Rogue is a versatile class in Diablo 4 apt at ranged and close-quarter combat. However, just like any other class, the right build matters a lot. With the right skills and resources, the class becomes even more powerful. The question that arises is, which is the best Diablo 4 rogue build? Below, I will answer that in great detail.

Before I share with you the exact build, it's time to look at its overview and purpose.


The build I am sharing with you below is based on melee weapons. The advantage of this build is the high AOE damage it offers and also high mobility. Not only that, there is little learning curve involved, which ensures you can attain and master this build easily, irrespective of your experience in the game.

Popularly, the build is known as the Flurry Rogue Build. Another reason this build is a good choice is because it's possible to unlock this skill early in the game, which means even if you are starting from scratch, attaining this build isn't an issue.

The skills breakdown covered below makes it easy to understand how to allocate skill points as you are leveling up.

Note: It's not necessary to follow the blueprint below exactly, especially the Legendary items, as you need to spend a fair bit of time procuring these.

Skills Breakdown

The skill setup for this build is as follows:

  • Puncture (Basic skill)
  • Flurry (Core skill)
  • Shadow Step
  • Dark Shroud
  • Poison Trap
  • Poison Imbuement

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    1. Puncture (Basic Skill)

    Puncture is a great basic skill as it can cause significant damage to enemies in short-range combat. Besides that, every 3rd time you cast it, it slows enemies down by 20% for the next 2 seconds. Of course, there are upgrades as well, like:

  • Upgrade 1 is Enhanced Puncture, in which energy goes up by 2 when you damage a Crowd Controlled enemy.

  • Upgrade 2 is Fundamental Puncture, in which you can throw 3 blades, with each one inflicting 35% of base damage. If you manage to hit the same enemy with two blades, you make them vulnerable for 2 seconds.

  • High attack speed, the ability to make enemies vulnerable, and the resultant energy it can provide make it a useful basic skill. Add to that the quick speed which it facilitates while attacking, and it becomes even more useful. With such high attack speed, you can quickly gain combo points, which will help you with your other skills.

    2. Flurry (Core Skill)

    Flurry not only causes a decent amount of damage but also gives you a chance to stun the enemies and gain an Attack speed bonus. The basic premise of this skill is simple: it allows you to stab and slash enemies in the front 4 times. With each attack, you gain combo points, which increase the damage and eventually also provide you with Attack Speed bonus as follows:

  • 1 Point results in 15% damage & speed bonus.

  • 2 Points result in 30% damage & speed bonus.

  • 3 points result in 45% damage & speed bonus.

  • Apart from this, there are the upgrades which are as follows:

  • Upgrade 1 known as Enhanced Flurry heals you by 1% up to 12% per cast if you damage a Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemy.

  • Upgrade 2 known as Improved Flurry makes all enemies hit by a particular cast Vulnerable for 3 seconds if the Flurry hits at least 1 Vulnerable enemy in that instance.

  • Flurry is a core skill in this build because it comes in handy in making the enemies vulnerable and provides bonus damage, which helps take down enemies faster.

    You can also combine the use of Puncture and Flurry. Make enemies Vulnerable with Puncture and after that use Flurry to make more enemies vulnerable (Improved Flurry). Sure enough, you need the upgrades for that, but they aren't that difficult to achieve.

    When dealing with hordes of enemies, the Enhanced Flurry also comes in handy in healing yourself. Whether you want to slay more enemies or heal yourself, Flurry comes in handy in both cases, which is why it is a core skill in this build.

    Additional Flurry Tip: Completing Forsaken Quarry Dungeon in Fractured Peaks is vital to make this build more powerful. Completing it provides you with Encircling Blades Aspect, which you need to turn into imbue into an item like Amulet, which will help you get a circular AoE for Flurry, which causes extra damage.

    3. Shadow Step

    The best thing about Shadow Step is that it makes you Unstoppable and helps you stab your victim from behind by moving through the shadows. Once you do so, your speed increases by 50%. The 2 upgrades in this case include:

  • Upgrade 1, known as Enhanced Shadow Step, boosts your Critical Strike Chance by 8% for 3 seconds if you damage an enemy using this skill.

