Have you completed the Diablo 4 campaign?

Let me tell you, the game does get interesting after the end of the campaign. Thereafter, you can take on more difficult challenges and even access the paragon boards, which allow you to level up your character. Within these boards, you can place the Glyphs, which make your character even more powerful.

But wait! What are these Diablo 4 Glyphs I am talking about? Well, that’s what I will cover in this post below.

What are Diablo 4 Glyphs?

Diablo 4 Glyphs are end-game drops that you can place in your paragon board, which gets unlocked once you reach level 50. It’s not uncommon for players to get a Glyph or two on completing the first Capstone dungeon and reach World Tier 3. However, you can collect them more frequently once you reach level 50.

So, in simple terms, Glyphs are perks that you can place on your paragon board to strengthen your character one way or the other. The primary bonus offered by Glyph is easy to activate since meeting that condition is easy but the secondary benefit (if any) requires you to fulfill more difficult conditions on the paragon board.

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Types of Diablo 4 Glyphs

Before I cover how to use Diablo 4 Glyphs, it’s time to look at the types.

1. Blue

The blue Glyphs are the Magic Glyphs. Usually they have a radius of 2. Problem is that they offer only a single bonus. The advantage is that you can upgrade them (more on upgrading later) to get a radius of 3. The Magic Glyphs only offer the primary benefit and the condition is easy to fulfill.

2. Gold

Gold Glyphs also known as Rare Glyphs are the most beneficial. They offer a primary benefit, which is attained by fulfilling a small condition. If additional bonus condition is met, they offer an additional benefit as well.

Examples of their condition include, if you unlock 25 dexterity within their radius, you will get an additional boost in some attribute of your character.

Usually, the rare Glyphs have a radius of 3, which you can eventually upgrade to 4.

How To Get Diablo 4 Glyphs

Nightmare Dungeons are the answer to this question. Usually, you get them from 3 sources which are:

  • Elites

  • Chests

  • Final boss

  • Keep in mind that to enter the Nightmare Dungeons, you would need Nightmare Sigils, which require you to complete the Tree of Whispers campaign after the campaign quest.

    There are 2 alternate ways to get these:

  • Craft them at the Occultist

  • Get them through drops

  • How To Get Diablo 4 Glyphs Fast

    Want to get Glyphs faster? Check out the tips below.

    1. Choose shorter dungeons

    Always choose shorter dungeons that you can complete quickly. These dungeons usually have a lower difficulty level, meaning defeating the boss is easier, and slaying the enemies is easier.

    2. Choose dungeons with less objectives

    The objectives of the dungeons matter a lot. Usually, you can’t complete a dungeon until you attain all objectives. More objectives mean you need more time to complete the dungeon, which means more time to get the next Glyph. Therefore, always choose a dungeon that’s linear (less options to explore) and has less objectives.

    3. Always be on the move

    To get the Glyphs, you need to survive every dungeon. If you don’t stay mobile, enemies will likely swarm you. In larger numbers, even the weaker enemies can slay you.

    Therefore, when trying to get Glyphs through Nightmare Dungeons always be on the move.

    How To Use Glyphs in Diablo 4?

    Follow the procedure below to use the Glyph for maximum effectiveness.

  • Step 1: Get a paragon board

  • diablo 4 paragon board
    Simply reach level 50, and you will gain a paragon board.

  • Step 2: Earn the Glyph through drops

  • After you gain a paragon board, your aim is to earn a Glyph. The best way to do so is by going through Nightmare Dungeons. After you finish the campaign, you will come across plenty of these. While there is no guarantee that high-level activities in these dungeons can get you the Glyph, you will often get one if you complete multiple such activities.

  • Step 3: Unlock the Glyph socket

  • Getting access to a paragon board and a Glyph isn’t enough because you have to unlock a path from the current active socket to the Glyph socket, which is usually at the center of the board in most cases. But how to unlock this path? By spending Paragon Points on other nodes adjacent to the current one. Continue investing to forge a path to the Glyph node.

  • Step 4: Check the Glyph primary and secondary bonus

  • Once the Glyph node is active, check the primary and secondary bonus of the Glyph you want to place in this node and ensure the conditions for the secondary bonus are also met. If not, don’t worry; you can always change the Glyph at a later stage. They aren’t permanent.

  • Step 5: Place the Glyph

  • After meeting the conditions, place the Glyph. That would provide you the stated bonus and boost the surrounding nodes within the radius of the Glyph. The radius is usually denoted by a red area surrounding the Glyph, so the boosting effects are visible once you place it.

    That’s it!

    Once you place the Glyph, aim to activate the rest of the nodes within the radius to boost those nodes as well.

    Things To Consider When Using Glyphs

    When using Glyphs, it’s important to consider the following aspects.

