Wild Rift brought League of Legends to Android and iOS devices. While the players cherished their favorite game on their smartphones, they soon yearned for a more competitive aspect in the game. That's exactly what the Wild rifting ranking system fulfills.

But what exactly is it? How does this ranking system vary from League of Legends?

I will go into the nitty-gritty of the ranking system to help you understand more about it.

How Does Wild Rift Ranked Work?

The Wild Rift ranking system, which consists of 11 ranks in total, makes this game really competitive. It sorts players based on their skill and match performance. Apart from making matches more competitive, the ranking system also attempts to pool players with similar skill sets.

Apart from the tiers, the ranking system also consists of divisions. The division is done on the basis of marks based on the number of wins and losses. A win gains you points, and the opposite happens when you lose them.

Every division has a marks requirement. Cross that, and you will progress to the next division or rank.

Wild Rift Ranks

The 11 ranking tiers in Wild Rift are:

wild rift ranks
  • Iron

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • wild rift ranks 2
  • Emerald

  • Diamond

  • Master

  • Grandmaster

  • Challenger

  • Sovereign

  • From Iron to Diamond, there are 4 divisions in each rank: IV, III, II, and I. For higher-ranking tiers, there are no divisions. This means that when you cross the marks threshold in that ranking tier, you go directly to the next ranking tier rather than the next division in the same ranking tier.

    How To Get Your First Rank?

    The good news is that the current season, Season 13, completely eliminated the placement match system. This means you are eligible to attain a rank right from the first match you queue up for.

    Marks in Wild Rift Ranked System

    Time and again I have been speaking about earning Marks. You earn these by winning matches and you lose these by losing Matches.

    Below, I will list the Marks threshold for different divisions in different ranks.

  • At the Iron Level, 2 Marks constitute each division.

  • At the Bronze level, 3 Marks constitute each division.

  • At the Silver level, the threshold is the same.

  • At Gold level, 4 Marks constitute each division.

  • At Platinum Level, 4 Marks constitute each division.

  • At Emerald level, 5 Marks constitute each division.

  • At Diamond Level, 6 Marks constitute each division.

  • At Master level, 1 Mark gets you to the next level.

  • At Grandmaster level, 30 Marks get you to the next level.

  • At Challenger Level, 60 Marks get you to the Sovereign level.

  • There are a few points you need to understand about this Marks system:

    1. The fourth division of any tier is the lowest one. For example: Earning marks helps you go from Iron IV to Iron III and so on. Earn enough marks in Iron I, and you can advance to the Bronze IV.

    2. In the Sovereign tier, you can earn as many marks as you want, but your rank won't change. However, if you earn enough marks, you can top the leaderboard.

    3. The number of matches it takes to earn 1 Mark increases as you progress through the tiers. It means earning 1 Mark at the Master level requires more games as compared to the Iron level.

    4. The ranking system is designed so that despite your skills getting better, it will require more effort to progress through the ranks the higher you are in the rank pyramid.

    5. After reaching the Sovereign Rank, instead of earning marks, you will earn Ranked Marks. These are what will help you top the leaderboard.

    6. The leaderboards, which you can top after reaching the Sovereign rank, are regional ones, and their order doesn't change in real time. The leaderboard changes once daily. This means you'll have to consistently play more games and wait for them to reset to find out if you have reached the top or not.

    When I say leaderboards, you might think of Top 10 or Top 15 players. However, that's not true! The size of the leaderboard is huge, and it changes according to the region. It is as follows for the different regions.

  • The leaderboard for China consists of 5000 players.

  • The Asian leaderboard is of 400 players.

  • The Americas one has a capability of 300 players.

  • The European one has a capacity of 300 players.

  • What is Ranked Fortitude?

    wild rift ranked fortitude
    Ranked Fortitude is a system that runs in parallel to the ranking system of Wild Rift. It rewards players for performing well in rank matches. You can earn Ranked Fortitude for:

  • Playing well

  • Surviving a game

  • Establishing and Maintaining a winning streak

  • Playing with a "Away from keyboard" teammate

  • Facing a very difficult team

  • A player can also experience a decrease in Ranked Fortitude when they quit midway and for other such negative activities.