  • Upgrade 2, known as Methodical Shadow Step, immobilizes your enemy for 2 seconds if you damage them using Shadow Step.

  • Since this build is based on melee weapons, any skill that improves your mobility speed is a plus, and this is where Shadow Step comes into the picture. Since you become Unstoppable because of this skill, you need not worry about being Crowd Controlled enemies either.

    4. Dark Shroud

    How about some added protection?

    Dark Shroud offers exactly that by surrounding yourself with 5 protective shadows, each of which provides you with an 8% damage reduction in case of a direct hit, but with every direct hit, it does cost 1 shadow.

  • Upgrade 1, known as Enhanced Dark Shroud, reduces the probability of the shadow being spent by 10%.

  • Upgrade 2, known as Subverting Dark Shroud, increases Movement Speed by 4% for every active shadow around you.

  • With this skill, it's possible to bulk up the defenses. So whenever the cooldown timer runs out, use this skill to move faster and suffer less damage.

    5. Poison Trap

    How about a skill that causes passive damage?

    Poison trap allows you to establish a trap that arms after 1.25 seconds. Whenever an enemy comes near it, it suffers X poison damage for 9 seconds. Poison damage is inflicted on any enemy within its range. The best thing is you can place 4 traps at a time.

  • Upgrade 1 known as Enhanced Poison Trap, knocks down enemies for 1.5 seconds on activation.

  • Upgrade 2, known as Countering Poison Trap, reduces imbuement skill cooldown with a probability of 30%.

  • This skill comes in handy because it helps you inflict some damage passively on enemies and can also damage multiple enemies as long as they are within range.

    6. Poison Imbuement

    The difference between a poison trap and imbuement is that the latter inflicts your weapons with lethal poison. Next 2 times you use that weapon, you can inflict poison damage for 5 seconds in addition to 100% of the base damage of that weapon. Upgrades include:

  • Upgrade 1 known as Enhanced Poison Imbuement increases the Poison damage duration by 1 second.

  • Upgrade 2 known as Blended Poison Imbuement ensured 75% higher poison damage is dealt in Critical Strikes.

  • I recommend this skill to make the Flurry attack even more powerful and ensure it causes more damage until a few seconds after the attack.

    Rogue Passive Skills Breakdown

    Passive skills are so useful because you don't have to do anything to use them. Once you unlock them, the passive skill is always in motion, which helps you inflict damage on enemies without doing anything. For Rogues, the most powerful passive skills include:

    1.Siphoning Strikes

    The skill heals you by up to 3% (depending on rank) every time you critically strike an enemy in close range.

    2. Stutter Step

    Stutter Step is a core passive skill that can increase your movement speed up to 15% when you critically strike an enemy. The effect lasts for 4 seconds.

    3. Weapon Mastery

    Depending on the weapon type, this passive helps you get damage bonus.

    4. Concussive

    Once you knock down or knock back an enemy, this passive provides you up to 12% Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds.

    5. Exploit

    Helps you inflict 18% more damage on healthy and injured enemies.

    6. Malice

    Vulnerable enemies, when attacked, suffer 9% extra damage.

    7. Trap Mastery

    Above, I recommended Poison Trap as a skill. This passive amplifies the damage it causes by boosting Crit Chance by 12% against Crowd Controlled and Vulnerable enemies.

    8. Haste

    Haste adds 15% to your movement speed if you are at or above 50% maximum energy. Below that, it adds 15% to your Attack Speed.

    9. Momentum

    Hit a Stunned enemy, Dazed enemy, or Frozen enemy with Momentum Cutthroat skills, and this passive provides you momentum for 8 seconds.

    Rogue Specialization

    A unique class mechanic for Rogues is called Specialization. It allows you to choose 3 passive bonuses to improve your play style. The good news is that you can easily change your Specialization even amidst the action. For this build, I will recommend you go with Combo Points Specialization.

