Did you know Wild Rift has over 100 champions?

Of course, it's not possible to familiarize yourself with all these champions. Not only that, but when you're starting out in Wild Rift, it's best to go with Best Wild Rift champions for beginners.

Most players just look at the champions' ultimate abilities and choose one. However, there is no point in choosing a champion who has a learning curve. This brings up the question of which champions are best for beginners.

I will cover those below.

1. Wukong

wukong wild rift
If you've watched any competitive Wild Rift matches, you might have noticed many players picking Wukong. That's because the champion is present in the S tier. Not only that, the cloning ability of this champion is another reason it's such a good choice. Apart from that, all his abilities have a minimal learning curve.

A few things that make him a good choice for beginners include:

  • Right from the start, Wukong can inflict high DPS. It means you can dominate the opponents easily.

  • Wukong is also popular because of the high attack damage.

  • The additional plus point is his crowd control abilities, which can help you establish control over the initial phases of the match.

  • Even if you look at his difficulty level on the official site, it's rated as low.

    Since he adopts the role of a tank, he leads right from the front. Some of his abilities which make him a good choice include:

  • His passive is Crushing Blows, in which he and his clones attack the enemy.

  • Golden Staff is another one of his abilities that imparts Wukong bonus attack range, helps him deal additional damage, and helps him heal.

  • Warrior Trickster ability makes him invisible and helps him dash and attack the enemy.

  • Nimbus Strike helps him create 2 clones. All 3 together attack the enemy. Wukong also experiences a boost in Attack Speed.

  • Ultimate is Cyclone, in which Wukong attacks repeatedly using his Staff.

  • None of these abilities requires high precision, which makes him perfect for beginners.

    While Wukong is a great option 1-on-1, he also fares pretty well in the team fights. The reason is that once you buy the core items, it becomes easy to utilize the ultimate ability to inflict heavy damage in team fights as well.

    In the form of Wukong, the team gets a champion who can inflict high DPS, survive, and is easy to master. With such high DPS and cloning ability, you can dominate any fight.

    That's why this champion is at the top of my list.

    2. Garen

    garen wild rift
    Do you know which champion you get for free at the start of the Wild Rift?

    The answer is Garen. That's because Garen is a powerful champion who is beginner-friendly as well. No wonder you see him in plenty of ranked matches. Since he plays the role of a tank, he can be at the forefront and cause significant damage. Garden meets that requirement as well. His offensive abilities are so strong that he can work as a shield in front of your teammates.

    Even when you search for the best champions in Wild Rift, you'll find Garen in the S or A tier.

    There are a few attributes that make Garen such a good choice.

  • His Passive, Perseverance helps him regenerate health if he hasn't experienced damage. During this time, he regenerates health each second.

  • Decisive Strike is another one of his abilities in which he attacks a particular part of his foe which causes bonus damage. During this time, he isn't affected by any slowdowns cast on him either.

  • Courage ability helps him reduce the damage that enemies can inflict on him.

  • Judgment is an ability in which he viciously spins his sword to deal physical damage to enemies multiple times.

  • His ultimate Demacian Justice, can call Demacia to eliminate an enemy champion. Any enemy in the vicinity also experiences damage.

  • Garen has excellent survivability. He can handle attacks from the opposite team and can hold his ground. It means he helps the team survive as well. When starting out, you need a champion who can survive even if you make mistakes. Garen fulfills that requirement pretty well.

    3. Jinx

    jinx wild rift
    Some might say that Jinx is not a good choice at the start of the game. However, I disagree. The attacks she has are easy to learn and execute. Apart from that, mechanics are not that difficult to master either.

    Her abilities include:

  • Her passive is Get Excited in which she experiences higher movement speed and attack speed.Switcheroo helps her switch between different attacks like minigun, Fishbones, Pow-Pow. Each one has a different effect.

  • Zap is a pistol based ability which deals damage to the enemy that is hit. Apart from that the enemy is slowed down as well.

