Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about leveling up your Valorant account. Since the change that your account needs to be at least level 20 to play competitive, many players found themselves wondering how to level up the fastest in order to unlock competitive play.

So without further ado, let’s dig in!

Valorant Account Levels are gained with AP, not XP

Many players get confused with this part, and to be frank, it is a bit unintuitive. So to clear it up, you only gain account levels in Valorant by gaining AP (Account Points).

However, leveling up Agents through contracts happens through XP, the usual metric we’re used to from other games.

Account level rewards in Valorant

Well, the first reward you get is that you unlock competitive at level 20. Yay. Past 20, there are rewards in form of account borders that you can show off your level with. Not much but count me in. This is how they look.

valorant account level borders
And this is how it looks on your account.

valorant account level border on account

Account Level requirements in Valorant

In many games such as League of Legends, the XP required per level changes with each level, which is once again intuitive for us gamers. However, Valorant made it so that the AP per level is fixed at 5000, but you gain less and less with each level.

Now you’re probably wondering, okay, so if it’s 5000 per level, how much do you get on average per game? We got you.

One of our professional Valorant boosters has recently leveled up an account in Valorant for one of our clients who purchased our Valorant account leveling boosting service.

He played Unrated games and this is how much he gained per win. Note that the amount of AP gained changes with how much the game lasts and whether you win or lose. To be precise 1AP for every 6 seconds of the match, +50 AP if it was a win. However, the following figures should be a good estimate.

  • Level 1 - 5: 4500-5000 AP (1-2 wins)

  • Level 5-10: 1300-1500 AP (3-4 wins)

  • Level 10-17: 1100-1300 AP (4-5 wins)

  • Level 17-18: 750 AP (6-7 wins)

  • Level 18-19: 700 AP (7-8 wins)

  • Level 19-20: 650 AP (7-8 wins)

As seen above, the gains start quite high and reduce to quite lower per level. Considering that an average match is around 35 minutes in Valorant, and implying you win every game, we get to about 18 hours of play time.

Fortunately, a daily bonus of 1000 AP will shorten your game times a bit. An average player will win about 50% of the games making the whole process of leveling from 1 to 20 in Valorant about 20 hours of play time. Woosh. That’s a lot of play time to just unlock competitive mode.

Fastest Way To Level Up In Valorant

Okay now, what’s the fastest way to level up in Valorant. I will have to disappoint you and tell you that there’s no magic formula. It’s basically hard work.

Play Unrated matches, try to win them, practice your gameplay and have fun. Make sure to log in at least every day and win the first game of the day to get a bonus of 1000 AP.

In theory, you could drag on the match if you know you got a sure win in order to gain more AP due to the most important factor and that is the duration of the match. But that’s up to you. In my opinion it’s probably more fun to just do your best and practice while leveling in a real environment without any funny business.

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Since we established it takes about 20 hours, give or take a few hours of actual play time to achieve level 20, it would probably be a good idea to outsource this work to someone else if you don’t have time for it.

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