Hey everyone, the new Lucioball season is here and it brings a new unranked mode as well. This is the fourth season of Lucioball, or you can call it Lucioball 2020 if you don’t prefer remembering the seasons.

Since I often boost in Lucioball, I need to be prepared for the new content, this is why I’m making this little guide for you as well.

The maps were updated too. Now, let’s dig in with more content!

When Does Lucioball Season 4 (2020) End?

The fourth season of Lucioball ends on August 26th, 2020.

New Mode Lucioball Remix

In this unranked mode, players play with 2 balls at once, and a third one appears periodically for bonus points. To summarize the other buffs:

  • Lúcio moves faster

  • Lúcio has faster cooldowns

  • Lúcio has faster cooldowns

  • Lúcio punch and boop are now partially affected by your facing, to improve ball control

  • Lúcio can crouch in the air to drop down to the ground

  • Added new custom game options for Lúcioball

Lucioball Ranked Mode

The ranked mode is also back this season with the usual 10 placement matches, skill rating progression and a Top 500 ladder.

The rewards are as usual in the form of a spray, icon and competitive points.

  • Bronze: 40 CP

  • Silver: 75 CP

  • Gold: 150 CP

  • Platinum: 300 CP

  • Diamond: 450 CP

  • Master: 750 CP

  • Grandmaster: 1000 CP

Now is a great time to rack up some CP for your favorite golden guns.

Overwatch Lucioball Boosting

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