Hello, today I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I’ll explain the recent changes with Competitive Open Queue that you need to know.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

When Does Overwatch Open Queue Season 2 End?

Season 2 ends on July 2nd, 2020 at the same time as the normal competitive season. The third Open Queue season will start immediately after and will last longer.

How Does Open Queue work?

You will start the season with 10 placement games that need to be completed just like in normal competitive mode. Your hidden matchmaking-rating is taken from your Season 1 Open Queue tier or if you haven't played, normal competitive mode.

Just like the name suggests, there is no role queue here, everyone queues up without a pre-selected role and can pick anything without any restrictions.

Open Queue Season 2 will last for around 2 weeks, Season 3 that will be available immediately afterward is here to stay and will probably last as long as the regular competitive season.

Open queue also features a Top 500 ladder, end of season rewards in forms of sprays and Competitive Points rewards that stack with the CP rewards you get from normal competitive mode, meaning, that's twice the amount of CP you can now get to purchase your sweet Golden weapons!

Make sure not to forget about the 6000 CP cap, ergo, if you save 6000 CPs, you will not receive more CPs for winning games, but you will still receive the end of season competitive points.


  • Bronze - 40 CP
  • Silver - 75 CP
  • Gold - 150 CP
  • Platinum - 300 CP
  • Diamond - 450 CP
  • Master - 750 CP
  • Grandmaster - 1000 CP

You will also receive a spray and a player icon for participating. For the best of the best, there's a Top 500 ladder that will reward you a Top 500 spray and a player icon.

Overwatch Open Queue boosting

We are also doing Open Queue boosting just like the normal comp. Head to our skill rating boosting page to buy skill rating boosting, or placement matches boosting page to buy placement matches with a win-rate guarantee for each tier.

Don't miss out on these sprays and tonnes of competitive points.

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