The Fastest Way To Level Up Weapon Mastery In New World Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about how to level up your weapon mastery levels fast in New World. I already did a how to level up your character fast guide, now it’s time for the weapon leveling.

I am a booster here at the New World boosting squad and I often do weapon mastery boosting orders, so I’ll share a couple of tips with you today that I learned from leveling up dozens of weapons.

Without further ado, let’s go!

Weapon Mastery Leveling in New World

Let me begin by saying that there are two primary ways of leveling up your weapons in New World fast. The first one being PvP, second one is PvE where you farm elite mobs. There is also a third way for solo players that I will mention.


There is not much to say here, you literally need to go and fight other players and this will give you immense amounts of weapon XP. If you’re good at PvP, it will be the fastest way to reach max level on your weapons. However, if you’re not good at PvP or simply don’t like it, this is not the way for you.

PvE Elite Farming

You usually need a group for this to make it faster, however, you can just spam invite people there and someone will invite you or you will form your own group. If they won’t invite you, just hit for as much as you can and grab whatever XP you get.

The most popular place is the Deadman’s Cove in the southern Monarch’s Bluffs. It’s overflowing with elite mobs, elite chests, and a boss. However, this is a level 25 area so if you’re higher, it won’t be that useful to farm here, you will need to move to a higher level area.

You can find more areas at Map Genie. I suggest Brightwood Isle, Periville, Stone Skull Fort, and Scorpius.


Dungeons are not ideal due to less dense enemy packs. They’re cool, more fun, give you gear, and so on. However, if your sole and only goal is to level up your weapons, then Dungeons are a less optimal way than Elite farming and PvP.

Solo Farming

Since not everyone enjoys crowded areas or parties, the best way to farm solo is literally finding the undead farms, aggroing them together, and wiping them alone (or pulling less of them if you can’t handle them all). Rinse and repeat, it’s not sexy but it works.

Throughout the game, people keep discovering various farm areas that are for example giving a lot of XP compared to other areas, but developers often nerf those to prevent overcrowding. This is why I won’t go too deep into EXACT locations, you will need to find the one that works for you or the one that’s popular right now. I merely wanted to give you a pointer on what to look for.

Thank you for reading my guide and good luck with your weapon XP farming!

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