Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about more tips & tricks for New World that I wish I knew before I reached level 60 that would have saved me a lot of time and frustration on the way.

Since I’m a professional New World booster here at Boosting Factory, I level up characters to 60 for my clients via our New World leveling service on a daily basis, so all of these tips help me level up faster as well. If you want to level up fast in New World as well, check out my guide.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. Repair all button won’t repair your inventory

You probably know by now about the repair all button that repairs all your gear, however, what you may not know is that it doesn’t repair items in your inventory, therefore, when you want to sell them at a trading post you won’t be able to until you repair them.

When you die, all items equipped and in your inventory take durability damage and need to be repaired. I’m sure game developers will add a button for this too, but for now, it is what it is.

2. Lock your items to avoid salvaging them

There’s a lot of gear in New World and the bags are quite big so you can add a lot of stuff. You may not want to salvage some items accidentally because then they’re gone, therefore, there’s a lock button that you can activate by holding your L key and then clicking on your item until a little lock appears.

3. You can only socket matching chain effect gems

What I mean by this, you may notice that you can’t add gems to certain items, the game won’t tell you why, but it’s because you can only attach for example a Fire gem to the same damage type item.

4. Cheaper way of transferring items between storages

The storage system is a bit rough because the same storage shed won't show your items in another city, so you have to pay quite a bit of gold to transfer your items if you want them immediately in the other city.

You can get around this by listing the wanted item on a trading post for a stupidly high price, then in the other city just go to the post and cancel the item, it will move to your current storage shed, voila, you only paid the listing fee.

This could also get “fixed” in the future, but for now, it works.

5. Loot all supply chests you see

The questing system is grindy hence why we offer leveling boosting here at Boosting Factory for people who simply don’t have time to play. However, so is the leveling of professions, therefore, whenever you see these chests, loot them and store your items at the storage shed.

It may seem insignificant now but trust me it will make a difference when you suddenly need all of these materials.

6. Keep your tuning orb materials

Just like tip #6, keep all your tuning orb materials, do not get rid of them! Early on, you’ll be getting a lot of them from side quests. That will eventually run out and you’ll need to craft your own to get back into dungeons.

Learn what goes into each orb and save those materials! As a side note, level up your stone cutting as well since you’ll need it for higher-level orbs.

7. Do not ignore gathering and refining professions

It might seem like a good idea to just rush through gathering and refining professions and level up to 60, but if you’re in it for the long run, do not ignore professions. I like the 1:2 rule, where I spend 1-hour gathering and crafting, and then 2 hours questing and clearing out Town Board quests.

This will also keep your Town Board updated giving you higher XP missions since they grow with your trade skills progress. Win-win. If you fail to do all this, you will have a painful leveling process of professions ahead of you once you reach 60.

8. Don’t save all the gold

I know you feel like gold is super valuable but it isn’t that much. Don’t be afraid to spend some gold to purchase requirements for Town Board quests which will supercharge your leveling. You can probably stretch 5-10K gold for a while.

Don’t go on a spending spree but feel free to spend some gold while maintaining a few thousand balance at all times.

9. Cooking grants decent XP

It’s not really intuitive but it really grants some decent XP while the ingredients aren’t expensive. Cook the highest level rations you have and enjoy the XP. Note that once you hit 200 Cooking since the XP is from leveling up the Cooking, your XP gains won’t be good anymore. So why not level up your Cooking while leveling up your character.

10. Don’t forget to do your faction missions

You might forget about these but you need to do your faction missions, not the little ones, I’m talking about the major ones like Ravager, Marauder etc. Those are found in your Journal in Side Stories. Unlocking these Faction tiers will give great gear, consumables, and more.

They don’t give as much XP but they need to be done! So just do them while leveling up your character instead of doing them later.

11. Don’t switch up your weapons non stop

Stick with your main two weapons and level them up, don’t change them until you reach maximum level 20. If you keep switching up weapons you’ll end up with underleveled weapons and be inefficient in battle.

Sure, if you really really want to switch a weapon while your main one is 10, that’s cool, but just don’t keep switching them up often.


Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you learned something new! Meanwhile, if you’re bored of leveling up, my colleagues and I can do it for you! Check out our New World leveling service and relax while your character level goes up hour by hour.

Happy hunting!

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