Hey guys and girls! In today’s guide, I’m going to be giving you my best tips on how to better your aim in Call of Duty Warzone while playing on a console with a controller.

I’m a professional CoD Warzone booster here at Boosting Factory and for my living, I boost clients’ accounts and increase their Warzone wins or Warzone KD. I wanted to give something back, therefore, I will give you my tips for improving your aim.

Without further ado, let’s start!

1. Sensitivity

Everybody knows sensitivity is important, but not many know what sensitivity to use, especially on a console with a controller. If you put it in the lower ranges, you will control your aim better but your flicking will suffer, and if you put it too high your flicks will become better but controlling the aim will be harder.

Both of the mentioned above extremes, and there is a universal answer, and that is to put your sensitivity on the lower range. It’s crucial that you can control your aim while actually shooting instead of having super-fast flicks. It’s just a numbers game, you will find yourself in regular situations where you need to control your aim more often than in situations where you need to do a 180 turn.

Start with a 5-5 sensitivity or 6-6 and take it from there. Also, adjust your ADS modifier down to 0.85. If it’s too low by any chance, increase it slightly. Once you find the one that fits you, DO NOT change it non-stop, the key is to create new muscle memory for this sensitivity level and stick to it. After your muscle memory creates, and you change it again, it all goes down the drain. Use the first few days to find the one you like and then stick to it.

2. Different thumbsticks

What kind of controller you use also changes things. For example, if you have low thumbstick tension it’s going to move a lot easier therefore not allowing you to make micro changes while shooting which means you might need to increase your deadzone.

A controller with high thumbstick tension will give you more resistance, therefore, allowing you to control the recoil and make micro changes more easily. Usually, an XBOX controller has low tension, PS controller has an average one. You can buy a custom controller which allows you to adjust the tension settings and if you do have one, consider buying one.

When you get one, et the tension to the higher end or even highest, allowing you to control the recoil and aim more accurately. Just like sensitivity, you should not be changing controllers often due to muscle memory.

3. Learn the recoils

There are a lot of weapons in CoD Warzone, and many of them have different recoil patterns, some kick up more, some less, some left, some right, they don’t kick at the same rate, and so on.

In order to improve your aim in Warzone, you must learn the recoil of the class you’re using in order to control it. Whenever you switch up the class, take some time to learn the recoil, it will help you a great deal. Simply go to a wall, and start shooting, it’s as simple as that. Also, try to get some attachments that counter the recoil if possible.

4. Bullet speed is important

Different weapons have different bullet speeds, meaning that those with faster bullets act more like hitscan weapons (hitscan means that the falloff is non existent, meaning that wherever you aim, the bullet is going to land there, excluding recoil of course). Therefore, you don’t need to take into account the falloff when shooting long range.

Some weapons have lower bullet speed meaning that you will need to aim either higher or to the side of the enemy, depending on the situation. For example, if the enemy is running, you will need to shoot ahead of them (how much depends on the speed of your bullets). Once you get a hit-marker you can slow down and start tracking them in order to finish them.

5. Abuse your aim assist

First of all, set your aim response curve to dynamic and aim assist to standard. Now, the best technique is the following one, first aim at the enemy in hip-fire mode, then pop ADS in order for your aim assist to stick to the target. Then flip your thumbstick upwards for it to stick to the head and you’re good to go. Or just let it kick up vertically due to recoil and control the horizontal recoil if you have one. Don’t forget, hipfire body > ADS body > ADS head.

It’s all about holding your aim in that golden spot of aim-assist all the time, make sure you get scale aim assist with the field of view enabled. It’s the easiest method for flicking and switching targets and generally improving your aim in Warzone.

6. Burst firing

Sometimes, in for example mid-range fights, I tend to burst fire more than full auto, that’s especially if an enemy is behind some kind of a cover like a rock, it wouldn’t even make sense to just full auto him, my goal is to burst fire in small burst whenever he pops out in order to get maximum precision due to low recoil because every shot counts. 5-6 shots are what I consider burst fire.

7. Crosshair placement

Crosshair placement is super important in tactical shooters like Valorant or CS: GO, however, pro players and Warzone boosters like me also practice good crosshair placements when moving in Warzone.

What I mean by crosshair placement is that I center my crosshair when checking areas like doors, halls, stairs, and so on. I place it exactly where the enemy could possibly be in order to start firing at him immediately in case he is there, instead of looking down or up or somewhere random. Always center your crosshair at the enemy’s next possible location to have instant firing as soon as you notice one. This is one of the best tips to improve your aim in Warzone.

8. Peeker’s advantage

This tip is also extremely important in tactical shooters, however, it works in basically all shooter games. I won’t go in-depth about why, but peeker’s advantage is basically a phenomenon where the aggressor has a micro advantage over the person who is camping. When an aggressor pops up around the corner, he has a slight advantage where he sees the person behind the corner before that person sees him, it’s barely noticeable but in games like shooters every millisecond counts.

Therefore, if you’re checking corners, do it aggressively to abuse the peeker's advantage. It’s important to know that let’s say you’re hiding behind a tree and you need to peek either left or right, always peek to the right because your gun is on the right side and pure physics say that you will be able to fire faster than if you were to peek on the left.

9. Controller vibration

If you have controller vibration. Turn if off NOW. It only disturbs you and could possibly disturb your aim and recoil control. On top of this, so this tip isn’t a one-sentence tip. Make sure that whatever you do, you do it controlled and slow, not quickly and urgently. You need to start feeling confident when shooting and aiming and focus on hitting shots rather than just spamming and hoping something sticks. This will come with time, confidence only comes from practice.

10. Warmup regularly

By warm up, I mean warmup in-game, not real life. If you’re cold in real life, warmup there too, nothing worse than to play with cold hands!

Get yourself a warmup routine, some kind of free-for-all mode will work, play with the settings of a custom game, health regen high etc. and just warmup, the goal there is to just practice aim, not win stuff or grind camos.

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