    When you use this Specialization, your basic skills will generate Combo points. These combo points can help you boost your skills in different ways. For example, they can increase the damage caused by Flurry up to 45% and also improve the Attack Speed bonus up to 105% for 3 seconds.

    Using different skills, you can gather up to 3 combo points, which will help you maximize any skill's benefit.

    Rogue Skillpoints Distribution

    Table below covers how to spend points which you gain on climbing the levels and also from Renown.

    Levels Skill Purpose
    2 Puncture Activates the basic skill
    3 Enhanced Puncture Activates Upgrade 1 which provides energy
    4 Flurry Activates the core skill
    5 Enhanced Flurry Activates Enhanced Flurry which provides healing
    6 Improved Flurry Upgrades Flurry & increases chances of making enemies Vulnerable
    7 Fundamental Puncture Increases Puncture damage
    8 Shadow Step Activates Shadow Step
    9 Flurry tier 2 Makes Vulnerable more effective
    10 Flurry tier 3 Makes Vulnerable more effective
    11 Flurry tier 4 Makes Vulnerable more effective
    12 Flurry tier 5 Makes Vulnerable more effective
    13 Poison Trap Activates the skill
    14 Enhanced Poison Trap Upgrades the skill to knock down enemies
    15 Dark Shroud Activates Dark Shroud
    16 Enhanced Dark Shroud Upgrades skill to reduce shadow consumption probability
    17 Subverting Dark Shroud Upgrades skill to provide more Movement Speed
    18 Poison Imbuement Helps you gain the skill
    19 Enhanced Poison Imbuement Upgrades skill to increase damage duration
    20 Blended Poison Imbuement Upgrades skill to cause more damage
    21 Countering Poison Trap Probability to reset cooldown timer
    22 Exploit Activates the passive skill
    23 Exploit tier 2 Enhances damage
    24 Exploit tier 3 Enhances damage
    25 Malice Activates the skill
    26 Malice tier 2 Upgrades skill to cause more damage to Vulnerables
    27 Malice tier 3 Upgrades skill to cause more damage to Vulnerables
    28 Deadly Venom (Imbuement Passive) Increases Poison damage
    29 Alchemical Advantage (Imbuement Passive) Increases attack speed
    30 Debilitating Toxins (Imbuement Passive) Reduces damage caused by Poison enemies
    31 Debilitating Toxins tier 2 Further reduces damage caused
    32 Debilitating Toxins tier 3 Further reduces damage caused
    33 Poison Imbuement tier 2 Increases damage caused by Poison imbued in weapons
    34 Poison Imbuement tier 3 Increases damage caused by Poison imbued in weapons
    35 Momentum (Key Passive) Activates passive to increase speed
    36 Enhanced Shadow Step Boosts Critical Strike Chance
    37 Methodical Shadow Step Immobilizes enemies when hit
    38 Adrenaline Rush (Ultimate Passive) Boosts Energy Regeneration
    39 Haste (ultimate Passive) Boosts Movement Speed
    40 Haste tier 2 Boosts Movement Speed further
    41 Haste tier 3 Boosts Movement Speed
    42 Trap Mastery (Ultimate Passive) Activates passive which increases Crit Chance
    43 Trap Mastery tier 2 Further boosts Crit Chance
    44 Trap Mastery tier 3 Further boosts Crit Chance
    45 Sturdy (Core Passive) Reduces damage caused by enemies in short-range combat
    46 Siphoning Strikes (Core Passive) Activates passive to provide healing
    47 Siphoning Strikes tier 2 Boosts the healing
    48 Siphoning Strikes tier 3 Boosts the healing
    49 Concussive (Agility Passive) Activates passive to boost Crit Chance
    Renown Concussive tier 2 Further boosts Crit Chance
    Renown Concussive tier 3 Further boosts Crit Chance
    Renown Poison Imbuement tier 4 Boosts Poison Damage caused by weapons
    Renown Poison Imbuement tier 5 Boosts Poison Damage caused by weapons
    Renown Weapon Mastery (Agility Passive) Activates passive to ensure weapons cause more damage
    Renown Weapon Mastery tier 2 Boosts weapon damage
    Renown Weapon Mastery tier 3 Boosts weapon damage
    Renown Stutter Step (Core Passive) Activates passive to gain Movement Speed
    Renown Stutter Step tier 2 Boosts Movement Speed
    Renown Stutter Step tier 3 Boosts Movement Speed

    Rogue Paragon board And Glyph breakdown

    The best way to utilize any build to its maximum is to choose and use the paragon boards correctly. Below, I will cover which paragon boards you should choose and how to progress through them.