    For those of you who aren't aware, the Ranked Fortitude is displayed beneath the Rank icon.

    By now, you might be thinking, that's cool, but what do I gain by earning this Ranked Fortitude?

    The answer is Ranked Loss Shields. You gain these when you hit the maximum level in the Ranked Fortitude Bar. This level is different for different ranking tiers. In case you are wondering about the thresholds:

  • For the Iron level, the cap is at 250.

  • For Bronze level, the cap is at 300.

  • For Silver level, the cap is at 350.

  • And so on

  • The cap increases by 50 until the master level. Thereafter, it remains constant at 600 from Master to Sovereign.

    By now, you might be thinking, what are Ranked Loss Shields? I will cover that below.

    What are Ranked Loss Shields?

    wild rift ranked loss shield
    Usually, when you lose a game, the marks are deducted, and if they go below a certain threshold, you are demoted to the previous division or, in some cases, even the previous rank.

    However, when you have this shield active, you will lose the shield, but you won't lose the rank.

    Before going gung-ho on Ranked Loss Shield, there are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. Simultaneously, you can have 2 shields. If you exhaust the first one, the second one will become active, and you will be protected by that shield.

    2. If you have already stored 2 shields and filled up the Ranked Fortitude once again, you'll gain a Ranked Mark instead of gaining a shield. It means filling up your Ranked Fortitude meter at any point is beneficial.

    These shields are represented by a blue glow being emitted by the Ranked Emblem.

    For those wondering how they are awarded after the game ends, you get the Marks, Fortitude, and Shield in the following order:

  • First, you're awarded the Ranked Marks.

  • Thereafter, you are awarded Ranked Fortitude based on the actions in the game.

  • Lastly, your Ranked Fortitude is converted to Ranked Loss Shield if the meter is full.

  • At the end of the game, you are also shown which actions earned Ranked Fortitude. You can plan the next game accordingly and fill up the bar sooner.

    Recent Changes

    In the recent season, anyone below Master rank will likely earn more Fortitude per game with the right actions. There are a few reasons for this change:

    1. Players at Master rank or above are more likely to win consistently, whereas players below that rank lose more often. To ensure the players don't consistently get demoted, the amount of Ranked Fortitude they can gain has increased.

    2. Players can find it difficult to climb the ranks as they hone their skills. Amidst this, they are likely to quit if they keep on losing ranks. To prevent this, the Fortitude they earn has been increased.

    Keep in mind that not every game helps you earn Fortitude. The game developers wanted to ascertain that the players progressed by improving their skills rather than just relying on Rank Loss Shields to cap the downside and progress by winning only a handful of games.

    The aim here is to protect the players against an occasional loss rather than a streak of losses. The end result of this is proper matchmaking, which keeps the game fun for everyone.

    League of Legends Ranking System vs Wild Rift Ranking System

    Since I have covered all the aspects of the Wild Rift ranking system, now is the time to compare it with the ranking system of LOL. There are some stark differences between the two.

    1. Marks & League Points

    As highlighted above, in Wild Rift, you gain or lose Marks. In League of Legends, you gain or lose League Points.

    2. Season duration

    Seasons in Wild Rift are usually shorter. The resets are more frequent, with more opportunities to climb up the ranks. League of Legends has longer seasons, which means you have a higher chance of procuring the resources every season.

    Apart from these 2 differences, very little is different when it comes to ranking systems of both.

    Tips to Improve Your Wild Rift Rank?

    Of Course, when studying Wild Rift Ranks, you would also like to know how to climb up the ranks faster. I will share a handful of tips below to help you do so.

    1. Learn consistently

    After attaining their first rank, players become anxious. Even when you have a Ranked Loss Shield, it's stressful not to exhaust it.

    Instead of always being anxious while playing the game, a much better approach is consistently improving your game. Start with the fundamentals and then create strategies. Don't go for complex maneuvers right from the start.

    Keep in mind that you have to be only one tiny bit better than other players with the same rank. So, improving one tiny bit daily helps a lot.

