Hey everyone! Today I’ll tell you the top 5 things you shouldn’t do in New World. These top 5 mistakes are the mistakes many players made when starting New World, I did a couple myself too.

However, in order to be an efficient New World booster, I have to optimize my gameplay. Today, I will also help you do the same.

Bear with me.

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid In New World

Let’s start with the crafting fees.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Crafting Fees

In every town you will use the crafting stations to craft your stuff, you might have also noticed that next to the CRAFT button there’s a tax for your crafting set by the territory owners, and while it does look tiny, it does add up, trust me.

Try to do your cooking and potion crafting at your camp for free. The crafting cost can be decreased when you increase the territory standing and get the bonus cards where you pick one.

2. Don’t spend your territory points wrong

Some people want to level up as fast as possible, therefore, they pick up the XP gain territory bonus. And there’s nothing wrong with that, I talked about it in my How To Level Up Fast In New World guide.

However, if you’re here for the long game and don’t mind taking a bit longer to level up, consider taking other territory bonuses. Because the game has 60 levels, even if they increase it with an expansion, sure, you get a bit more levels, but after you reach your max level you’re stuck with a useless territory bonus.

However, since there are many towns that offer bonuses, consider deciding early on which town is going to be your main town, usually it’s one in the central areas of the map, there level up your storage and crafting fees bonuses, while in other regions you can go with the gathering speed and XP bonuses.

3. Understand the armor weight system

The game didn’t really do well in teaching players how the armor weight system works, therefore let me tell you. On the top left corner of the inventory screen, you will notice a weight indicator. It separates the weight into three main categories, light, medium, and heavy.

The light class gives you the full roll when pressing the dodge key and a 20% more damage bonus. Medium gives you the sort of half sidestep dodge ability, a 10% damage bonus, and a 10% longer crowd control debuffs you apply onto enemies. Heavy gives you a very small sidestep dodge ability, a 15% bonus on block stability, and 20% duration on CC debuffs you do.

With experience, you will be juggling between classes and lowering your weight if possible not to compromise your total performance in order to get the bonus from the lower class. That’s a whole different guide.

4. Optimize travel speed when playing light class

This one is a bit trickier for an average player, however, bear with me. When you play a light class that gives you the full roll dodge ability. While moving in a direction, press roll and then press the weapon change key near the end of the roll in order to cancel the roll animation and just resume running instead of having that slow pick yourself up animation.

This will drastically improve your travel speed and speed in PvP where you need to close a gap between you and the enemy. Before doing a second roll, wait for the stamina bar to start regening, then use the second roll, that way you will get a third roll for free while you wouldn’t get it if you used the second roll before the stamina bar started regenerating.

A side tip for all classes is that if you want to fast travel but nothing is near, you can just kill yourself by a mob or dying in water and respawn in the settlement or camp that you wanted to go to.

5. Don’t waste repair parts

So, in case you’re unaware of the mechanism, you will notice the white line under each of your items in the inventory screen, that’s the repair line. Once the line goes to zero, the item is broken and can’t be repaired, however, all the way until it’s broken, gear doesn’t lose its effectiveness. Therefore, especially while leveling up, rather replace the item with a new drop instead of repairing it. Repair only when the item is seriously low and you can’t find a replacement.

Also do not forget to salvage any items you don’t plan on using, you can do that with the S+Left Click on the item. This will give you some repair parts and some gold.

Bonus Tip - Upgrade your tools

Since leveling up your professions is important, make sure to upgrade your flint tools ASAP, you can craft them to the Iron versions yourself or buy them from the trading post.

Wrapping it up

I hope you enjoyed my guide and that you will now become a better New World player. I would like to take a second of your time and tell you about our New World leveling boost services where my colleagues and I can level up your New World character to any level ASAP.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and buy your service, enjoy life while we level up your character!

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