Hello lads! Our lol elo boost team is here again talking about supports. As you all know in the preseason the most important lane is the bot lane, since ad carries were revamped and now truly feel like “carries” that can win the game alone - this means that picking the right support is even more important.

During our duo queue boost sessions, many players start tilting already in champion select, especially if they are stuck playing support because they are the last pick. Well, this guide will help you choose the best support for every occasion, emphasizing the strengths or reducing the weaknesses of every team composition. So without further ado, let’s take a look what our lol boosting team has to say.

In the preseason, games are really, really snowbally, meaning that a single mistake at level 2 can bring a great advantage to the enemies, and this is even more true for the botlane, since there are four champions in the same lane, constant attention from the jungler, the mid laner and the occasional teleport from top. If you want to minimize your mistakes, pick the right support. Our lol elo boost team divided them in different categories:

Anti-Assassin Supports

If you already played LoL in season 3, you already know that every time that AD carries are strong, assassins rise in popularity. It’s logic: a fed Miss Fortune will still disappear after three seconds alone with a Talon. No matter how fed a marksman is, assassins can still blow him up (if he plays correctly). That’s why it’s very common to see ad carries pick up an early QSS nowadays, but we are forgetting about an important factor: the support, and according to our elo boost team the king of the bot lane right now is Tahm Kench.

Tahm Kench can instantly save an out of position adc with his W, devouring them to safety. As long as he stays back in the lane, ganking bot is almost impossible. On top of that, his E makes him really tanky, and he has good damage with his Q and R passive. He excels in aggressive lanes but is also great with more passive ad carries: we have all seen the terror of the Jinx-Tahm Kench bot lane at worlds #UnbenchTheKench

If the enemies are wise and decided to ban our adorable frog, another great choice is Janna, which excels in kiting compositions and is great at countering hard engages from the enemy team. On the other hand, if the enemies comp relies on AP mages or assassins, according to our lol boosting team Morgana is another good pick. Her Q is excellent to catch enemies out of position, her flash-ultimate combo is a decent engage (and an excellent counter engage), but her game-changing ability is her E, since the Black Shield can basically deny every crowd control, saving your ad carries from bad situations.

Anti-High priority target

If the enemy has a team composition revolving around a single high priority target (a late-game ad carry like Jinx or Vayne), your best choice should be more aggressive playmaking support. Right now, Alistar is insanely strong, because he offers a great engage with his WQ combo, and if an enemy is too close to his towers in lane landing a Flash - Q - W into the tower combo means a free kill. On top of that, his R makes him extremely tanky, making him a tier-one champion according to our elo boosting team.

Another great choice is Leona, that offers decent tankiness and an AoE ranged stun with her ultimate. If the win condition of each time is killing the enemy ad carries, these two guys may be decisive.

FOTM Support

Finally, we decided to dedicate an entire category to a single champion. You already guessed it: Soraka. Our resident sleep.. unicorn is incredibly powerful right now, because of the new masteries and the Grievous Wounds changes.

She can probably fit into any single team composition, and can win any matchup in the bot lane. During our duo queue boost sessions, we recommend to pick her whenever possible. She is perfect with passive ad carries, as she can simply spam heals ensuring that her lane partner farms safely. She is also good in more aggressive lanes, because she can simply refill the health bar of her ad carries while he trades 2vs1.

The only weakness of Soraka is that she can’t heal herself, so if she gets focused in a fight, is game over. Having perfect positioning is important when playing Soraka, unless you enjoy seeing the grey skin. The other “con” is that she really falls off late game, but come on, in this new patch most games will end before the 30-35 minutes mark, so the late game will be a dream (or a nightmare, depending on the points of view) most of the time.

This ends our article. If you like our content, check our site in the next few days for more guides about how to survive during the preseason!

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