    2. Stick to the meta

    When starting out, you need every advantage possible. Choosing only from the meta is one such advantage because:

  • Champions and weapons in the meta are the best in the game. By choosing from these, you instantly have the upper hand over players who haven't made the right choice.

  • Usually, such resources also have a smaller learning curve, which helps learn faster.

  • Sure enough, the meta can change from time to time and depending on the season, but it's best to track such changes and stick to the meta as much as possible. Doing this will accelerate your rank progress.

    wild rift yasuo

    3. Rely on a handful of Champions

    Did you know Wild Rift has over 100 Champions?

    It's almost impossible to know the intricacies of so many champions. A better approach is to stick to a few champions that are part of the meta or very close to that tier. Don't make the mistake of just sticking to a single champion because if he/she gets nerfed, you'll have to start learning all over again.

    Instead of making that mistake, try to familiarize yourself with 4 to 5 champions. That way, you'll have plenty of options if something goes wrong.

    4. Be aware of team objectives

    Most players just focus on the KDA ratio after they attain their rank. However, that can put your team's objectives in jeopardy. A much better approach is to stick to game bjectives, which include things like:

  • Pushing lanes

  • Killing the Dragon

  • Eliminating monsters

  • and more

  • The faster your team attains such objectives, the faster the team moves up the ranks.

    5. Make use of breaks

    The general perception among players is that the more hours they play, the better they get.

    While this might hold true to a certain extent, rest and breaks are necessary to focus better.

    If you play Wild Rift daily, make it a point to take long breaks after a couple of hours.

    Doing so helps:

  • Focus better

  • Strategize better

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • 6. Stick to friends

    In any online multiplayer game, communication is the key. The same is true for Wild Rift. Instead of playing with strangers, you can communicate better when you're playing with friends. Therefore, as far as possible, stick to playing with friends.

    Once you have the same team composition, executing strategies becomes easier as well. Even if you manage to save a few seconds when executing strategy, it will lead to a remarkable improvement in performance, leading to a faster rank increase.

    7. Be aware of patch updates

    Wild Rift receives a patch update almost every fortnight. While the deadline isn't set in stone, it's how frequently game developers update the game. During these patch updates, many champions might get buffed or nerfed. Therefore, it is best to keep track of such patch updates to be on top of your game.

    In case your champion gets nerfed, you can switch to another familiar champion. That's why I recommended sticking to multiple champions rather than one.

    8. Practice the executions

    If you don't want to put in much effort while playing Wild Rift, you can play it on autopilot. By that I don't mean an automated method. I mean sticking to the same techniques and winning some games. However, doing so makes it very difficult to climb up the ranks. A better approach is to practice executions across the lanes so that you can tackle any enemy.

    Your execution skills should ideally improve every week. Not only that, but you need to master multiple characters in the game rather than just one.

    9. Analyze your death

    Remember, everytime you die in the game, the fault is yours. Only when you accept this, it's easy to improve. Analyze the causes of death and improvise.

    Take into account the consequences before stepping in to protect the team. Just because one of your team members walked into a bad situation doesn't mean you need to rush in to save him/her.

    Adopt a proper strategy and improve it consistently based on the cause of your last death.

    Do that, and soon enough, you will survive longer, which will translate to a faster rank increase.

    10. Itemize right

    Buying the right items can help you extensively when it comes to defeating others. For example, Champions like Soraka have extreme healing. Buy something like Bramble Vest when playing against them.

    Instead of browsing through various items, many players simply stick to preset item builds. The problem is that a build isn't necessarily the most efficient way to buy items. Not only that, but such builds seldom contain mid-tier items. Many mid-tier items provide excellent value for money since they mostly cost only 1000 gold. A prime example is Spectre's Cowl, which regenerates health by 150% once you take damage. Similar Hexdrinker helps you get a small Lifeline of sorts.

    The point is to analyze the items you're buying instead of buying randomly.

    Want to get better at itemization?

    Follow the tips below:

  • Always read the roster of items within the game.

  • Observe streamers and professional players to learn which items they buy.

  • Buy items according to your strategy. A defensive strategy requires you to buy different items than an offensive one.

