Hey everyone! Today I’m going to tell you about the Weapon Cases on Ashika Island in Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Season 2.

Since it’s my job as a professional CoD MW 2 booster to know this in order to exfil the cases for my clients on a daily basis, I will share the info with you so you can get it yourself!

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Ashika Island Weapon Cases

Find a Tsuki Castle Fortress Key or Hack the Wheelson.

In Ashika Island, unlike in Al Mazrah, the Tsuki Castle Fortress in the middle of the map will have the weapon cases and the boss Bombmaker who who drops them. To get in, you must meet one of the following two requirements:

Find a Tsuki Castle Fortress Key to get into the Tsuki Castle Fortress.

Destroy the Wheelson guarding Tsuki Castle and hack it to get security clearance to get into the fortress.

Keep in mind that hacking and destroying the Wheelson will be more dangerous because a Juggernaut will also be guarding Tsuki Castle. But this method will require less luck than having to find a Tsuki Castle Fortress Key while exploring Ashika Island.

To get into Tsuki Castle, use the key or the security pass.

You can get into the Tsuki Castle Fortress in the middle of Ashika Island with your new key or hacked security access. Be careful, because the fortress is the Bombmaker's home.

It is full of heavily armored enemies, booby traps, and sentry guns that shoot automatically. Break in and clean each room one at a time so you don't get overwhelmed.

To get the weapon case, you have to kill the bombmaker.

The new Bombmaker boss will be on the very top floor of the Tsuki Castle Fortress. Kill him there, or lure him down to the lower levels so you can shoot and move around more easily. When he is killed, the Ashika Island Weapon Case will fall from his body.

Note: Inside the Tsuki Castle Fortress, AI enemies with the same model will also appear. The Bombmaker will be hard to tell apart from these look-alikes, so watch for a weapon case to drop if the whole garrison comes after you.

Exfil With the Weapon Case to Get the Reward

Like with the other weapon cases, you and your squad will have to successfully escape with the case in order to get the rewards. Keep in mind that carrying the case will let enemy players know where you are on the map, so watch out for campers guarding the exfil.

Ashika Island Weapon Cases Rewards

With each exfil you will get the next reward for a total of 7 rewards.

1. Backup Plan (P890 Handgun Blueprint)
2. Aces (Emblem)
3. Full House (Calling Card)
4. Bear With Me (Weapon Sticker)
5. Triple Threat (Loading Screen)
6. Full House (Emblem)
7. Fight Night (TAQ-56 Assault Rifle Blueprint)

Ashika Island Weapon Cases Boosting in Season 2

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Happy hunting!

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