Hey everyone! After we announced the new LoL champion Akshan it’s time to make a guide for him now that we can play him on live servers.

I’m a professional LoL booster here at Boosting Factory, therefore, it’s my job to know the game inside out, including all the champions, especially the new ones so I can play with them and counter them when needed. That’s why I’m going to share some of my knowledge with you.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Akshan Runes

First, let’s cut it short and tell you the runes I prefer at the moment. This could of course change, so take a look at Mobafire or some similar site in case a new rune setup is now meta. However, the rest of this guide such as tips and strategy will remain viable at all times, so do not skip it.

  • PRECISION: Press The Attack, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Coup De Grace

  • SORCERY: Celerity, Gathering Storm

  • BONUS: Offense (+10% Attack Speed), Flex (+9 Adaptive Force), Defense (+6 Armor)

Akshan Items

You want to run the Immortal Shieldbow > Berserker’s Greaves > The Collector or Essence Reaver > Infinity’s Edge > Lord Dominik’s Regards > Guardian Angel. For the other viable Mythic items, Galeforce and Kraken Slayer work too.

Akshan Abilities

Passive - Dirty Fighting

Akshan’s passive makes him do 2 auto attacks in one, after his first one, his second auto-attack does 50% more damage and 100% against minions, however, if he cancels the second auto attack with an ability or movement, for example, he gets a short burst of movement speed which is mostly used for kiting enemies by simply doing AA > Run > AA > Run.

His second part of the passive is a 3 hit passive similar to Gnar, where he applies stacks to an enemy with each auto-attack that last up to 5 seconds, where the third stack consumes them all and does magic damage, and if the target is a champion, Akshan also gets a shield for 2 seconds.

Q - Avengerang

His Q makes him throw a boomerang in a straight line like Gnar that hits and goes through enemies and then comes back applying the same effects and damage. It reveals all enemies for 1 second and extends it range every time it hits an enemy. If the boomerang hits a champion, Akshan gets a bonus movement speed over 1 second.

You will mostly use this ability to poke the enemy champ through the minion waves. It’s also worth noting that each boomerang hit on the champion will apply 1 stack of the passive, so if you hit them twice, that’s two stacks and then your third auto-attack will proc the passive.

W - Going Rogue

Akshan’s W is a two-part ability. His first passive one allows him to “mark” enemies that kill your allies as Scoundrels, then once Akshan kills a scoundrel he gets bonus gold, and all the allies that were killed by the Scoundrel and are now dead, will be resurrected immediately in the base. After that triggers, all other Scoundrel marks are removed.

This ability allows Akshan to roam like an assassin to farm more gold and help allies by resurrecting them, however, you must be careful not to get trapped or killed by doing this, or waste too much time chasing a Scoundrel.

The active part of the ability allows him to become camouflaged and see trails of Scoundrels while gaining movement speed and mana regen. The camouflage lasts for a short duration or indefinitely when he’s near terrain. Definitely used for ganking and flanking.

E - Heroic Swing

Akshan can fire a hook shot to the nearby terrain and then recast it to start swinging in the direction you were moving. While swinging you fire shots to the first nearby enemy. Pressing it again for the third time disengages from the hook and fires the final shot.

This ability is used both defensively and offensively. Defensively if you’re trying to escape and avoid skillshots, while offensively when trying to close a gap between you and the Scoundrel. This ability will take time to master and learn all the ways it can be used and on which positions. It will also reset the cooldown if you get a takedown while using it.

R - Comeuppance

Akshan begins channeling bullets for a medium time duration, after it channels up he unloads the burst onto an enemy. Because the duration is long, Akshan can move normally during the channel or use the E ability to kite and avoid damage while channeling his ult.

However, you can get interrupted so make sure to time the ult well not to end up just being interrupted with a wasted ult. It can also be bodyblocked by pretty much everything so you want to make sure the line of sight is clear, you can also Flash or simply reposition yourself by moving during casting. It’s also worth noting that you get true sight just like Caitlyn does when ulting, for example, to reveal Akali.

Main Combos

1. The most basic combo is the Autoattack + Q or Q + Autoattack to proc your passive.

2. A more advanced version is the Q + autoattack + E which will result in two procs. One from Q + autoattack and another from the E shots. If you do the E well you will also escape and get out unscathed.

3. An even bigger combo is E + autoattack + Q + autoattack. You use the E to engage and close the gap and get a proc and fully commit to the fight.

4. Lastly, the ult combo is W > autoattack > Q > autoattack > E > R. With W you approach the enemy in stealth and catch him offguard, AA > Q > AA > with E you move a bit away while doing damage, cancel E, and use the ult.

Akshan Tips

1. Be careful because Akshan has no CC, so any targets that can jump on you and stick on you (Pantheon, Rengar…) are going to destroy you.

2. You can sometimes use your ultimate just to reveal the enemy target such as Akali during the channel so your team can finish her off if someone is bodyblocking.

3. Feel free to use your Q to farm.

4. While you can be a ganker and an assassin with your W’s passive, do not waste time chasing kills that aren’t happening.

5. Practice getting a feel for your AA range and your Q range so you know the max distance you can safely farm and poke from without getting destroyed by Pantheon and similar champs.

6. You can get CC’d during your E swing. Also, avoid fighting in tight spaces because then your only escape ability becomes useless.

Final Words

Thank you for reading my Akshan guide! I hope you learned something and I wish you luck in your games with Akshan.

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