Top 10 Tips To Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift The fast-paced action, lure of killing the minions, and destroying the opponent base had made the game popular. However, instead of relying on trial and error, it's better to have a strategy when playing Wild Rift.

The Top 10 Tips for Wild Rift below will help you formulate a strategy and win more games.

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1. Prioritize Objectives

wild rift baron
Most players focus on the kills while playing Wild Rift. However, completing objectives is also equally important, if not more. That's because completing the objectives will help you climb the ranks.

Objectives can include things like taking down turrets, Baron Nashor, and so on. Fulfilling these objectives helps you earn gold and win the matches. Therefore, you need to balance between the kills and achieving objectives.

A few tips which will help you complete these objectives faster include:

  • Many players miss the most basic tip: Always be aware of the objectives. I understand the action in Wild Rift is too engrossing, but you need to stick to the objective.

  • Wild Rift is a team game. That means every team member should focus on the objective.

  • Remember that gaining a kill involves putting yourself in peril as well. Don't take that risk if you aren't devoting that battle towards achieving the objective. Dieing in unintentional battles won't help your rank.

  • 2. Stick to a handful of champions

    wild rift champions
    Choosing the right champion is very important in Wild Rift. However, there is a problem. Wild Rift has 100+ champions. The problem is not each of those champions is suitable for every play style, map, or skill level. Apart from that, players can't familiarize themselves with even half of those champions.

    A better approach is to familiarize yourself with a handful of champions. But which ones should you choose?

    Judge the 100 champions on the criteria below, and you won't have a problem.

    Easy to master

    The first criterion to judge a champion on is how easy it is to master their skills. Wild Rift has champions with excellent combo attacks and gameplay mechanics. The problem is, to execute such attacks, you need a lot of practice. If you execute such attacks erroneously, your effectiveness will be reduced, and you'll be at a disadvantage.

    The best way to combat this problem is to choose champions with low difficulty levels. Stick to champions that even beginners can master.

    Suitable for all game stages

    During the game's early stages, the champion usually can't use all their abilities. You don't have the core items at this stage. It becomes difficult to progress if you can't survive in the early stages.

    Similarly, your competition becomes more powerful in the later stages, so you need more powerful attacks.

    Choose a champion who can fare decently in the early stage and can be buffed up later by climbing the levels and gaining the core items.


    Champions in Wild Rift are divided into different classes. Each class denotes the kind of role a champion is well suited for.

    For example, tank class denotes tough champions who can take more damage. It means their survivability is usually better than others. Marksman can attack from far away but can't take a lot of damage until you buff them up.

    Before selecting the champion, understand your role in the team and choose one accordingly.


    Did you know META stands for Most Effective Tactics Available?

    I am highlighting this because champions who make it to the meta tier are the best champions you can go with. Often, the S tier denotes the meta champions. However, the meta champions can change depending on developers' latest changes.

    Therefore, when choosing a handful of champions, it's best to go with the ones present in the meta. They offer the best attacks and abilities, making it easy to improve your game. Choosing the best champions becomes easy once you filter the list of 100 champions according to these 4 factors.

    3. Stick to the middle lane

    wild rift mid lane
    You'll often hear experienced players mention that they take the mid-lane.

    Ever wondered why so?

    The reason is even with limited skills, you can dominate the mid-lane. Even if your champion doesn't have excellent gameplay mechanics, you can still survive and thrive in the mid-lane.

    Wondering how so?

    I will explain below.

    The only skill you need in the mid-lane is the awareness of the champion's break point when killing minions. That will help you control the wave and move forward in the lane. Each champion's most effective move against minions varies.

    Once you have mastered that, it becomes easy to progress through the mid-lane. Another reason it makes sense to stick to the mid-lane is that getting to the other lanes is easy.

    4. Know more about the builds

    Builds can make your champions even more powerful. Therefore, once you have chosen the champion, it's time to focus on the build.

    When it comes to gear for the build, you need to procure physical items, magic items, defense items, and even boots. However, procure items according to the abilities you want to boost.

    It's best to shortlist a build right from the start and then work towards procuring the required items.

    The right build can amplify the attributes of the champions, which helps you progress rapidly through the game.

    5. Rely on team communication

    Winning any online multiplayer game requires excellent communication skills. Without proper coordination, it's tough to eliminate the opponents.

    But what exactly do you need to communicate?

    I will share a few examples below which will improve your gameplay.

    Strategy drafts

    Sticking to the same team helps you draft strategies in advance. Once such a strategy is ready, it becomes easy to execute it in real time. Such communication before and during the match enables you to dominate the opposition.

    Shot calling

    A shot caller is a player who acts like the team captain. Once you establish that role, it becomes easy to help the team move forward in the right direction and execute well.

    Lane calling

    Another aspect in which team communication plays a significant role is in lane calling. It helps impart the proper role and plan of action to every team member. The captain and the players can execute the strategy only when communicating about it.

    Cooldown information

    Another great way to coordinate an attack is to inform the team about your cooldowns. That will help other team members use their abilities more effectively to protect the team and cause enough damage.

