Warzone 2's third season has finally come out, and with it, a new group to work for in the DMZ mode that is like an extraction. The Redacted faction is shrouded in mystery—no one knows even what their real name is—but they still need work done, and it will be up to you to finish their new, difficult missions.

The Redacted group missions will also show you how to use some of the new features added to DMZ in the season three update. These include the new Secure Supplies Contract, improved Backpacks, and a lot more.

Here is a guide to each Redacted faction mission, how to finish it, and the shiny DMZ rewards you can get for doing Redacted's dirty work. In a mid-season release, you'll be able to do missions from Tiers 4 and 5.

All Redacted Missions And Tips for Completing Them

Redacted Tier 1

Upgraded Arsenal

You'll have to go dark to start the missions. For the Upgraded Arsenal mission, you have to find a shop and put a silencer on a gun. From there, you'll need to kill nine AQ or Cartel members with a suppressed weapon, and then use two suppressed weapons to get out of the mission.

You'll get 5,000 XP and the key to the Crane Control Room.


For this task, you'll need space in your pack. Fill your bag with an Electric Drill, a Gas Can, and a Golden Skull, and then trade them at a Buy Station on the map for a Secure bag to get the RAAL MG Contraband weapon and 5,000 more XP.

Cartel Investigation

With this Redacted party mission, you can get more XP and a Double XP Token. Find the Cartel in Hafid Port after you land in Al Mazrah. Kill five Cartel troops and take two Large Contraband Packages from Cartel-controlled land.

Well Supplied Soldier

Time to start writing. Get a Secure Supplies Contract when you send through one of the green contracts on your map. Then, find three Supply Boxes to finish the Contract. But you can't wait: You only have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to finish the Contract.

Unstoppable Force

For this tier one mission, you'll need to use one of the two trains on Al Mazrah to destroy three cars. You don't have to destroy all three at once. Just find a car, park it on the lines, and watch it go boom. You get the X12 Contraband Handgun and 5,000 XP when you destroy three cars.

Calling Card

It's time to go shooting. For the Calling Card task, you need to find Scavenger's calling cards on the bodies of three of his victims. His calling cards will have replaced the normal dog tags. After that, you'll know where he really is. Find him and kill him to finish the task and get the key to Sawah Hotel Room 302!

Zero Tolerance

You can only do the last tier one Redacted job after you've done five other tier one tasks. Head back to Hafid Port and pick up a Tactical Camera on the way. Once you're in Cartel land, use the Tactical Camera's Camera menu to mark a Cartel member, then head to the Sattiq Cave Dead Drop.

It's highly watched, but if you can get to the Drop, pick up the Cartel Recon Report, and then leave the deployment without being caught, the mission will be done.

Redacted Tier 2

In Good Health and Spirits

The Revive Pistol is a special piece of gear that is needed for the first tier two Redacted task. These can be found in the field, or you can Barter for one.

You won't use this on your friends, though. To finish this mission, you'll need to use the Revive Pistol to bring back to life an enemy. After that, it might be a good idea to finish them off again.

Smoking Gun

For this Redacted group mission, you will need three Smoking Gun Keys in particular. To finish this job, clear out the Al Mazrah International air traffic control tower, the city post office, and the U.S. Embassy. You will get more XP and the Sattiq Poppy Farm Key as a prize.

Reconnaissance By Fire

Use the Kastov 762 assault gun to kill AQ and Cartel enemies at different distances for this faction task. Each gun sight—the DF105 Reflex Sight, the VLK 4.0 Optic, and the DrexSom Prime-90 Thermal Optic—needs seven kills.

After you finish the kill mission, you can get your very own Contraband Kastov 762.

Dark Water

Hope you brought your clothes, because this mission will take place underwater, so you'll need a rebreather. Once you have your rebreather, go to the "eastern-most sunken ship" in E8 on your map and dive into the middle of the ship.

Pick up the Cartel Warehouse Key, which will be glowing blue, and then leave. In your next game, go to Hafid Port, sneak into the Cartel Warehouse in the middle of town, and take the Las Almas Laptop from the corner shelves. The job is done when you get out.