  • Flame Chompers help her throw grenades in a particular direction which explode after a few seconds. They can detonate if an enemy walks over them as well.

  • Her ultimate is the Super Mega Death Rocket, which causes more damage the further it travels.

  • Once you gain a few levels or items, you can also use her rockets to bump off entire teams. In the later stages of the game, she can handle entire teams on her own and thereby protect the team members pretty well.

    Her limitation, however, is that you can't be at the forefront of the battle since she is a Marksman. Some level of precision is needed to use her abilities, which is why she isn't higher on this list.

    Considering all the factors, she is still a champion that's easy to master.

    4. Seraphine

    seraphine wild rift
    Seraphine is a Mage/Support champion with a kit associated with music. However, I have included her in this list because she can enhance the performance of the entire team, which comes in handy at the start of the game.

    Another reason is that she can impact the pace of battle due to her support skills.

    In the initial stages, you can use her attacks like High Note or Beat Drop to inflict some damage. Both these are fairly easy to use.

    However, her Surround Sound Shield ability does have a bit of a learning curve since you need to time it for it to be effective. Surround Sound shields allied enemies and imparts them higher speed. In case Seraphine already has a shield, it provides the added bonus of healing to nearby allies. The reason why I said you need to time it is because you need to use it when an enemy is in sight rather than randomly.

    Her Ultimate Encore charms enemies, slows them down, and inflicts damage.

    The only limitation of this champion during the early stages of the game is to not be at the forefront, as survivability is a bit limited.

    All this changes as you progress through the game. The heals and shields get stronger which makes her a reliable support option. Still it's best to stay behind to ensure survival doesn't become a concern.

    She is one of those champions, whom if you use right, she is formidable otherwise you'll wonder why you chose her in the first place.

    5. Lux

    wild rift lux
    Lux is a Mage/Support champion who offers light-based attacks. While her skills have defensive and offensive effects, she can manipulate engagements pretty well, which makes her suitable for beginners. Besides that, her skills don't require high precision either.

    Initially, you can rely on Lucent Singularity, which can slow enemies down and also cause magic damage. Apart from that, once you learn how to time the Prismatic Barrier right, it becomes easy to gain an upper hand over the enemy. Another one of her abilities is Light Binding, which can damage up to 2 enemy units.

    The combo of Lucent Singularity and Prismatic Barrier can help you progress through the initial stages.

    Final Spark is her ultimate which makes her even more powerful. It's a beam of light which impacts everyone in a particular direction.

    The limitation is that you need to stay behind in the support role, as your survival chances are not great.

    As the game progresses, the shields get stronger, and the damage she can inflict goes up. Combine Light Binding with Final Spark, and you can dominate most engagements.

    The ease with which you can get through the early stages of the game is what makes her suitable for beginners.

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    6. Miss Fortune

    miss fortune wild rift
    Miss Fortune stands out because of her effective combat skills. Needless to say, the amount of damage she can inflict is also on the higher side. But, she has an advantage very few players speak of.

    In the early stages of the game, very few other champions can be as aggressive as her. During this stage, she has one of the highest damage outputs. That's because of the Double Up ability. Double up damages the enemy which is hit by a bullet and also critically strikes a target behind them.

    The right way to use it in the initial stages is to target the minion right behind the enemy. When you do that, the bullet will impact both.

    Apart from using this trick at the start of the game, you can make use of Make It Rain to inflict some damage on enemies. Make It Rain helps her drop multiple bullets.

    Once you add to these a passive ability like Love Tap, the damage she can cause goes up.

    All these abilities can cause significant damage, and she doesn't have much of a learning curve, making her a good option in the early game stages.

    Her ultimate, Bullet time, ups the number of bullets she can fire in a cone. It can take entire teams down.

    Another reason she is a good option for beginners is that as you invest more resources to enhance her abilities, she becomes a tank. You just need to stay behind the lines and cause significant damage with her abilities, which helps you and the entire team.

    Her impressive damage-causing capability, along with little to no learning curve, makes her a good choice.

