Hey everyone! Today I’m going to teach you how you can level up weapons fast in Call of Duty Warzone if you don’t have multiplayer (CoD Modern Warfare) which is quite faster than in Warzone, however, if you don’t own the game, I’ll show you the fastest way to rank up your weapons by using Warzone only.

Since I’m a professional CoD Warzone booster here at Boosting Factory, clients often order Warzone weapon leveling and it’s my job to do it as fast as possible.

Without further ado, let’s start with the tips!

1. Use double XP tokens

Let's start with a light tip, if you got any tokens active, make sure to use them. However, don’t waste them if you aren’t 100% sure you can play for the duration of them, do not use them if you’re in just for a game or two.

2. Make sure the weapon is equipped

Another light tip but it’s important to get these out of the way, people make brain-farts, it’s only human. Similar to how you’re looking for your phone and it was in your hands all the way.

Therefore, make sure the weapons you want to rank up are in the first loadout slot, once that’s checked, pop the double XP token and GO GO GO.

3. Chopper supply run method (solo play)

Now onto the actual tips. You want to do this in Plunder, not Battle Royale because you get the weapon loadout straight away unlike BR.

You jump out of the plane on the first or second helicopter, the second one being safer of course. Jump out at around 700 meters away from the chopper, parachute when you’re super close to the ground let’s say 20-40 meters, cut the parachute to land on the chopper and spam the entry keybind.

Once you’re in the chopper, grab the nearest supply run contract and complete it. You will be awarded 500 weapon experience for every contract you complete (2000 XP if you got the double XP token). Make sure that the weapon you want to level up is currently equipped (out) when completing the contract.

Secondly, make sure you’ve got the field trophy as field order so it saves you from rockets that people try to shoot at you. Thirdly, try to finish as many contracts during overtime because overtime grants you 50% more weapon experience while it lasts (750/1500 XP).

4. Recon contract train run (playing with friends)

The deal here is that the train has infinite recon contracts that respawn within 45 seconds after completing one. It also provides you with 500/1000XP per contract. Run for the train as soon as you jump out of the plane following a similar strategy like with the chopper.

Even if you get killed by someone else doing the same thing, if you tapped the contract first, it’s your squad who controls the contract. Then you simply fly back, kill them, move to the top of the train so you can get to it, and complete it as fast as possible.

This strategy could yield more experience than the Chopper supply run because you will also get some XP by killing enemies who contest the train. A single game could yield you 10-15 contracts, you do the math.

5. Carnage at storage town (for good players)

Just blasting through enemies and being the best player is actually the best strategy, or well, at least the most fun one. However, not everyone is as good as our Warzone boosters. Every kill will get you 275 XP and 450 for a full squad wipe.

You still do this in Plunder. Land in Storage town where a lot of enemies usually are. Use the buy station to buy UAVs and have them up non-stop, play it smart from the outside to the inside, and grind the XP.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to get better at the game while ranking up your weapons in Warzone, right?

6. Combination of all

In theory, if you have 3 good friends to help you, 2 do the train, one does the chopper and you run the storage room. Boom. You can all grind the weapons together and run this strategy.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it helps you!

7. Have someone else do it for you

This one is actually the fastest because my colleagues or I can do it for you super fast because we’re pro players. It costs, yeah. But it’s a great option for those who don’t have time or can’t be arsed to grind for hours.

Simply head over to our weapon leveling page and add the weapons you want to the cart and have it done the same day. The service is of course risk-free with 2000+ positive reviews. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy hunting!

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