When Does Overwatch Season 12 Start?

Just like each previous season, the off-season period is 3 days, which makes the new season start exactly 3 days after the previous one has ended.
Therefore, Overwatch's Season 12 will start on September 1st 2018, 1 AM GMT (2 AM CET). For our American users, Season 12 starts on August 31st, at 5 PM PT.

When Does Overwatch Season 12 End?

Each Overwatch season lasts for about 2 months, therefore Season 12 will end on October 29th, 1 AM GMT (2 AM CET). For American players, on October 28th at 5 PM PT.

Season 12 Changes

- New Map: BUSAN will be added throughout the Season 12. Map situated in South Korea where players battle for control accross three locales within one map: Sanctuary, Downtown and MEKA Base.

Season 12 Rewards

  • Bronze - 65 Competitive Points
  • Silver - 125 Competitive Points
  • Gold - 250 Competitive Points
  • Platinum - 500 Competitive Points
  • Diamond - 750 Competitive Points
  • Master - 1200 Competitive Points
  • Grandmaster - 1750 Competitive Points

Can you boost me to Top 500 In Season 12?

Yes, we can! Visit our Top 500 product page and customize your order.

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