Hello lads! Today our lol elo boost team will talk about a crucial topic: we will teach you how to ward and get vision control properly. During our endless duo queue boost sessions we noticed that, especially in lower elos, many players don’t place enough wards and don’t know where to place them. If you watch the competitive scene, you will notice how the pros ward in the same spots, because some areas require constant vision control - we are mainly referring to the dragon and the baron pits, but there are many other zones.

Vision Wards

According to our lol elo boosting team, getting two pinks around the dragon is a key priority in the early mid-game if the enemy team can contest the objective for many reasons.

First of all, you are denying vision to the enemies: if your enemies want to fight for the dragon buff, they will need to face check, giving you a great advantage. Second, clearing all the wards means that the enemy top laner will be forced to teleport in an unfavorable spot, either a turret or a ward in the jungle - you can take advantage of his bad positioning to flank him or start a fight 4vs5.

Remember that after the changes every player can only carry one pink ward, so coordination is very important. However for the early game having two pinks here is enough, since your top laner probably wants to ward his tri bush or river bush, and according to our lol boost team the jungler should ward a friendly buff or place a vision ward deep in the enemy jungle.

Let your ranged champions focus the green wards revealed in the area as soon as possible, reducing the possibility of a clean engagement from the enemies. Let them come at you without vision and try to take advantage of your superior positioning.

Stealth Wards

The stealth wards, usually called “green wards”, (while vision wards are the “pinks”) have a different purpose: they are used to spot the enemies and check their location. During the laning phase having a good ward coverage will keep you safe from ganks, and from the middle to the late game the vision control will help you making picks in the jungle. It will facilitate your rotations, giving you more map control in general.

Our elo boost team recommends you different specific ward location for the blue and the red side, however feel free to place wards even in other spots when you are not concerned about the dragon. You can (and should) place up to three wards on the map at the same time.

Wards For The Blue Side

With only three wards, you can basically control the whole bot side of the map. The river ward covers both the bush and the entire river’s opening, while the two wards in the jungle are useful to spot the enemy jungler while clearing a camp, keeping you extra safe from ganks. If you add the two pink wards around the dragon pit, you will be in the safest spot possible.

Keep in mind that even with the perfect vision coverage the enemy jungler can still surprise you. During our duo queue boost sessions we saw many bot laners overextending because of their vision control just to get ganked by a Lee Sin who used his W to bypass the wards. Never lose focus and try to track the jungler’s position.

Wards For The Red Side

These wards will give you a perfect vision ring behind the baron pit, preventing any attempt to steal. In the laning phase, they will prevent the most common ganking routes, but be aware of more creative paths! Having two pink wards is essential to complete this setup.

Warding the Baron Pit

After the twenty minutes mark, warding the baron area becomes a priority. Here our lol boosting team recommends a vision ring that mirrors the wards around the dragon. Keep in mind that the baron is an even more important objective, it deals more damage and it’s harder to kill, so we need deeper wards - unless you are super sneaky, the enemies will try to defend the baron, always.

With this set up you will always see the enemies coming to you, so you can anticipate their flanks and counter their engage. Remember to drop a pink ward in the baron pit for extra safety, and warding the top tri bush is also a good idea.

Situational Wards

Our elo boosting team has a lot of practice across every elo, and we reported the most useful warding locations. Anyway, we know that you can’t expect exceptional results warding always the same spots every game: you should adapt to the flow and the pacing of the game and change your wards accordingly.

For example, versus stealth-oriented junglers like Evelyn or Rengar green wards won’t be effective: try to place more vision wards or to place green wards deep in their jungle, so you can spot them doing a camp. Every game is different, and choosing where to ward should always depend on the game. But if you apply our tips you will understand why they are effective and if you should ward differently.

If you enjoy our content, check our site in the next days for more articles and guides about the 2016 pre-season.

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