Hey folks, today our LoL boost team will be discussing the best strategies for dealing with The Dragon. Now, the dragon is one of the main monsters in the game. It is the strongest jungle creature next to the infamous Baron Nashor. Our LoL boost team went over some Baron strategies and tips in a different article, so be sure to check it out too!

Over the past few years, the Dragon has been changed aesthetically and statistically multiple times. However, it still stands as a powerful piece in the Summoner’s Rift puzzle that needs to be discussed. Engaging Dragon can make a difference in a game, even if it is somewhat indirect in many cases. It can also lead to teamfights, since it is such a powerful objective. Deciding for or against dragon will help determine your fate as a team. After a duo queue elo boosting session, I came up with some questions to ask yourself and your team when strategizing over Dragon.

Are Your Middle and Bottom Lanes Doing Well?

During a LoL elo boosting session, I realized how important the mid and bot lanes are when deciding on whether or not to take Dragon. In many cases, it is not worth taking Dragon. Also, it is virtually impossible to solo Dragon unless you have a few rare team comps.

So, the fact is, you’re going to need some help taking Dragon. Look at your middle and bottom lane teammates to see if they are performing well. If they are pushing far and doing decent on kills, let them know you want them to help you take Dragon. If those teammates aren’t doing very well, either wait for them to play better or help them out in lane.

Bot lane is a bit more important than mid since there are two teammates down there that can help you out. Getting those two to come with you to Dragon will usually yield a sufficient amount of power to take down the dragon. If the middle lane is doing poorly, but the bottom lane is doing great, it’s really your call on Dragon. Mid is far away from Dragon, but would leave you somewhat vulnerable. You could potentially try for a gank on one of the lanes to free up some safe space. Although this tip is very simple and somewhat obvious, it extremely essential for LoL elo boosting.

Be Aware of the Enemy Jungler

The enemy jungler is a key aspect to consider when taking Dragon. He could easily change which team obtains the Dragon in the end. If the opponent jungler is spotted near top lane, Dragon should be secure. However, if he is spotted near Dragon, it’s never a good idea to go for it. You should probably just leave the Dragon and wait for a better time to engage it.

However, this option may give the enemy team a chance to take it themselves. An alternative, the riskier option is to force a fight at the Dragon area. In a duo queue elo boosting session, I found it better to force a fight when on the blue side because of the wall blocking the enemy team. The most difficult, but the ingenious option is to hunt down and assassinate the enemy jungler. If you place several wards around the jungle, you should be able to spot him at some point. Taking a teammate with you would be advantageous, but confidence helps too.

The top laners are usually pretty insignificant but still may play a part in Dragon taking. If they have teleport abilities, they could get to the Dragon fight very quickly. Also, if they are near mid, the same could easily occur. Be sure to have map awareness at all times, especially during a duo queue boost.

What’s the Worst Possible Outcome?

This requires being a pessimist but is well worth the bad attitude. Evaluate everyone on both teams by looking at their mana levels and judging if Dragon could kill off your team. Also, try to guess how long it would take to get Dragon down, and the same for the other team. Keep wards around at all times to help you make these difficult decisions. All of these choices are situational, so I cannot help you directly in making the final verdict. However, putting these questions into perspective and applying them to your game will help you make the right choice in a duo queue boost. Keep this information in mind, and your team will ride The Dragon to victory.

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