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    1. Starting Board

    rogue build starting board
    The starting board is the same for all rogues, and you don't have much of a choice with it. The best path forward is to progress through the right side of the board till you reach the Glyph socket, unlock the Glyph slot, and place the Closer Glyph.

    Thereafter, move towards unlocking the Lawless and Skillfull nodes. The next step is to unlock the Dexterity Node and Magic node, which falls within the Glyph range, to gain 5% extra damage. Then, head towards the exit node and pick the Deadly Ambush board next.

    2. Deadly Ambush Board

    I recommend this board because of the close placement of Legendary, Rare, and Magic Nodes. It means you boost your skills pretty quickly. The best way to reach the Glyph slot is to rotate the board until the socket is in the middle.

    Move upwards and unlock nodes like the Trapper node and the Deadly Ambush node, and then move towards the Glyph slot to unlock it. As highlighted above, place the Exploit Glyph in the slot and after that move towards the Engineering and Cunning nodes. Before exiting this board, move towards the Strength, Magic, and Spring-Loaded Node. The next board you should pick is the Cheap Shot Board.

    3. Cheap Shot Board

    rogue cheap shot board
    Cheap Shot Board can help you increase the damage output if Crowded Controlled Enemies are nearby. Before unlocking any nodes, rotate the board so that the Glyph socket is slightly towards the right.

    Thereafter, progress towards the safeguard node, and in between, you can unlock the 2 consecutive Dexterity nodes. The order to follow now is Cheap Shot Node, Oppress Node, Glyph Socket (Combat Glyph), Devious Nodes, Intelligence Node, Magic Node, and then head to the exit. The next board you should attach is the Tricks of the Trade Board.

    4. Tricks of the Trade Board

    rogue tricks of the trade board
    Tricks of the Trade Board is unique as in this board, the Marksman and Cutthroat skills boost damage boost each other which leads to damage amplification. Before you chart a path on this board, rotate it so that the Glyph is on the left-hand side bottom. Next, you have to unlock the Havoc node, followed by Critical Strike and Physical Damage magic nodes.

    Continue moving upwards to unlock the Glyph socket and place the Ambush Glyph. Next up is the focused Node and thereafter, the Magic Nodes to increase the damage, followed by Lawless Node, Magic Nodes, and Strength Nodes in the vicinity of the Glyph.

    Brawler Node is the last one you should unlock before exiting from the board to the No Witnesses Board.

    5. No Witnesses Board

    rogue no witnesses board
    Rotate the board until the Glyph socket is just left to the center and then progress towards unlocking it. Once unlocked, place the Turf Glyph in it. Thereafter, unlock the Training Node, followed by Strength and Maximum Life Magic nodes. Progress towards the Knowledge Node thereafter, followed by Damage and Intelligence Magic Nodes. The rest of the points should be devoted to Strength nodes in the vicinity of the Glyph.

    Rogue Legendary Gear

    Many players don't necessarily pay attention to the Legendary Gear within the loot; when it comes to this build, there are a few items you should watch out for. They aren't necessary, but they make the build even more powerful.

    Accelerating Aspect

    Accelerating Aspect boosts Attack Speed after a Critical Strike on an enemy with a core skill. The boost is 25% for 5 seconds.

    Smiting Aspect

    Smiting Aspect increases the Critical Strike capability against injured enemies and can boost the Crowd Control duration if you are healthy.

    Aspect of the Crowded Sage

    The Aspect of the Crowded Sage provides passive healing dependent on the number of enemies nearby. The limit to healing is 605 life per second. Needless to say, unlike the above 2, this one is defensive.