    1. Requirement

    There are some requirements, whether you look at the primary bonus or the additional bonus of a Glyph. For example, the primary bonus of Mage Rare Glyph at level 1 is X% increase in damage for every 5 Intelligence purchased within the radius. It’s important to look at this requirement and choose the Glyph only if you can fulfill it. Do consider the requirement for primary and additional bonus both.

    2. Bonus type

    Rare Glyphs are used to attain the primary and additional bonus. But the conditions for additional bonus are usually more stringent, and therefore, when using the Glyph, do consider these conditions as well. Magic Glyphs on the other hand provide only a primary bonus. Consider the bonus type and thereafter choose a Glyph.

    3. Radius

    As far as possible, always use rare Glyphs when you are certain they would also yield additional bonus. One way to do that is to get those attributes within the radius of the Glyph node. Another option is to upgrade the Glyph itself so that the radius increases.

    Either option is fine, but consider the radius and the availability of the additional bonus before placing the Glyph within the paragon board.

    4. Character class

    While selecting a Glyph, it’s important to consider the character class. For example, if you are a Necromancer, the Control Glyph works well since it increases damage to stunned or frozen enemies and additional bonus also ensures your minions inflict more damage on enemies that are slowed, chilled, stunned, or frozen.

    For example, for Rogues, Exploit Glyph is a very good option as it increases damage to vulnerable targets, and an additional bonus includes making enemies that are hit by you vulnerable for 3 seconds.

    The point is to choose the Glyph according to your character class.

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    How To Upgrade Diablo 4 Glyphs?

    Acquiring Glyphs is only part of the process since they won’t be at max level when you acquire them. Upgrading them, however, has multiple benefits like:

  • It increases the primary bonus and the secondary bonus you can gain by placing them on the paragon board.

  • The radius also goes up as you level up the Glyphs.

  • The question then arises how to upgrade Diablo 4 Glyphs. After completing Nightmare Dungeon, you will come across a Glyph upgrade altar. Depending on how much Glyph XP you spend at the altar, the level of your Glyphs will go up. You can farm Glyph XP by swarming through the Nightmare dungeons. Usually, the more challenging dungeons offer more Glyph XP.

    Before I highlight the best dungeons to farm Glyph XP, there are 2 things to keep in mind:

  • 1. As the Glyph level progresses, upgrading it from one level to another becomes more expensive. That means if you need level 21 Glyphs, you need to have tons of Glyph XP.

  • 2. Upgrading Glyphs by spending Glyph XP is non-reversible. Therefore, always ensure you make the upgrading decision after some thought.

  • Best Dungeons To Level Up Glyphs in Diablo 4

    1. Blind Burrows

    diablo 4 blind burrows dungeon
    If you have gone through Blind Burrows before, you would know they are full of spiders. The reason why this dungeon is on this list is because spiders are comparatively easier to eliminate. Besides having more enemies (spiders), the dungeon requires little time, which is another advantage.

    If you are wondering about its location, it’s south of Hawezar. While most spiders are easy to kill in this dungeon, there are 2 tricky aspects you need to be aware of.

  • The first one is Spider Hosts. The death explosions they experience can kill you. The best way to tackle them is to be on the move after eliminating enemies.

  • Secondly, stay away from the webbing of broodguard (boss) as it will immobilize you.

  • Apart from eliminating the boss, slay 3 infested villagers, and you will achieve the dungeons' objectives and get plenty of Glyph XP.

    2. Aldurwood

    diablo 4 aldurwood
    Aldurwood takes slightly longer than the infamous Guulrahn Canals. Since it’s infested with enemies, you get plenty of opportunities to slay them and get that XP. It’s located in the Shrouded Moors section in Scosglen.

    Most enemies inside the dungeon are Beast or Werewolf enemies. While they can cause significant damage but if you stay on the move, eliminating their groups becomes easier. The Den Mother boss isn’t difficult to beat if you avoid her slash attacks and the red pools. Also, eliminate 3 Aldurkin and clear the dungeon in less time and get your XP.

    3. Guulrahn Canals

    diablo 4 guulrahn canal
    Before I go into the details of Guulrahn Canals, let me tell you this one is different from Guulrahnn slums, which is more difficult. Guulrahn Canals is a good option for gaining XP because you can clear it in less time. Apart from that, it mostly consists of spiders, which are easy to eliminate.

    Additional enemies are Zombies. Objectives include slaying all enemies in the offal pits, leading to more XP, and destroying the cocoon and the corpse pile.

    It’s located North of the Jakha Basin within Dry Steppes.

    4. Maulwood

    diablo 4 maulwood
    Maulwood is a dungeon you can move through swiftly to gain the XP. Located in the Dobrev Taiga part of Fracture Peaks, it has 3 objectives, which are to eliminate 3 Bandit Sentries, head to Skeletal Rise, and destroy 3 skeletal constructs.

    Enemies in this dungeon include Werewolf and Bandit enemies. While they can inflict some damage but since they don’t explode after death, they are comparatively easier to handle. Since the dungeon doesn’t consist of a boss, it’s easier to go through.

