will be released for unranked and competitive play on 27th October, just like the new map Icebox.

Ranked Play Changes

  • Your previous season badge is now showing in the lobby and kill feed.

  • Players can now queue with other players who are a maximum of 3 ranks apart, down from 6.

  • You can now select your preferred servers in the lobby in order to improve your ping

  • Immortal and higher matches do not value personal performance anymore, only win or loss

Valorant Boosting in Act 3

We are indeed still Valorant boosting and will keep helping players who want to achieve their desired rank or just have their placement matches done fast, safe, and completely anonymously.

Check out our services and good luck in Valorant Act 3!

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