    Codex of Power

    The Codex of Power I will recommend below can be unlocked by completing respective dungeons. After that, visit the Occultist to get them imprinted on the gear. Keep in mind that it's best not to get them imprinted while leveling up since you are likely to replace the weapons as you level up.

    Aspect of Encircling Blades

    The best way to obtain this is to complete the Forsaken Quarry in Fractured Peaks. The benefit includes 15% more damage and the ability to cause flurry damage circularly. As for imprinting, you can do that on gloves, rings, amulets, and weapons.

    Aspect of the Expectant

    Use Basic skill to attack an enemy, and the next Core Skill attack yields 10% more damage up to 30%. Complete Underroot in Scosglen to attain this codex. You can imprint this on gloves, rings, amulets, and weapons.

    Edgemaster's Offensive Aspect

    Head to the Oldstones in Scosglen to unlock this aspect which provides 20% increased damage on your Primary Resource. The benefit is maximized when you have full Primary Resource.

    Rapid Aspect

    Rapid Aspect requires you to complete Buried Halls in Dry Steppes and increase Attack speed by 30%.

    Aspect of Disobedience

    It increases armor by 4 seconds when you inflict damage on enemies. Maximum stacking is up to 50%. You need to complete Halls of Damned in Kehjistan to gain this enhancement.

    Ghostwalker Aspect

    Ghostwalker Aspect increases Movement Speed by 25% when you are unstoppable and even for 4 seconds after that. Complete Broken Bulwark in Scosglen to gain this enhancement.

    Suitable Gear Type For Best Diablo 4 Rogue Build

    rogue gear skills
    Rather than recommending exact equipment, I will cover the attributes you should look out for while selecting equipment and a couple of examples. This will allow you to choose the best equipment from the many choices available.

    Melee Weapons

    While selecting among them, ensure you choose daggers that can cause Vulnerable Damage, can buff up Core Skill Damage, and are good at close-quarter combat.

    Ranged weapons

    Crossbows that can enhance your Core Skill and Vulnerable damage are best.


    Ensure to go with the one that enhances health, provides armor, and reduces the cooldown time.

    Chest Armour

    Something like a Runic Set is a good option. Choose an armor that provides maximum Damage reduction, Armor, and, of course, Life.


    Gloves like Grasp of Shadow are a great option since they offer a bonus in the form of Lucky Hit. The aim here is to choose something which can increase the Flurry Rank.


    The primary criteria for choosing pants should be damage reduction, and the secondary should be armor. Plenty of options are available to fulfill these requirements.


    Something like the Penitent Greaves is a good option since these boosts cause chill damage to enemies following you because of the icy trail they leave behind. Of course, additional factors like Movement Speed and Energy Cost Reduction should also be looked at.


    Word of Hakan is arguably the most effective Amulet since it significantly increases the damage caused by Rain of Arrows. Usually, when selecting an Amulet, ensure it offers Increased Damage and Cooldown Reduction.


    Always prefer a ring that offers increased damage. Additionally, if it offers higher Crit Chance and Crit Damage, that's a bonus.


    Which Specialization for Rogue Diablo 4?

    Combo points is undoubtedly the best Specialization for Rogue. This Specialization is so effective because it helps improve Core Skills and inflict more damage.

    Is Flurry build viable Diablo 4?

    Flurry is a viable build for Rogues in Diablo 4 as it offers high DPS and ensures high survivability.

    What is the best aspect for the flurry build?

    Encircling Blades is the best aspect as it enhances the Flurry damage.

    Is Rogue fun in Diablo 4?

    Rogue is an excellent option for solo players, and with this build, you can enjoy high sheer damage it can cause, which certainly makes it fun.

    Wrapping it up

    So, instead of avoiding Rogue, simply opt for this build, and you won't have a problem slaying enemies and picking up excellent loot in the game.

    If you don't want to worry about leveling up, check out our Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons Boosting, Diablo 4 Power Leveling boost and Diablo 4 Glyph Leveling services and enjoy the perks without wasting the hours.

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