    7. Dr. Mundo

    dr mundo wild rift
    Many champions covered above have some issues when it comes to survival. If you prefer a champion that's easy to master and has excellent survival skills, go with Dr. Mundo.

    Since his abilities are a mix of offensive and defensive abilities, he is great for beginners:

  • His passive imparts him the ability to resist any immobilizing effect. However, he does so by dropping a health canister and sacrificing some of his health. The good news is you can pick it up to restore health.

  • Infected bonesaw helps him deal damage by throwing a saw, which also slows down enemies.

  • Another one of his abilities is Heart Zapper, which electrocutes himself while damaging enemies. He also takes some damage. Hence use it carefully.

  • Blunt Force Trauma helps him inflict damage on enemies depending on their health. The lower the health of the opponent, the more damage you can inflict.

  • His ultimate Maximum Dosage helps restore health and gain attack damage and movement speed.

  • All in all, if you balance his health regeneration and spend wisely, he can cause chaos among enemies right from the start of the game, which is what makes him a good choice for beginners.

    8. Sona

    sona wild rift
    Sona is another champion that relies on her abilities associated with music. The good news is that she has a variety of spells that are easy to master and can serve different purposes.

    For example, Power Chord helps boost her damage significantly and adds a bonus effect after every 3 spells. Combine it well with the right spell, and it becomes even more powerful.

    Another example is the Hymn of Valor, which has offensive and defensive capabilities. The offensive one inflicts damage on 2 nearby enemies. The defensive ones increase the damage nearby allies can inflict on enemies. With this ability, you can easily turn the battle in your favor.

    Her ultimate is Crescendo, which stuns enemies and inflicts significant damage, helping the team win.

    Apart from boosting the damage caused by enemies, she can heal and shield her teammates as well with her Aria of Perseverance, which imparts speed to her and the allies to get out of any difficult situation.

    Even if you are a beginner, right from the start of the game, the combination of Hymn of Valor and Aria of Perseverance will help you win battles and progress faster.

    9. Master Yi

    Let's start with his Double Strike ability. It helps the player strike twice at a certain frequency. Once you get accustomed to it, it becomes easy to inflict heavy damage on enemies. While this is a passive, if you combine it with Wuju Style, the damage inflicted increases significantly. Wuju Style imparts True Damage to basic attacks.

    Another ability that beginners find useful is Alpha Strike. It has a defensive and offensive aspect. For the offensive part, it allows the player to attack multiple targets in a single path. During the attack, Master Yi can't be targeted, which increases the champion's survivability.

    When you're learning the ropes of the game or the champion, oftentimes, you experience significant damage. Beginners need a champion who can recover quickly from this damage. This is where Master Yi's Meditate ability comes in handy. It heals the champion and also helps him reduce damage taken. Due to this, even if you get into an altercation, you have a higher chance of survival.

    Highlander is the ultimate of this champion.

    It provides much higher attack speed and movement to the champion and makes him immune to slowdowns. It means you can enter or exit a scene of combat pretty quickly and can inflict significant damage. At the start, when beginners are likely to make a lot of mistakes, this ability comes in handy.

    Since Master Yi's abilities help him survive longer and inflict reasonable damage, he is perfect for beginners.

    10. Annie

    annie wild rift
    The best thing about Annie is that she has offensive and defensive abilities. Due to this, it becomes really easy to survive in any situation. Not only that, her abilities are fairly easy to use, which means even if you're new to the game, you can cause some real damage.

    Let's start with her passive, Pyromania. The passive helps you stun the enemy every 4th time you use an offensive spell. Combine this with Disintegrate, in which she releases a fireball on a target, and the passive becomes even more powerful. Not only that, Disintegrate allows you to earn back mana and negates cooldown if you get a kill using it. Such synchronization and a simplistic gameplay mechanism are tough to find when you choose any other champion.

