Want to enjoy rare loot in Diablo 4? Try defeating a world boss. Did you notice I used the word ‘try’? That’s because finding and defeating a world boss isn’t certain since they can spawn at different locations across the Sanctuary map.

But worry not! Go through the guide below, and you will know everything about Diablo 4 world bosses, including their spawn times and how to tackle them. Let’s start with the basics: that is, what are world bosses?

What Are World Bosses?

Simply put, world bosses are huge enemies you can encounter while exploring the sanctuary. Defeating them requires you to go through a multi-stage battle. You have only 15 minutes to defeat a Diablo 4 world boss. That’s why up to 12 players can group together to defeat the world boss. Fewer players can also group together, but the more players, the better the chance of winning.

They have a large health pool, making defeating them difficult. However, they do have weaknesses that you can exploit. You need to inflict elemental damage on them according to their weakness. When you do that briefly, you can inflict higher damage on them than normal. That’s when you can finish them off.

Keep in mind that they only spawn if you have completed the Diablo 4 Campaign.

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All Diablo 4 World Bosses

Now that you know what world bosses are, it’s time to understand how many are there and their specifics.

1. Ashava

diablo 4 ashava
Ashava the Pestilent is one of the world bosses you encounter in Diablo 4. She is known for the 2 forearm blades with which she can inflict damage on anyone nearby. Apart from that, she can cover the ground near her with poison, making it difficult to defeat her.

The section below will cover how to beat Ashava, but it's important to know about her attacks.

Bite Attack

Ashava performs a bite attack from time to time.

Slam Attack

Ashava can either use a single arm to slam a particular spot on the ground or use 2 of her arms to slam and then drag them back towards her to cause damage to anything in the vicinity.

Jump Attack

Ashava can jump forward or to the side. Anyone in the vicinity of her landing spot suffers damage.

Swipe Attack

In this attack, she conducts a 360-degree swipe using her arms to damage anyone within the radius.

Poison Attack

This is one of her most effective attacks, where she spits out 3 pools of poison in front of her. Ensure you don't stand in these pools for long.

2. Wandering Death

diablo 4 wandering death
Wandering death is true to his name and is indeed dead. The most powerful attack of this boss are the two light beams it can project. Even though, as compared to an average enemy, he is difficult to beat, if you are searching for the easiest boss to defeat, this is the one. His attacks are as follows:

Death Beam

This is the attack I was talking about. He channels 2 beams of light from his hands. Anyone hit by these beams suffers extensive damage.

Death Crater

You can get caught and suffer extensive damage when he creates such a crater. Not only that, the crater explodes after 5 seconds, and till then, your health keeps reducing.

Death Grasp

These are the 2 hooks he projects underground, which travel upwards, and anyone caught in these is pulled towards wandering death.

Death Pound

He slams the ground 2 times in front of him and 2 times behind him, resulting in spikes protruding out of the ground, which can cause significant damage.

3. Avarice

diablo 4 avarice
Avarice is a boss that uses a treasure chest as his weapon. He hammers players with it and also swings it around. Additionally, he can disappear and reappear near someone to attack him. The treasure chest provides excellent loot when the battle ends and can also spawn a treasure goblin in between the fights. His attacks that you need to be watchful of include:

Chest Swing

This is the attack where he first thrusts the chest forward like a battering ram and then swings it 360 degrees.

Mallet Slam

This attack involves slamming the ground, which causes shockwaves in the vicinity, resulting in damage. Apart from the shockwaves, the mallet also creates pillars around it, which explode when shockwaves reach them, approximately after 3 seconds.

Mallet Thrust

Thrusting of the mallet causes shockwaves, which lead to damage.

Portal Charge

Avarice calls a portal and disappears into it. Portal reappears after a few seconds, and Avarice comes out of it charging, which can inflict significant damage on anyone who comes in contact.

