The largest content drop in Call of Duty history, as the guys from EA like to say, has dropped today. It truly features a nice sum of content.

In order for you not to get lost in all the additions, I will write down everything you need to know about Modern Warfare’s Season 1 and it’s Battlepass.

Let’s start with the start and end dates.

When did CoD Modern Warfare Season 1 start?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Season 1 started on December 3rd, 2019.

When does CoD Modern Warfare Season 1 end?

Modern Warfare’s Season 1 ends on February 4th, 2020.

New Maps Added

3 new maps were added, one for Ground War and two for Gunfight. The new Gunfight maps are Atrium and Cargo, while the new Ground War map is Port.

And old-new map called Crash from Modern Warfare 4 is also added with a little twist. They will, later on, add two more CoD MW 4 maps called Vacant and Shipment.

New Game Modes

Three game modes will be added, while one is already in the game.
  • Reinforce (Launch day) - This game mode is a combination of Search & Destroy and Domination. You only have one life and you’re competing for three flags. Taking a flag will respawn all your allies, but if you all die it’s a lost game. Taking all three flags at once will also win you a game.

  • Infected (Will be added) - One of those “zombie” modes. You need to fight against infected enemies that have a knife and their goal is to convert living players to zombies. Your goal is only to survive.

  • Gunfight O.S.P. (Will be added): O.S.P. stands for On-Site Procurement. It’s very similar to standard Gunfight mode, but you start the game without weapons or equipment. You need to loot the items throughout the map similar to other battle royal games like Apex Legends and complete your loadout to defeat the enemy team.

New Spec-Ops Missions

They plan to add five more missions, with one already added.

  • Operation Just Reward (Launch day)

  • Operation Strongbox (Will be added)

  • Pitch Black (Will be added)

  • Grounded (Will be added)

  • Bomb Squad (Will be added)

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CoD Modern Warfare Season 1 Battlepass

The new Battlepass in basic version costs 1000 CP and most of you already have that from the launch of the game unless you’ve spent it. If you level up the Battlepass on time before the season ends you will earn back enough to buy a Season 2 Battlepass for free (no additional real money payments).

The Bundle Battlepass costs X and it allows you to skip 20 tiers instantly. Those who buy a Battlepass will unlock a new operator called Mara instantly.

You can also buy the whole Battlepass immediately with all tiers unlocked for 14850 points, which will cost you around 125 USD.

New Weapons

New cod modern warfare weapons Two new CoD Modern Warfare weapons have been added, an assault rifle RAM-7 and LMG Holger-26. You unlock RAM-7 at Tier 15 and Holger-26 at Tier 31. You do not need a Battlepass to unlock these weapons. We can level the weapons up for you easily or get you the desired camos in no time.

Officer Progression Reset

Everyone’s Officer Rank progression has been reset (Back to level 55) and you can now again progress through 55-155 and unlock more Ribbons on the way!

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Final words

I hope you enjoyed my little summary of the CoD Modern Warfare Season 1. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section below. Good luck in Season 1!

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