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Our booster will stream your order on Twitch or YouTube for you to watch. Stream will be made anonymous. Minimum streaming price is $5.

Specific Legends (+15%)

When activated, our booster will play an exact specific hero pool you will provide in our members area after the checkout. A minimum of 5 heroes is required. Add as many as possible because more heroes equals faster boosting.


Our booster will play only the legend you selected unless its picked by someone else. You will need to provide a backup in that case.

Express Order (+20%)

Our system will prioritize your orders over non-express orders and boosters will play more games than non-express orders to achieve faster completion.

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Our booster will play on your account solo only, he will not invite other boosters to play with him in order to make it look like you solo queued.


Our booster will appear offline/invisible to your friends so nobody can see you as online.


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Apex Legends Placements Boosting FAQ

Fast, affordable, and safe way to get your provisional placement games done with high win-rates the help of pro players.
Yes, choose “play with boosters” boosting in step 2 of the product module to play with boosters on your account (no account sharing).
Apex Legends considers a Top 10 a win, we have made it even better by considering Top 8 a win. Therefore, every Top 8 we do counts as a win. Customize your order on the service module above and it will tell you how many wins will you get.
In rare cases where we don't meet the win-rate guarantee, we will compensate you with 2 more NET wins for each extra loss he made.

A NET win is a "pure win". For example, booster needs to do 2 NET wins. If he goes 2 wins 2 losses, that's a NET 0. He needs to do 2 wins more than the losses in order to be NET +2, for example 4-2.

Therefore, in a set of 10 placements where booster had to do 7-3 or better, but he actually went 5-5. He will then proceed to compensate you with 4 more NET wins, free of charge.

You will always get 2 extra NET wins for each extra loss that booster made during your boost.
Yes, after purchase, you get your own personal tracking page that includes a direct chat with a booster.
Yes, you can activate the streaming feature in step 4 of the product module.
Yes, we can, free of charge.
Yes, choose the “specific legends” feature in the additional features step. You will be prompted to select at least 2 legends that our booster will use on your boost.
Boosting starts within 30 minutes in most cases unless there’s a large workload that day. For duo boosting orders waiting times can be longer due to us having to find an account in range of yours.
Yes, we will finish with exactly the AP that you ordered - or higher.
We will finish all placement games that you have ordered within 12 hours, usually even faster.
The odds of getting banned for account shared boosts are low, our professional players use VPN services to mimic your IP address and hide that the boost is on-going. For duo boosting you cannot get banned as it’s not against the Terms of Service.
Yes, all of our boosters are carefully vetted professionals with years of experience in boosting.
Yes, after purchase, you get your own personal order tracking page.
We accept PayPal, all major credit cards, Skrill, Klarna, iDeal, Alipay, Neteller, Paysafecard, and Bitcoin.

Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers say about us

What is Apex Legends Placement boosting?

Apex Legends has introduced provisional placement games in Season 17. Every player must complete 10 provisional placement games every season before they get their rank. These games carry importance as most important games of the season and can push you higher in ranks easier than regular playing. However, they also bring huge stress to players. Not everyone wishes to deal with random 10 games which can happen to be with trolls and AFKers that will ruin their chances of getting a high rank.

This is why we started our Apex Legends provisional boosting service. We hire only the highest-rated Apex Predator players in the world to give you that push you need in order to start your season right. Our Apex Legends placement boosting team operates on PC, PS4/5, and XBOX in all regions of the world. Apex Placement boosting is available via account sharing where we play on your account, and playing with boosters where you group up with our pros and start your season with a high rank. Simple, carefree, and completely anonymous.

Apex Legends Octane
Apex Legends Crypto

Safety and anonymity of your account come first


Our Apex Legends boosting platform is secured with the state of the art SSL security protocol that encrypts the data between you and the server.


When our pros log in to your account, they use modern VPN services to imitate your IP and make it look like you’re the one playing.


Our boosters will never talk to your friends and will always use appear offline feature in order to protect your identity and mantain full anonymity.

Customize your perfect boost according to your needs

We fully understand that not all Apex players have enough time on their hands in order to grind the RP that’s required in order to achieve the dream division. Apex Legends requires you to play a lot in order to increase your RP, if you count in all the bad teams that you will play with on the grind, we’re talking countless days.

Our next-generation Apex placement boost platform allows you to customize your boost fully, schedule your boosting time by pausing and unpausing your order, play with the boosters on your own time, even specify the legends our booster can play while playing on your account. We will gladly fulfill any special request you might have, whenever possible.

What happens after I place a ranked boosting order?

You’re one step closer to getting your dream AP! Moments after we process your payment, you will receive an email notification regarding your purchase and a special link to your personal dashboard page where you can talk to your booster and monitor progress in real-time.

You will also be able to modify any info such as login credentials, region, platform and more. Pausing and unpausing the order, chatting with your booster and overall fully managing your order. We keep learning about your needs and we will keep adding more customizations along the road.

Loyalty program pays off

One of our core beliefs is that customer satisfaction is a top priority. Returning customers means that we’re doing it right and we want to keep doing it. This is why we have a loyalty program that will count your every purchase and reward you for continuous purchases.

Every purchase will count to your total spent amount and allow you to progress through our internal rankings - each rank up will reward you with a bigger permanent discount coupon that you can use to discount any of your orders. On top of that, by telling your friends about us, both of you can earn 5$ as soon as your friend makes a first purchase*.

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