Hey everyone! Today I’ll talk about Valorant progression and what we know so far about it. Keep in mind that this mind change in the future, however, the base structure is here.

I will talk about Valorant leveling, ranked play, cosmetics, skins and more.

Without further ado, let’s dig in…

Valorant Progression

I will divide Valorant progression in separate categories and cover each one of them.

As you probably already know, Valorant is free to play, therefore, Riot needs to make money somehow. From what we know so far, they aren’t being too greedy about it and that’s great!

Let’s dive in with the free stuff you can unlock by just playing the game.

Agent Leveling

Valorant will not have a Battle Pass progression system since it implies it “costs” and has an expiration date, usually seasonal, similar to Apex Legends and Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

However, you will be unlocking levels in a similar fashion. Each Agent will have 10 ranks or levels which you can unlock by simply playing that agent, getting kills, winning games and so on…

Each of the levels will feature rewards in forms of items and skins. By playing one agent as a one-trick pony, the levels might even partially transfer to other agents.

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Agent Missions

Each agent will also have a set of missions that you can complete in order to get in-game currency that you can spend on items.

The missions will probably be challenging such as get a variety of different kills (normal, headshots, under an ability, clutch and the list goes on), use abilities in different ways and so on. I’m sure the developers will get creative with this.

Apart from free missions, you will be able to unlock special missions with Riot Points that could include more cosmetic items, badges and so on…

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There will be no agent skins on the release of the game. This is because Riot wants the game to be as fair as possible (think inaccurate hitboxes) and skins could make the game look messy and disrupt familiarity of the game in the early months.

Respawn did the same move with Apex Legends when they introduced only skin recolors on the launch of the game, and then added more diverse skins later when players got familiar with the characters.

However, there will be weapon skins and the little cosmetic attachments on the weapons similar to Apex Legends’. Riot has also said weapons will get crazy looking URF (similar to NERF guns) skins, everyone who played League of Legends will know what I’m talking about.


In store you can buy items and cosmetics with Riot Points or in-game currency, similar system to League of Legends. However, there will be no Loot boxes, yay!

Valorant Ranked Mode

Valorant won’t have a ranked system in the beginning but it will be added later on! The ranked system will have a similar progression to League in form of Iron to Challenger.

I’m personally looking forward to the ranked mode because I believe Riot will make it just as good in League of Legends! Hopefully with less toxicity.

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Happy hunting!

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