Flight Risk

At this point, the only way out is by air. You'll need some Heavy Chopper Fuel to finish Flight Risk. You can find it around the airport or on the cargo train. Then, find the Heavy Chopper and fill it up with fuel. This will take some time, so be ready to fight your way off of Al Mazrah.

Once it's full of fuel, hop in and fly to the edge of the map to finish your exfil and the task. You'll get 7,500 XP and a Double Weapon XP Token for your efforts.


You must start this job by yourself. You can get a Contraband TAQ-V Battle Rifle by sneaking into Al Mazrah alone and buying a Personal Exfil from a Buy Station. Then, find another player in the same mission and use your Personal Exfil to escape with them.

Left High And Dry

Like the tier one task Zero Tolerance, you can't start this mission until you've finished five tier two Redacted missions. You can start this quest on any DMZ map and get a Skeleton Key.

The next step of the job has to be done on Al Mazrah, so get out of there if you have your key somewhere else. Jump into Al Mazrah and use your Skeleton Key to go to the Akhdar Village. The building you want is to the northwest of the village's center. Use your key to get into the room, take the Dossier, and leave to finish the task.

dmz redacted faction

Redacted Tier 3

Friendly Fire

Will you be able to stay in the house when it gets hot? For the first tier three task, you'll need to find the Pyro Commander and kill him. In order to do this, you'll need to kill three of his guards with fire, like Molotov cocktails or exploding barrels.

Gear Up

Time to really fill up. To finish Gear Up, you must fully equip three Active Duty workers. Put on a big bag, a 3-Plate Carrier, a durable gas mask, a self-revive, and any Killstreak. You'll get 10,000 XP and a City Hall Hideout Key for your work.

Double Cross

Off to Ashika Island, where you have to find the Bombmaker and get his signature Crossbow for this task. You'll get more XP and the Research Center Room Key if you take the Crossbow to any Dead Drop on the island, drop it, and then leave.

Rain And Hellfire

Get up in the air. You'll need to get on a Heavy Chopper for this Redacted task. From there, it's time to go AC-130 all the way. Kill 5 Cartel or Al Qatala troops with Launchers from the Heavy Chopper, then kill an Operator or Juggernaut, and then blow up two Vehicles. A Contraband Taq-V and an extra 10,000 XP are up for grabs.

One Shot, One Kill

For this task, you'll have to get on one of the trains, so get ready to fight. Fight your way to the train, then fight your way through it, and then drill the safe to get the Train Manifest.

Use a Secure Backpack to get the Manifest, then go to Ashika Island and find a Buy Station. Trade the Manifest for an MCPR-300 Sniper Rifle. You'll get a cool badge and more XP as a prize.

Fair Fight

This is best done with one or two other people. You'll need to get a tool from an Operator who is fighting against you. Find and finish a Hunt mission, then take the enemy's weapon. This is the best way to deal with this part.

Keep the tool, because you'll need it to find the Scavenger and kill it. Get a Double XP Token by killing the miniboss.


Again, you can't start the last tier three job until five of the first six have been finished.

Drop into Al Mazrah and go straight south of Al Mazrah City at G3. You should use a zip line to get to the roof of one of the bigger buildings, where there are shade sails and a metal stairs. The Sniper Team's Note is under the stairs.

Find the message and read it, then go to the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop and take the three tracking devices out of there. From there, you'll need to put the tracking devices in the three caves.

Back in Al Mazrah City, the first bunker is to the southeast of the house with the rifle nest. Go into the bunker, find the orange arrows on the wall, and put the tracker next to them. The second tracker needs to be put in the bunker under the bridge, just southeast of Taraq Village. The third tracker will finally be put down in the middle of Rohan Oil, under the train tracks.

Once all the trackers are in place, the job is done, and you'll get the Shadow Warrior Operator skin and a huge 20,000 XP.

DMZ Redacted Mission Boosting

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