The new DMZ mode has given Call of Duty players around the world a breath of fresh air. Instead of just running and shooting, you can now do tasks, take on missions, and escape. Now, with Season One Reloaded, Infinity Ward has made DMZ even better by adding Building 21, a whole new area for you to explore.

With Building 21, you can aim for new loot and rewards. Fans have been eager to get their hands on the DMZ Chimera, a new addition that lets them unlock the gun and use it not only in DMZ but also in Warzone 2 and MW2.

Below, we'll show you how to get the Chimera in the DMZ and unlock the Silver Tox blueprint. Let’s start with the steps.

How To Unlock The Chimera DMZ Silver Tox Blueprint

So you're looking for the DMZ Chimera? Well, you'll have to work pretty hard if you want to get it.

To get the Chimera in DMZ, you have to get the blueprint for this new weapon called Silver Tox. As we've already said, you need to focus on Building 21. Before you can even think about getting the Chimera, you'll need a Building 21 Access Card, which you can find in Al Mazrah.

Once you have one of these, use the main menu to go to Building 21. Now it's time to work. To get the Silver Tox blueprint for Chimera weapon, you must get Building 21 Weapon Cases. Yes, there are Weapon Cases in this new map. If you didn't know, these aren't shown on the map like Al Mazrah was.

You need to do a few things to get Building 21 Weapon Cases. If you don’t know how to get Building 21 cases, read the next section as well. You'll have to take out six (yes, six) of them to get the Silver Tox Chimera weapon blueprint.

This is similar to how you got the Biohazard Konig Skin by taking out seven Weapon Cases on Al Mazrah. After doing all of that, you should be able to use the Chimera in any game mode.

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How To Get DMZ Building 21 Weapon Cases

Building 21 is the new part of DMZ, and it comes with a bunch of new puzzles and mysteries to solve. Weapons Cases, which were in Al Mazrah, have made their way to Building 21, where they can once again be bought and taken out.

But things are a little different than usual when it comes to getting DMZ Building 21 Weapons Cases. It's a multi-step process that many people can't figure out because there aren't many clues about where to look.

Below, we'll show you how to get Building 21 Weapons Cases so you can get those all-important rewards.

As was already said, getting DMZ Building 21 Weapons Cases is very different from getting them on the regular Al Mazrah map. You won't be able to beat the Commander Juggernaut. This time, the process is much more complicated.

building 21 weapon case
Before you can start the "mission" Building 21 Weapons Case, you have to stay alive for at least one minute. After one minute, you'll see a message on-screen that says "Security Locks Hack in Progress." After another minute, you'll be able to start getting the Building 21 Weapons Case.

building 21 hack in progress
Now, go through the garage and look for the B1 sign. Go through there and take the left turn. Keep going and keep an eye out for a set of double doors with a screen that says "LPCON BRAVO." Open these doors and go into the server room in the Data Center. Once you're inside, move to the middle right of the servers and aim across them until you see a message that says "Hold to hack the server." Hold down your interact button as long as the bar is full. AI will start to flood the room, though, so make sure your team is ready to fight them off.

building 21 hack the server
If you finish the step, you'll get a message that says "Data Center Hacked," which will let you into the Armory Room where the Building 21 Weapons Case is kept. The Armory Room is on the third floor, so go up to that floor. You'll be able to tell which one is the Armory Room because the brown door will be open. This floor has a lot of guards, and a Wheelson even spawns up there, so be very careful as you move around. building 21 data center hacked
Now, you'll need to open the safe inside. The Building 21 Weapons Case will be inside. Drill the safe like you would on Al Mazrah and wait for the progress bar to fill up. If the Weapons Case isn't in the safe for some reason, check the orange loot boxes in the room, as some have said it could also be there.

building 21 armory room safe
Now that you have the Building 21 Weapons Case, just go to the elevator and leave the building to make sure it is safe. Once you've done that, you'll get a reward like the one on Al Mazrah. Check out the guide that comes with the Building 21 Weapons Case for a full list of the items you can get from it.

And that's all you need to know to get a DMZ Building 21 Weapons Case.

Secure the Call of Duty rewards you deserve, today.

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