The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone season is here and it’s the last one before CoD Cold War is launched on November 13th.

I will now go through all the changes and additions for you to know what’s going on this season. Let’s go!

When Does CoD Modern Warfare Season 6 End?

The seasons usually last for 2 months, however, for now we don’t have an end date. I wonder if they’ll shorten it because of the Cold War.

Warzone Changes in Season 6

Subway Fast Travel - A metro train has been added to the map allowing players to jump between metro stations. The train won’t transport players outside of the safe zone or if there’s a fight going on aboard.

Armored Royale Mode - New Warzone mode where every team gets a turret equipped armored cargo truck. Once the truck is destroyed, you cannot get respawned, the last team who survives with a truck or no truck wins.

Licensed War Tracks - New licensed War Tracks can be obtained as free tiers in the new battle pass.

Multiplayer Changes in Season 6

Station (Gunfight map) - New map in rural Kastovia.

Broadcast (6v6 map) - New map based on the TV station in the Charlie Don’t Surf mission from CoD 4: Modern Warfare.

Tank Factory (6v6 and 10v10 map) - New map that changes depending on the size of the lobby with two big buildings, warehouse and a tank factory.

Verdansk Riverside (Ground War map) - Near Gora River in a suburb.

Multiplayer New Modes and Challenges

Killstreak Confirmed Mode - You can earn killstreaks by collecting dog tags in this mode.

Gun Game TDM Mode - TDM spin on the popular Gun Game where your weapon cycles after every kill you make.

Headquartes Firefight Mode - When Headquarters are captured, enemy respawns are disabled.

Hardpoint Hills and Kills Mode - Teams get score when holding objectics and killing enemies.

Trials and Officer Challenge Ribbons - Nine trials have been added and new officer ribbons. Our team can help you unlock any Officer Ribons, just visit our CoD Modern Warfare Officer Ribbons boosting page.

New Weapons

Two new weapons have been added and one will come later. Assault rifle AS-VAL and marksman rifle SP-R208 are added already and a Butterfly Knife is coming later.

Our team can help you either level them up or camo boost them for you.

Season 6 Battle Pass

Instant Unlocks - Once you buy the battlepass you get Farah as operator, XP boost, Poloski skin for Minotaur and Gilded Arm blueprint.

New Unlocks - You can also unlock skins for Gaz, Domino, Bale, Combat Knife blueprint and numberous vehicle skins.

Tier 100 Unlock - At Tier 100 you will get Nikolai as operator, VSS rifle blueprint and a Halloween themed vehicle skin. Undead Forces - A new store bundle that features a Hellhound finishing move, Syd skin and a zombie charm.

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