Hey lads! Our Overwatch boosting team finally got an official confirmation from Blizzard on the Overwatch Season 1 end date and the Overwatch Season 1 rewards.

Overwatch Season 1 End Date

Season 1 will officially be completed on Wednesday, August 17 at 5:00 p.m. PT.

Overwatch Season 1 Rewards

overwatch placement matches icon

  • For only completing placement matches, you will get a basic Spray and a Player Icon.
  • For entering Top 500 at ANY point in the Season on your platform and region, and even if you dropped out of it, you will get a Top 500 Icon and Animated Spray. You can get the current SR required for Top 500 on our Overwatch boosting page.

top 500 overwatch icon

You will also get Competitive Points for achieving certain ranks (You usually get 1 CP per 1 win)
  • SR 0-39: 10 CPs
  • SR 40-45: 20 CPs
  • SR 46-49: 40 CPs
  • SR 50-52: 60 CPs
  • SR 53-55: 80 CPs
  • SR 56-59: 120 CPs
  • SR 60-64: 200 CPs
  • SR 65+: 300 CPs
You can use those CP's to buy Golden Weapon skins.

overwatch golden weapons

Stay tuned, we'll inform you about the Overwatch Season 2 start date as soon as we know more. There's a 2 week offseason period after Season 1 ends. So we're expecting Season 2 to start early September.

Until then, take a peak at our Overwatch Tier List and see what to play in order to maximize win rates.

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