    Incinerate ability helps her deal with fiery damage over a large area. When you're faced with enemy minions, this ability comes in handy. Another one of her abilities is the Molten Shield, which creates a protective barrier that boosts her survivability.

    When it comes to ultimate Tibbers, it is in the form of a bear that can protect her and charge at the enemies nearby, causing significant damage.

    Once you get a few items and climb a few levels, you can ambush enemies using Tibbers and other abilities to virtually give the enemy no chance to win the battle.

    Excellent abilities right from the start and formidable strategic moves in the later part of the game make Annie an excellent choice for beginners.

    11. Ashe

    ashe wild rift
    Precision and control is what Ashe offers. However, don't mistake that for her being a hard-to-master champion. Once you take a look at her abilities, you'll understand why she is a good choice for beginners.

    Frost Shot is her passive, which helps you attack opponents, and if an opponent is hit, it slows them down. Combine this with Hawkshot, which helps her uncover distant parts of the map and spot enemies, and you can strike better, avoid ambushes, and do much more.

    If you have chosen her as a champion in the past, you would have noticed that after each attack, she gains focus. You can spend this focus on Ranger's Focus ability, which will enhance her speed. Not only that, in the time period when Ranger's focus is active, even normal shots turn to flurry arrows, which boost the damage she can inflict.

    Volley is another of her abilities. It allows the player to fire arrows in a cone.

    As for the ultimate ability, that's the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, which is an arrow that you can project in a particular direction. If you hit a target using it, you can stun the target. The stunning duration increases the further the target is. Not only that, but the enemies near the target also experience an area of effect damage. In case of team fights, you can easily eliminate teams that are retreating or at some distance away using the crystal arrow.

    Ashe is a Marksman; hence, it's best to stay away from enemy lines.

    Since her precision strike capabilities are easy to control for beginners, she is a good choice.

    12. Blitzcrank

    The champions I have covered till now are mostly good in support roles. However, Blitzcrank changes that because he excels as a tank as well. Not only that, his abilities don't have much of a learning curve, which makes him perfect for beginners.

    His passive ability is Mana Barrier. It results in a shield that can absorb damage. It recharges every minute, increasing this champion's survivability. The result is that you can lead from the front rather than staying far away from the enemy.

    When it comes to Overdrive, it helps you boost the attack speed, which makes combo attacks possible. Sure, some practice is needed for combo attacks, but those aren't difficult to execute.

    On the other hand, Rocket Grab helps you pull enemies towards yourself. Thereafter, you can easily inflict heavy damage. That means there is no need for precision, either.

    Power fist comes in really handy once you pull enemies towards yourself. With Power First, you can easily knock out the enemy.

    Blitzcrank comes in handy in 1-on-1 fights, but the ultimate comes in handy in team fights. The ultimate is known as the Static Field, which releases damage waves over time. Since no precision or timing is also needed for this, you can easily dominate team fights without spending hours mastering the champion.

    In the game's later stages, Static Field comes in handy to slowly but surely weaken enemies, which can help eliminate them easily.

    Simple gameplay and action dynamics help Blitzcrank stand out.

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    13. Soraka

    soraka wild rift
    If you want to remain away from enemy lines and play the supporting role, Soraka is an excellent option because of how easy she is to master.

    When you look at her abilities, those mostly revolve around healing and protecting the team.

    That doesn't mean she has no offensive abilities. For example, Starcall is her ability to inflict magic damage and slow down enemies. Similarly, Equinox is an ability that helps her deal magic damage in a specific zone. However, the duration of this zone and the damage is limited to 1.5s.

    On the defensive side, she has effective healing abilities like Wish, which can heal allied champions below 35% health. The health of allied champions is enhanced by 50%. Another one is Astral Infusion which, once gained, helps you heal an Allied champion as long as you have Rejuvenation.

    Imagine your teammate is low on health and a bit far away from you. Can you reach him/her in time? Probably not! This is where Innate comes into the picture. Using it boosts your movement speed by 100% when moving towards an allied champion whose health is below 35%. Thereafter, use your healing powers to help the champion.