    5. Witchwater

    diablo 4 witchwater
    Witchwater is located in the Southern part of the Blightmarsh section. The linear layout of this dungeon means you have a clear path, which certainly speeds things up. Apart from that, spider and snake enemies are fairly easy to eliminate as long as you are on the move. Do consume health potions in between since both these use poison attacks. The slither boss is also easy to eliminate if you can tackle its glare ability by being on the move.

    Tips For Using Glyphs in Diablo 4

    Below, I will cover a few additional tips for using Glyphs in Diablo 4.

    1. Kill Beast In Ice

    Above, I spoke about the most common way to upgrade Glyphs, but there is another way, which is to kill Beast in Ice. The boss is located in the Glacial Fissure Nightmare dungeon. It’s more of a mini-dungeon; hence, you can farm more Glyph XP in less time.

    Our professional Diablo 4 boosters can help with that too, you can purchase any amount of Beast in Ice kills via our Diablo 4 boss kill service.

    2. Choose a Dungeon With Highest Tier

    Apart from choosing the fastest dungeon to farm Glyph XP you need to pay attention to the tier of the dungeon. You need to remember that choosing a dungeon is a delicate balance between what tier dungeon you can easily complete, the XP you gain from that tier, and the time it takes to complete a dungeon of that tier.

    Don’t beat yourself up over completing a Tier 32 instead of 31 because the difference is miniscule between 2 subsequent tiers when it comes to Glyph XP. So, go for the highest tier you can comfortably complete.

    3. Replace Magic with Rare

    As highlighted above, Magic Glyphs offer only a single bonus. Rare, on the other hand, offer dual bonuses if certain conditions are met. Let’s say you only get Magic Glyphs first, use them at the start, but later on, when you get the Rare Glyph, do replace the Magic one with the Rare one to get that additional bonus.

    4. Spend Paragon Points Wisely

    Once you get the paragon board, the Glyph socket won’t be usable right from the start. You have to forge your path from the current activated socket to the Glyph socket to activate it. Doing so involves spending Paragon Points on activation of adjacent sockets to create a path to the Glyph socket. So, spend Paragon Points wisely to create the shortest path to Glyph socket.

    5. Upgrade the adjacent nodes as well

    Even the primary bonus of the Glyph increases if you upgrade the nodes that fall within its radius. For example, Fulminate Rare Glyph provides 3% more lightning damage for every 5 dexterity purchased within the radius. So, upgrade the nodes in the vicinity accordingly.

    Buy Diablo Glyph Leveling

    Since not everyone has the time to grind and level up Glyphs, we started our Diablo 4 Glyph leveling service where you can buy leveling for your Glyphs.

    Head over to the service page, customize your order (number of glyphs and their levels) and one of our team members will be with you shortly. It's fast, safe and easy.


    Should I upgrade Glyphs Diablo 4?

    You should upgrade Glyphs in Diablo 4 as they provide more bonus once upgraded. Additionally, upgrading them also increases their radius, making it easy to fulfill the additional bonus conditions for Magic Glyphs.

    What is the max level for Glyphs in Diablo 4?

    The maximum level for Glyphs in Diablo 4 is level 21. The level progression is linear. However, the number of Glyph XP needed to upgrade from one level to the next keeps increasing with every passing level. So, do collect enough Glyph XP to upgrade them to level 21.

    Why are my Glyphs locked in Diablo 4?

    Players need to unlock Nightmare or Torment World Tier to activate the Glyphs. It means you need to be at least at level 50 to do so. Certain new Glyphs released in a new season might have different conditions to activate. So, just because you have a Glyph doesn’t mean you can use it.

    How do you unlock legendary Paragon nodes in Diablo 4?

    Once you reach level 50, you won’t obtain skill points; rather, you will gain Paragon Points, which can be used to unlock various nodes in the paragon board.

    What is the best Glyph for a sorcerer in Diablo 4?

    For sorcerers, the 4 best Glyphs include Control, Territorial, Elementalist, and Exploit.

    What is the best Necro Glyph in Diablo 4?

    A necromancer is best benefitted from a Territorial Glyph. It increases the damage that is inflicted by your character, especially in close combat. The damage further increases by xx% for every 5 dexterity purchased within the radius of the Glyph. With the damage increased by such a significant amount, it indeed leads to easier slaying of enemies.

    How do you upgrade Glyphs in Diablo 4?

    Spending Glyph XP at the altar, which appears after completing almost any nightmare dungeon, is the only way to upgrade your Glyphs in Diablo 4.

    Wrapping it up

    Glyphs can certainly make the game easier and more fun for you. However, acquiring and using them isn’t easy unless you have a specific plan. The post above covers what they are and how to use them and sheds light on how you can improve your game with Diablo 4 Glyphs. So, stick to this guide, and you shouldn’t have a problem in using Diablo 4 Glyphs.

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