Diablo 4 World Bosses Spawn Locations

diablo 4 world bosses spawn locations
The bosses can appear at 5 different locations, which are common to all. These include:

  • Caen Adar in Scosglen

  • Fields of Desecration in Hawezar

  • Seared Basin in Kehjistan

  • Saraan Caldera in Dry Steppes

  • The Crucible in Fractured Peaks

  • While most loot dropped by these bosses is the same, they sometimes drop unique and rare items that are exclusive to a certain boss. Therefore, it's always a good idea to tackle different bosses periodically.

    Diablo 4 World Bosses Times

    The good news is that there are trackers like Diablo4Life World Boss tracker, which let you know when the next world boss will spawn. Under normal circumstances, only 1 world boss can spawn at a time.

    For example, it states that Avarice will spawn in approximately 38 minutes at The Crucible.

    A few things to keep in mind while tracking the world boss spawn time are:

  • Usually, at least 1 boss spawns every 3 and a half hours.

  • 1 hour before the spawn, the World Boss icon will appear on the map.

  • 15 minutes before the spawning, the game alerts all players regarding the appearance of the next world boss.

  • How To Predict World Boss Spawns?

    The next question you might have is which boss will appear after the spawning of the next one. In this regard, users have identified a pattern known as the 3-2-3-2 pattern. It means the current boss can appear 3 times in a row, after which the next boss appears 2 times.

    For example, when Ashava starts appearing, she is likely to appear 3 times at a gap of 3.5 hours, followed by Avarice for 2 times.

    Keep in mind that this is an informal pattern recognized, and the game developers haven't confirmed or denied this.

    How To Defeat World Bosses In Diablo 4?

    The strategy you need to follow to defeat every world boss is different. I will cover each of them below.

    How To Kill Wandering Death

    All bosses have a large health bar divided into different phases with the help of arrows underneath the health bar. Each section indicates the phase of the fight. According to the phase, Wandering Death initiates and uses different attacks. With crowd control damage, you can fill up a bar below the health bar which causes the boss to stagger, which is the best time to attack it.

    As for the strategy to defeat wandering death, the best option is when the boss is staggered. When that happens, it's unlikely that Wandering Death will attack for a few seconds. During this time, 2 caged souls appear, which Wandering Death will try to consume. Before he can consume them, your job is to defeat them, which will inflict heavy damage on the boss.

    Under normal circumstances, it's important to recognize the animations associated with various attacks of Wandering Death and constantly try to avoid them. Not only the animations but many times, the ground color also changes, like when it shoots two hooks. Immediately after thwarting an attack, it's best to inflict some damage.

    To accelerate the process and increase your chances of defeating Wandering Death, follow the tips below:

    1. Fill the Stagger Bar ASAP

    Right from the start, you must try filling up the stagger bar by inflicting crowd control damage. It will fill the bar beneath the health bar consistently. When that happens, Wandering Death will not attack for 12 seconds and will be stunned. This is the time to showcase your skills. Inflict as much damage as you can. Also, defeat the 2 caged souls to deny Wandering Death the opportunity to consume them. Do this repeatedly and you can bring his health down to 0 which helps you win.

    2. Optimize The Build In Advance

    In Diablo 4, the entire build revolves around DPS, which stands for Damage Per Second. Optimize your gear and build to ensure you can inflict the highest amount of damage. This might require you to collect items and resources as well. Work on that before embarking on a world boss attack.

    3. Always Team Up Against World Bosses

    Remember that trying to defeat a world boss alone is 3x difficult compared to a team.

    The primary reason for that is you get only 15 minutes to defeat a world boss once the confrontation starts. Since you need to inflict a lot of crowd control damage during this time frame, it's best to team up with other players. That way, you can also get the advantage of other classes and inflict more damage on the world boss.

    4. Revive Yourself Immediately

    There are 2 ways to revive when encountering a world boss like Wandering Death. The first one is to revive yourself, and the second is to help your allies revive you. Reviving yourself immediately means you will have to suffer a 10% equipment durability loss. Despite that, my advice would be to revive yourself because of 2 reasons:

  • Reviving yourself is immediate, and you won't have to wait for any other player to rescue you.

  • Secondly, if an ally revives you, they are also at risk of suffering damage from Wandering Death. Not only that, but the overall cumulative firepower of the group is reduced temporarily, which puts the entire group at a disadvantage.

