Valorant has finally landed on PS5 and Xbox, and we're thrilled! The Console Beta was unveiled at the Summer Games Fest. While Valorant has long been exclusive to PC, we now have the opportunity to dive into it on these new platforms.

We're absolutely loving the new Valorant Limited Beta. While the gameplay experience on console is nearly identical to PC, there are some settings that need tweaking for optimal play. Here’s a guide to the best controller settings for Valorant on PS5 and Xbox to help you climb the ranks quickly!

Best XBOX and PS5 Controller Settings For Valorant Console

Below you can find the best controller settings for both PS5 and Xbox:

Focus/Sniper Scope (Hold) L2 LT
Fire R2 RT
Ability 1 L1 LB
Ability 2 R1 RB
Ability 3 R3 RS
Ultimate L1 + R1 LB + RB
ADS L2 + R3 LT + RS
Equip Melee L3 LS
Comm Wheel/Ping D-Pad Up D-Pad Up
Drop Equipped Item D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
Plant/Defuse/Equip Spike D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Inspect/Open Spray Wheel (Hold) D-Pad Right D-Pad Right
Equip Secondary Triangle button Y button
Crouch (Toggle) Circle button B button
Jump X button A button
Reload/Activate/Use Square button X button

These two setups use the Traditional controller layout. You can adjust them to suit your preferences.

On consoles, Valorant doesn't have traditional hip-firing like on PCs. Instead, it introduces a new shooting mode called 'Focus'. Focus mimics hip-fire but with lower sensitivity, making the Traditional preset a great choice for this mode.

What Is The Best Valorant Console Controller Layout

There is no right answer. If the Traditional layout isn't quite right for you on the Valorant console beta, consider trying these alternate settings instead:


Typically, the Fighter controller settings are for Valorant players who prefer intense duels. Using RB/R1 allows you to reach higher vantage points, while RT/R2 lets you swiftly fire at enemies. Feel free to test these settings out. If they don't suit you, you can easily switch back to the Traditional layout.

valorant fighter controller settings


Controllers and Sentinels favor the Tactician controller layout. Using Focus and Sniper Scope on L1 and LB buttons can greatly aid in supporting your team. These settings will help you enhance your gameplay and perform well across all maps in Valorant Console.

valorant tactician controller settings

Bumper Shooter

If you enjoy sniping in Valorant, the Bumper Shooter controller settings are ideal for you! Whether you're wielding an Operator as Jett or an Outlaw as Breach, these settings will enhance your gameplay and help you climb the ranks quickly and effectively.

valorant bumper shooter controller settings

Valorant Console Sensitivity Settings

Now, let's highlight the best Valorant settings for gamepads. Keep in mind, since the console version is still new, future updates could alter how some controls function. If there are changes, we'll update this list accordingly.

  • Look Sensitivity: Set your look sensitivity between 3-4 for precise aiming. This allows you to make small adjustments accurately without feeling too slow.

  • ADS Sensitivity: Keep this similar to your look sensitivity or slightly lower, around 3. Aim Down Sights (ADS) sensitivity should be lower to help you aim precisely when scoped.

  • Scope Sensitivity: Set this around 1.00 to keep your aiming speed consistent when using scopes.

  • Vertical Sensitivity: Match this with your horizontal sensitivity to keep your aiming smooth and consistent.

  • Deadzone Settings: Adjust the deadzone to the lowest value that prevents stick drift. Typically, this ranges from 0.05 to 0.10, depending on your controller’s condition.

  • Aim Assist: Enable aim assist as it helps maintain accuracy during fast movements. This setting is usually on by default.

  • Trigger Sensitivity: Increase trigger sensitivity to reduce the distance needed to fire your weapon.

  • Vibration: Turn off controller vibration to avoid distractions while playing.

  • Inverted Look: Disable inverted look unless you prefer it based on previous gaming experiences.

    Wrapping it up

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    Does Valorant have Aim assist on console?

    Yes, it does.

    Can you play Valorant on a console with a keyboard and a mouse?

    No, that is not allowed.

    Which consoles is Valorant releasing on?

    Valorant is coming to PS5 and XBOX Series X|S.

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