Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing my 10 best tips that will help you win more Warzone games immediately.

Since I am a professional Warzone booster here at Boosting Factory, it’s my job to either boost Warzone wins or boost Warzone KD for my clients, therefore, I need to do it reliably and quickly.

The tips will be easy to understand by anyone reading the guide and won’t take too much of your time. Without further ado, let’s go!

1. Incorporate crouching in your gameplay

Crouching increases precision in pretty much all shooter games, and Call of Duty is not an exception. It’s that simple, when you crouch, you land more shots. However, now you’re probably wondering where’s the catch.

There’s always a catch. Crouching is obviously not good when you’re being focused by enemies especially in the open, it will allow enemies to land more headshots because your head is now lower than it usually is, and players mostly shoot for the body, therefore, players that were shooting at your body are now hitting your head making you die faster.

Therefore, crouch needs to be used situationally, for example, when you’re not the focus of the enemy.

2. Spend cash, don’t hoard it

If you’ve got cash and it’s not being invested into something that’s helping you or your team, it’s dead weight. Whenever possible, get those UAVs, especially before the first loadout drop. Most players won’t have their ghost classes yet because they’re going for the overkill and that’s where the UAVs will shine.

If a friend goes to Gulag, odds are, they’re going to need you to buy them a loadout, use your cash to do so. Another thing that I must say is that you need to be quick when buying at the stations, those stations are hotspots on the map and you’ll get yourself killed if you don’t buy fast enough. Always know what you’re buying before actually coming in.

3. Buy a headset and turn it up

I know many people play Warzone without a headset, this is seriously detrimental to your games and capability of actually winning Warzone games. There’s a reason that I and other Warzone boosters like me have a high-end headset and hearing problems.

Invest in a headset, a better one if you can, and crank up the sound, it’s no use if you can’t hear the enemy footsteps and where they’re coming from.

4. Stop using the shortest route through gas

When running through the gas in order to reach the safe zone, you need to count that there could be, and often are, already positioned teams that know where you could possibly come from and have that area on the lookout.

In order to avoid dying to those teams, incorporate a new route, a longer route, spend that gas mask in order to assure that you will enter the clear area from a non-expected path and grab a position. Don’t forget that the standard mask is around 15 seconds and durable one of about 30 seconds. This tip is especially crucial for late-game scenarios.

5. Position well pre and during fights

Positioning before initiating a gunfight is usually pretty straightforward. Make sure you’re in an advantageous position such as a high ground and covered and then initiate a gunfight. That’s a no-brainer but I still wanted to stress it in case someone isn’t aware.

However, during the fights, things get tricky, especially if they engage you in an open area. Your first instinct could be to fire back and try to win, however, they clearly have the upper hand, first thing should be to immediately find covers such as a rock or a wall. At that point you’re probably damaged and the enemy could be sprinting towards you to finish you off, you need to wait him out and kill him during his sprint to fire transition, that’s your upper hand.

Alternatively, if you can relocate to another position without being seen by that enemy, you should do that. This will confuse him further and give you the upper hand. Of course, in a real environment, these ideal scenarios won’t happen every time, however, it’s important that I stressed enough that you need to practice positioning during gunfights and with time you will improve heavily.

6. Practice sitting on your hands

What I mean by this is that many players want to play non-stop during the match, either by pushing, being aggressive, and just doing something instead of...camping. Well, not necessarily camping, there’s a big difference between taking a power position, holding it until the next gas while capitalizing on the opportunity if one arises and just doing nothing and hiding all game.

For example, if you know there are multiple squads in this area, you don’t need to be the impatient one and push, let the others do it and you capitalize on it by 3rd partying them for example.

7. Become a team player

Teamwork is everything in Warzone, start using voice comms, pings, strategize with your teammates. Don’t hit me with that bs where “all of your teams are idiots without comms” because that’s simply not true.

Even if you get downed you can still be useful and give intel. If your teammates really happen to be monkeys, at least stick with them, follow them even if their plan is terrible, you will still have a better chance as a team in a bad plan, than being split in a good plan.

8. Speed up your actions

I’ve mentioned a bit of this tip already but I’m going to dedicate a full tip to explain further. When buying at buy stations, looting enemies, picking up stuff, whatever you do - speed it up!

No, I don’t mean rush like a headless chicken throughout the map, I mean, when actually doing relevant stuff, speed it up. Know what you’re doing. Hesitation will get you killed and there’s no worse way to get downed than by a sniper while looting. If you don’t speed it up, you won’t be able to get those Warzone wins you want.

9. Learn the best loadouts

This one is a no-brainer, use Google and find out the best loadouts in Warzone in the current meta. Use them. Don’t try to act smart and re-imagine the meta, listen to what the pros have to say. In case a new meta arises and you don’t have the particular weapon unlocked, we can do it for you with our weapon unlock service.

10. Buy Warzone win boosting

When everything fails, buy some Warzone boosting here at Boosting Factory. We can do any number of wins for you while playing on your account and even while watching it live, or you can play with our pros in a squad and see how the pros do it, in real-time. Head to our Warzone win boosting page and get your wins today. The services are safe, trusted, and risk-free.

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