Hello! Today I'm going to talk about Overwatch's Season 22, it's end date, changes, additions, rewards and more...

Let’s dig in!

When Does Overwatch Season 22 End?

Overwatch’s Season 22 will end on July 2nd, 2020. And the Season 23 will start immediately after Season 22 ends.

Map Rotation

There will be no more map rotations, however, Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony are unavailable until they get reworked.

Overwatch Season 22 Rewards

The rewards are still the same.

  • Bronze (1-1499): 25 points

  • Silver (1500-1999): 50 points

  • Gold (2000-2499): 100 points

  • Platinum (2500-2999): 200 points

  • Diamond (3000-3499): 300 points

  • Master (3500-3999): 450 points

  • Grandmaster (4000+): 650 points

Season 22 Changes

- Hero pools will now be the same as the Overwatch League ones.

- Hero pools are not going to be in anything lower than 3500 SR. Therefore, Hero pools will be live in SRs 3500 or higher.


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