    These are just a few examples of how proper communication can help you dominate the opposition and swing the match in your favor.

    6. Maintain situational awareness

    Map awareness is extremely important in Wild Rift to get out of tricky situations. It has a direct impact on your survivability.

    But how do you develop map awareness?

    The answer is by playing more frequently and sticking to a particular champion.

    If you're thinking, what does champion have to do with map awareness?

    Let me explain below.

    When you're accustomed to a champion, you will know its abilities like the back of your hand. Then, you don't have to focus on your champion while playing the game. In that case, paying attention to the other aspects of the game becomes easier. The other aspects can include the map, the minions, and the surrounding area. That's what helps you develop more situational awareness.

    Ideally, you should slay enemies and move ahead without looking at the champion. It might sound very difficult right now, but if you stick to the same champion, you can eventually achieve such familiarity and map awareness.

    7. Be aware of patches

    Did you know Riot Games updates Wild Rift bi-weekly?

    While some players might say it's very frequent, the game developers do it to keep it entertaining. As a player, the champions' abilities can vary every few weeks. Such changes can impact your gameplay significantly since I and most other players recommend sticking to a handful of champions.

    That's why you need to review the patch notes or updates to understand if your champion has received a buff or has been nerfed. Accordingly, your strategies need to change. Sometimes, you might have to switch over to another champion altogether.

    8. Learn from the deaths

    Each time you die in Wild Rift, you lose a chance to get more kills, can't farm, and boost your level sooner. That's why it's crucial to analyze the causes of death and what you could have done differently.

    You can also check out the tips below to reduce the probability of dying, which can help you progress faster:

  • The very first thing you need to do is to avoid free damage. What do I mean by free damage? In any battle or skirmish, there will be a few things that will cause maximum damage. It can be the minions or something else. The point is to identify these as soon as possible and position yourself to avoid them. You can either move back from the battle line or eliminate them first. Either way, don't ignore the cause of damage.

  • Many players try to avoid a battle by moving away from the opponent. If the opposing champion is auto-attacking you during this time, death is imminent. Sure enough, it will take time, but it can happen. That's why it's best to shield or position yourself outside the range of the champion as soon as possible.

  • Another tip to improve survivability is to alter playstyle according to your champion's abilities. If the champion has limited abilities in the early stages, it's best to take a more defensive approach than an offensive one. You can adopt an aggressive playstyle once you gain the core items and climb the levels.

  • 9. Customize the settings

    wild rift settings
    Wild Rift is not only entertaining but also challenging. Don't make it more difficult by not optimizing your device's settings. By optimizing, I am not asking you to change some obscure settings but rather a few simple things that can improve your gaming skills.

  • Start by turning off invitations when playing the game. Any distraction while playing increases the chance of dying.

  • Always double-check the microphone status before starting the game. You must always have the microphone ON to communicate with your team.

  • Customize the aiming controls according to your comfort. Even if you save a few seconds using this tip, it will result in more kills.

  • While keeping the in-game chat option active is advisable, it is best to switch it to the team option. This will help you avoid rude opponents and focus on the game.

  • Another tip is to activate the chat filter option. It will filter out the profanities in the chat.

  • Changing the resolution to medium is best to avoid glitches or lags if you're playing the game on a low or mid-end device.

  • Tweaking these few settings will help you focus better on the game, which increases your chances of winning.

    10. Always keep on farming

    Most players search for the next fight. Instead of doing so, it's best to utilize the time between fights to farm gold.

    The most basic tip to keep farming is never to miss a minion. While it's easy to do that in most lanes, you must also follow this tip in the jungle.

    Apart from that, follow the tips below to farm XP and gold:

  • Taking on turrets is another great way to farm gold. The best way is to have your wave of minions take down the turrets swiftly.

  • The jungle camp should be next on your list because each one can help gain 100 gold or more.

  • Objectives are essential to rank up but try to get more kills when starting out. First kill, killing with bounties, getting a double kill; all these accolades help you earn more gold. So, at the start, focus on stacking these up to get gold.

  • Don't hesitate to gain gold from the enemy jungle as well. This helps you get more gold, and simultaneously, it denies your enemy more gold. The difference between you and the enemy increases, boosting your chances of taking them down.

  • Consistently farming increases the gold you earn per minute, so you can buy more resources. Once you do that, it's very difficult to lose.

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    How to play better in Wild Rift?

    Better communication, consistent farming, and choosing the right champion are ways to improve.

    How long is 1 Wild Rift game?

    One Wild Rift game usually lasts between 15 to 20 minutes.

    Which is better, ML or Wild Rift?

    Wild Rift is better because of the clean map, clear fights, and better animations. Better visual clarity is one of the primary reasons Wild Rift has become so famous.

    Who made Wild Rift?

    Riot Games is the creator of Wild Rift. It is a multiple online battle arena game on Android and iOS devices.


    Once you follow these top 10 tips Wild Rift, it is easy to take down the enemy base fast. You're likely to completely dominate the game, which means you can wreak havoc and leave the opponent with no chance.

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