Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Overwatch’s new competitive arcade mode called No Limits. No Limits has actually been in the game as an arcade mode but this is the first time it got a competitive season. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

What Is Overwatch’s No Limits Mode?

It’s essentially the exact same mode as the normal comp, however, you can stack up heroes, for instance, nothing is stopping you from playing 6 Winstons or 6 Reinhardts.

When Does No Limits Season End?

We don’t have a specific date but these arcade seasons usually last for 3 weeks, therefore, a reasonable end date is on December 9th, 2020.

No Limits Rewards

  • Bronze - 40 CP
  • Silver - 75 CP
  • Gold - 150 CP
  • Platinum - 300 CP
  • Diamond - 450 CP
  • Master - 750 CP
  • Grandmaster - 1000 CP

You will also receive a spray and a player icon for participating. For the best of the best, there's a Top 500 ladder that will reward you a Top 500 spray and a player icon.

Overwatch No Limits Boosting

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Happy hunting!

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