  • How To Kill Avarice

    Avarice has a wide range of attacks, but the only saving grace is that usually its actions are slow, which means thwarting them isn't that difficult either. The problem is that it relies on numerous attacks, and therefore, you always need to be aware of its moves. Once you detect the animation, it's easy to predict its next move, so you can avoid attacks.

    Melee attacks by Avarice, which are his most common attack, involve a 180 degrees sweep, which means the chances of getting hit by the attack are pretty high. Usually, Avarice swings a treasure chest or mace to hit players. If you want to know which one of the two is more dangerous, it's the treasure chest because it has a higher range and causes more damage.

    The simplest way to avoid this attack is to place yourself below its tail.

    While avoiding these attacks is relatively simpler once he calls the large gold portal and reappears randomly, it isn't easy to tackle.

    The best is to move out of his way once he calls the chest and stays in a single area until he respawns.

    The strategy to defeat Avarice is somewhat similar. You have to cause enough Crowd control damage to ensure the stagger bar fills up. When the bar is full, you have approximately 12 seconds during which Avarice won't attack you. This is when you cause maximum damage.

    However, during this time, Avarice will create a diversion for you in the form of 2 Treasure Goblins. It's up to the players to decide whether they want to go after the Goblins and get the loot or whether they want to continue attacking Avarice when he is most vulnerable.

    Under ideal circumstances, it's best to attack Avarice so that you can finish off the boss and get much better loot than eliminating the Treasure Goblins.

    Apart from this strategy, a few additional tips that can help you beat Avarice include:

    1. Stick Close To Avarice

    Most melee attacks of Avarice have a wide arc. It means if you are far away from Avarice, it is difficult to avoid it. Staying close is the best solution. That way, you won't be in the attack area.

    2. Stay Wary Of Molten Gold Attack

    Always staying close to Avarice isn't a foolproof solution either because to thwart close enemies, Avarice spits molten gold. That's when you need to get away to dodge such an attack.

    3. Avoid tThe Exploding Mines

    One of Avarice's most effective attacks is the portal charge, where he appears at a random location a few seconds later. The problem is his reappearance causes a lot of damage. Apart from avoiding him when he reappears, it's important to avoid the exploding mines as well.

    4. Memorize The Animations

    Within the first couple of minutes of the battle, you need to take note of the animations of various attacks and memorize them. Doing so will help you thwart such attacks, which is one of the most effective ways to beat any world boss.

    5. Use Potion Charges As Soon As Possible

    Potion charges restore health. Whenever you experience heavy damage, instead of waiting for long to use such charges, it's best to do so right away. That will help you survive in the fight.

    6. Gather the Health Potions

    If you observe his health bar closely, you would notice it is divided into different sections using Triangle markers. When you manage to lower his health below a mark, he will drop health potions that you can collect and use.

    How To Kill Ashava

    Keep in mind that even with 12 players, Ashava is difficult to beat within the timeframe. That’s the reason you need to have a proper strategy. The primary reason she is so hard to beat is because of her twisting blades, which inflict a lot of damage. Before I share certain tips, I will share a basic strategy you can use to beat her.

    The basic strategy involves inflicting crowd control damage on Ashava to fill up the stagger meter. However, while doing so, you need to be wary of her attacks and try to dodge as many of them as possible. Once the stagger meter is full, you get 12 seconds of uninterrupted attack time. After this, one of her arm blades will be shattered, and her twisting blade attack will become less damaging. However, the sweep attacks that she inflicts will still be pretty powerful. Repeat the stagger strategy until you eliminate her completely.

    In addition to this strategy, follow the tips below.

    1. Don’t Make An Attempt If You Are Under-Leveled

    If you are under-leveled, you will have limited health, and your attacks won’t inflict heavy damage on her either. It means the chances of you succeeding with the stagger strategy are pretty low. In such a case, it’s best to first focus on leveling up and thereafter make an attempt. Since bosses spawn every 3.5 hours, you will get plenty of opportunities to take her down in the future.