    The reason why she is so down on this list is because her offensive abilities are pretty limited.

    14. Olaf

    olaf wild rift
    The best thing about Olaf is that he is good enough in most game phases.

    When it comes to the early stages, he can not only clear the lanes easily but is also good enough for 1-on-1 fights as well.

    Vicious Strikes of Olaf make him very effective. This ability helps him boost his Attack Speed significantly. Also, when this ability is active, his healing speed increases.

    Few champions have lethal attacks, and Olaf is one of them with his Reckless Swing. The primary reason is that this ability allows him to attack an enemy and inflict true damage. Also, despite the higher speed of attack, it's easy to control his attack spot. However, it's a double-edged sword since if the target doesn't die, Olaf will experience true damage.

    Undertow is another one of his abilities to damage enemies from a distance. It allows you to aim at a spot and throw an axe. Anyone who comes in contact with that axe experiences damage and slower movement speed. Pick that axe up from the targeted spot and the cooldown reduces by 4.5s.

    However, Olaf's Passive ability is a mixed bag. It is known as Berserker Rage. It boosts attack speed by 1% for every 1% missing health.

    While all these abilities come in handy at the start, once you reach level 5, Olaf gets Ragnarok, which is his ultimate. It insulates him to crowd control, helping him inflict significant damage.

    Considering his abilities and the amount of damage he can inflict he is a well rounded champion who doesn't have complex maneuvers.

    15. Ahri

    ahri wild rift
    Ahri is an assassin with moderate difficulty level. Till level 5, it's wise to stay away from enemy lines when choosing this champion but she can inflict significant damage from far.

    One ability that helps her do that is the Orb of Deception. She emits this orb and also calls it back. Anyone in contact with the orb on the way forward experiences magic damage. On the way back the orb causes true damage. The best thing is you can move around once the orb is cast and avoid enemy damage. The orb comes back to your location in real time.

    Another ability that helps you cause damage from a distance is Fox Fire. It releases 3 such fires that can lock onto enemies nearby and attack them. Not only do they cause damage, but they also boost Ahri's movement.

    Her Charm ability attracts enemies towards her no matter in which direction they are heading. Not only that, it inflicts damage on them. Use this ability in conjunction with any of the ones mentioned above, and it becomes easy to eliminate enemies.

    Essence theft is her passive. Once you gain enough stacks of Essence theft, the next spell will heal her.

    While most of her abilities allow you to attack enemies from a distance, her ultimate helps inflict damage by moving closer to the enemy. Her ultimate ability is Spirit Rush, which causes her to move swiftly in the chosen direction and fire bolts.

    Her ability to not only heal herself but also inflict damage on enemies from a distance is what makes her a good choice for beginners.

    Tips To Choose The Right Champions

    I understand it isn't easy to choose between these 15 best wild rift champions for beginners. However, once you stick to the tips below, choosing one is quick and easy.

  • The first thing you need to consider is your role in the team. If you are going to support the team, it's best to choose a champion who has offensive and defensive abilities to help the team. Choose a tank if you want to lead from the front and eliminate enemies.

  • Additionally, do take a look at the champions' abilities before choosing them. This will help you choose one that aligns with your playing style.

  • Instead of just looking at the early stage game, choose a champion that can fare well across the stages.

  • FAQs

    Who is the easiest champion in Wild Rift?

    Wukong and Garen are the easiest champions to master. Their abilities are easy to learn and use.

    Can I play Wild Rift on PC?

    Yes, playing Wild Rift on PC is possible as long as you're using an android emulator.

    How many champions are in Wild Rift 2024?

    Currently, Wild Rift has 114 champions. Since the game developers release new champions almost every season, the number is slated to increase even further.

    Wrapping it up

    Once you choose any of these champions your learning curve will reduce significantly. I have considered abilities, effectiveness, and designated roles while compiling this list of best Wild Rift champions for beginners. Choose among them, and it becomes easy to decimate enemies.

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