  • Possessing a lot of gold doesn't mean you should buy the most expensive item. Stick to mid-tier items as much as possible to conserve gold.

  • Combine all these tips with the knowledge of what the item does, and it becomes easy to use items to beat other champions.

    11. Warm up before the game

    Develop a proper routine to follow before playing the game. The routine should be such that it helps you focus better on the game. Some activities that you can make part of the routine include:

  • Listening to music

  • Imagine executing your strategy and killing opponents using visualization

  • Move around a bit to shake off any sleep or lethargy

  • There is no perfect pre-game routine. Establish your own routine. Turn it into a habit, and you can dominate others from the first game.

    12. Choose the right champion

    Always choose champions having simpler game mechanics. Doing so ensures the learning curve is small. Of Course, it's best to choose such a champion from the handful of champions you're familiar with.

    So, in addition to choosing from the meta, always choose a simpler champion.

    13. Stick to duo/trio queue

    Playing the wild rift solo isn't fun. Duos/Trios up the entertainment and competitive quotient.

    A better approach is to invite your friends to play as a duo or trio. Communicating with your friends is easy, and winning games is more fun.

    14. Buy Wild Rift rank boosting

    wild rift tier promotion
    Sometimes, you just need that little push from the pros. Our pro Wild Rift players can help you with our Wild Rift boosting service. Simply customize your order such as starting and desired rank, whether you want us to play for you or with you and so on. We'll get to it nearly instantly!

    Changes In The Ranking System In Wild Rift Season 13

    Above, I spoke about one of the changes in the current season. However, that isn't the only change pertaining to the ranking system. Other changes include:

    1. Introduction Of a New Rank

    Instead of just looking at the new rank as a standalone addition, players need to understand the problem of rank inflation, which impacts the game.

    Due to rank inflation, game developers aren't able to ensure that players with the same skill level play against one another. Not only that, players with higher ranks don't have the incentive to improve further since the rank ladder ends at some point.

    It means when someone reaches Grandmaster level and plays against other players of the same rank, they can be playing against players who deserve Challenger rank but simply didn't put in the repetitions needed to get there. The result is that the older players at the Grandmaster level dominate the new players at the same rank.

    To tackle this and to ensure that the players at higher ranks have an incentive to play more, Riot Games has added the Sovereign rank to the game. Only time will tell how useful it will be in tackling rank inflation and helping players play more games.

    2. Reduced promotional requirement for Grandmaster

    In a bid to encourage the high-ranking players to play more, the requirement to progress from Master to Grandmaster has also been reduced. This means there is more mobility in the higher ranks.

    3. No Limit For Sovereign Tier

    Contrary to the above changes when it comes to the Sovereign tier, there is no limit on the number of marks a player can earn while being at this tier. However, once you reach this tier, the only real incentive to play further is to top the leaderboard.

    Many players believe that in the upcoming season, Riot Games will introduce even more ranks to ensure that the players at the top of the rank pyramid keep on playing.

    wild rift zed


    What is the highest level in Wild Rift?

    Sovereign is the highest level in Wild Rift. This rank was added in season 13.

    Who is the hardest champion in Wild Rift?

    Many players consider Fiora and Lee Sin to be the hardest champions to master.

    Can you jump ranks in Wild Rift?

    Theoretically, you can jump ranks if you have a high MMR, but practically, that rarely happens, and therefore, you'll have to climb rank by rank.

    Is Wild Rift a success?

    Yes, Wild Rift is a success primarily because of the huge player base of League of Legends. The success of Wild Rift is due to tapping into this huge player base.

    Which is better, Wild Rift or League of Legends?

    Wild Rift provides more freedom while playing and also has exclusive content, superior game mechanics. Due to all these reasons many players consider it to be better than League of Legends.

    Wrapping it up

    Use the guide above, and climbing up the Wild Rift ranks won't be a problem. However, be prepared to devote a considerable amount of time if you want to reach all the way to the top, that is, the Sovereign rank.

    Want an easier way out? Try our Wild Rift division boosting services and attain the rank you want without investing those hours.

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