    2. Check The Other Players Before Entering A Fight

    It's prudent to head over to the spawn spot a few minutes in advance. There, you will notice other players who want to take her down along with you. In case those players are under-leveled, the group’s cumulative strength will be lower. In that case, leave the area and come back later.

    If the server on which you are playing is busy, each time you come back, you will notice a different set of players around. That means at the same spawn time, you can group with appropriate players, which increases your chances of taking her down.

    3. Use Poison Resistant Gear

    Multiple Ashava attacks inflict poison damage. The best way to make her attacks less vicious is to use poison resistance gear. While such gear doesn’t entirely eliminate the effect of poison, it does reduce the effect.

    4. Know The Directions Of Her Sweeps.

    If Ashava raises only 1 of her arms first, depending on the arm she raises, the direction of the sweep will vary. For example, if she raises her right arm, the initial sweep will be clockwise. If she raises her left one, the initial sweep will be counter-clockwise. Knowing the direction will help you position yourself best to avoid the attack.

    5. Notice The Circle And Move Away.

    From time to time, you would notice circles being formed on the ground. It’s best to move away from these circles since Ashava pounds these circles.

    6. Beware Of The Squat

    Ashava squats before she leaps to the side or on someone. Therefore, when you notice her squatting, be ready to dodge at a moment’s notice.

    7. Be Alert For Poison Clouds

    Ashava breathes poison clouds from time to time. They are easy to spot, but amidst the battle, many players miss them. They cause severe damage; therefore, you should watch out for them and be ready to dodge them.

    8. Dodge, If You See Her Rear Back

    When you are in front of Ashava, her rear back usually won’t be visible to you. If it is, it’s time to move to the side or behind her because she is about to bite you.

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    What Do You Get For Defeating World Bosses?

    Depending on the world boss you defeat, the loot you can get will vary.

    1. Wandering Death Loot

    Defeating Wandering Death is likely to provide you with Shattered Prisms. Shattered Prisms allow you to add gems to your weapons using the slot that appears. Depending on the gem you place in that slot, the weapon becomes more powerful in one way or the other.

    Apart from that, you are likely to get Unique rarity armor. Some other loot you can get includes:

  • Gold

  • XP

  • Weapons

  • Jewelry

  • If you have defeated your first boss of the week, you can only receive a weekly grand cache, which further enhances the loot you get.

    2. Avarice Loot

    For defeating Avarice, you are most likely to get 3 pieces of sacred gear. Apart from that, you get plenty of gold as well. Other loot items include:

  • Glyph

  • Legendary Grand cache (Gear, Gems, Sigils)

  • Avarice also uses a chest to attack players during the battle. You can also damage this chest after killing him to get even more loot. While the items inside the chest aren’t fixed usually they are high tier items and opening the chest provides you with gold.

    3. Ashava Loot

    The reward loot you get after defeating Ashava is almost the same which includes the following:

  • 3 pieces of sacred gear

  • Glyph

  • Legendary grande cache

  • Gold

  • Do keep in mind that it’s not necessary that you get all the items mentioned above every time. It can be a combination of these items.


    Who is the hardest boss in Diablo 4?

    Avarice is probably the hardest world boss in Diablo 4 because of 7 attacks in total. Keep in mind that a lot depends on the player’s playing style.

    Who is the female world boss in Diablo 4?

    Ashava is the female world boss in Diablo 4. Her 2 twisting blades certainly make it difficult to kill her.

    Is it worth defeating world bosses in Diablo 4?

    Yes, world bosses are worth it because of the legendary and unique items that they drop. Not only that, but the scattered Prisms are pretty useful.

    Can you solo World Bosses in Diablo 4?

    Typically, it takes at least 8 players to take down a world boss. Technically, you can take down a world boss solo, but its probability is pretty limited.

    Wrapping it up

    With this detailed Diablo 4 world boss guide, you can not only spot them but also eliminate them using the tips I highlighted above. Defeat them multiple times, and you are likely to get every item mentioned in the rewards loot section, which can make you even more powerful.

    If you need help with defeating world bosses in Diablo 4, check out our Diablo 4 boss kill service where we can help you beat any world boss any number of times you like with ease.

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