Hey everyone! Today I’m going to summarize all the info regarding Overwatch Summer Games in 2021, including the start and end date, skins, changes and Lucioball ranked mode!

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

What Are Overwatch Summer Games?

It’s a recurring event that’s been going on for 5 years now and usually kicks off in July. It’s like a virtual version of the summer Olympics. It usually features a variety of skins, challenges, and even a ranked mode of Lucioball.

When Do Overwatch Summer Games Start in 2021?

The Summer Games start on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021.

When Do Overwatch Summer Games End in 2021?

The event will last for 3 weeks, lasting until Tuesday, August 10th, 2021.

Overwatch Summer Games Skins

Every year we get three Epic skins and five Legendary skins, and a bunch of different summer games-themed cosmetics.

For 2021, Symmetra is getting a new Legendary skin that features a mermaid theme. Ashe is getting a beach-themed skin that also transforms BOB and Mei is getting an ice-cream seller themed skin.

Summer Games Weekly Challenges

In order to unlock the Legendary skins, you will need to complete three sets of weekly challenges. The drill is usual.

  • Play 9 games - Get a player icon

  • Play 18 games - Get a spray

  • Play 27 games - Get a legendary skin

This will repeat for three weeks so make sure not to skip a week in order to get a new Legendary skin each week.

Lucioball Boosting in 2021

Now onto the part where we, professional Overwatch boosters shine. The Lucioball ranked mode is once again back, being played on three stadiums, Busan Stadium, Sydney Harbour Arena, and Estádio das Rãs.

There will be 10 placement games that you need to complete to get placed in your SR skill level and a Top 500 Lucioball ladder. Rewards include valuable competitive points used for golden guns, a spray, and of course an icon for those who place in the Top 500.

  • Bronze: 40 CP

  • Silver: 75 CP

  • Gold: 150 CP

  • Platinum: 300 CP

  • Diamond: 450 CP

  • Master: 750 CP

  • Grandmaster: 1000 CP

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