Overwatch Turns Two

Our beloved game turns two and an anniversary celebration is due because time flies! 2018 anniversary is nearly here, an amazing developer team is launching a special event that starts on May 22nd and will last until June 11th. It features a ton of content, skins and more...

New Skins

A total of 50 new cosmetic items are available, including 11 skins. Three epic skins, eight legendary skins, and fresh dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte.

A Blast From The Past

Seasonal content from last year is returning! If your collection is missing for instance Witch Mercy or Summer Games Zarya, you can add them to your collection during the anniversary. If you missed the Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games and Lunar New Year, now's your chance. Seasonal game modes will also return, Lucioball, Junkenstein and Yeti Hunt. On top of that, Overwatch Retribution and Uprising will also return. Each day will feature another mode, a rotation system.

Deatmatch Competitive

Last year, Deathmatch mode featured three new maps: Necropolis, Black Forest, and Castillo. This year another one is being added to the rotation. The map we're talking about is Petra. On top of that, Chateau Guillard is also available, and that's one of the most intense maps out there if you ask us. Deathmatch will also be competitive, with competitive points rewards and ladders. And of course, we can give you a little push there. ;)

Anniversary Lootboxes

Just like before, anniversary gear will be featured in the anniversary loot boxes. By simply logging in, you get a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box that guarantees you one legendary item. If you purchase a bundle of 50 boxes, you will receive one more legendary loot box for free. We wish you luck and will pray to RNG gods for you so you can get the loot you really wanted last year! All in all, this year's anniversary is flooding with content and we love it!

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