Hello lads, and happy holidays! Our relentless LoL elo boost team is always on duty (just like our favourite scout), and today will talk about the most common mistakes. We analyze hundred of games during our duo queue boost sessions, and we often see the same errors in our games.

Of course, in high elo there are fewer mistakes, but we often see the same kind of deaths across all the elo - that’s why we decided to make a guide to minimize your mistakes. Of course, it’s easier to learn from your own mistakes, but it’s wiser to learn from the others. If you want to improve at the game without failing yourself, go ahead and read our guide!

Overextending Too Much

Our elo boost team already talked about this topic, but it’s so important that we have to repeat it. Don’t get excited after a solo kill in the lane, or after a team fight, but always keep the death timers and the jungler’s position in mind. And even in the lane, don’t push too much if you don’t have a vision of the enemies - blaming your jungler for not counter ganking falls under the “Blaming or Flaming” category, and you already know how bad is that.

On top of that, there is what I call “the diamond test”, the most common mistake up to Diamond 1. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: you just pushed down the first inhibitor tower and proceed to take the inhibitor while the enemies are at a number disadvantage or are too weak to fight. And what happens? Everyone keeps chilling in the enemy base clearing minions or trying to damage the Nexus tower without super minions or power to do so.

The correct play is to simply recall and heal - as easy as that. You can run with the homeguard and take/defend/bait baron while the enemies are dealing with super minions in their base, you can get a dragon, clear their jungler, get their buffs or take an inner/middle tower, but you are gonna need to base for that. Refill your health bars, spend your hard-earned gold, and get ready.

When we see one of our client doing this mistake during our duo queue boost sessions, we ask only one question, simple as that: “Hey, what are you trying to get with this push?”. That’s enough to make them understand that this is a bad play, but as I said, everyone up to Diamond 1 does this.

Blaming or Flaming

Ok, this is probably the most common mistake across every elo.. and probably for every MOBA or online game in general. Flaming your teammates, blaming Riot’s stupid balance, or the servers for lagging won’t help you at all. Everyone has bad days, but according to our LoL boosting team if you want to win your games you should try to control your emotions.

It’s hard, I know it, and if you play to let the stress go away, I feel you. I’ve done it myself for years. When I had bad days IRL, playing a video game was my only escape, and I used to rage a lot at my teammates, at myself, and at that stupid CJ for not following the train. However, when I started playing LoL seriously and joined our LoL elo boost team, I realized that flaming will only make you lose more games.

Making passive-aggressive comments won’t improve your allies' performance. If they are already in tilt mode, don’t make things worse! Try to say something positive, or just don’t say anything at all - just ask if they need help. If you are being flamed, don’t flame back - mastering the ignore button is the real key to climb the ladder. Plus Riot’s tribunal system is terrible and chat/ranked restrictions are a pain, so why would you want that?

Tunnel Vision

Map awareness is your best friend in solo queue. The fastest way to reduce your deaths revolves around this idea: before doing anything, LOOK AT THE MAP! If you are chasing an enemy for more than four seconds, take a glance at the map and consider if his allies are going to collapse on you. I mean, if he has more movement speed than you, he won’t become suddenly slower. Just give up and do something useful.

According to our LoL boosting team, a good rule of thumb is to look at the minimap every three seconds. Easier said than done, but believe, your Elo will raise so fast you will come here to thank me.

Poor target choice, or as I like to say, “Should I hit the Mundo or not?”

Ok, this is the most controversial point on the list for a good reason. This mistake is probably the hardest to fix since we can’t really give you a quick rule of thumb - you are going to need your own judgment here.

In general, the tank should be your last priority in a team fight, since their duty is to soak damage. Heck, even the support usually is more important as most supports have a lot of utility in their kit (supports like Leona/Alistar and so on fall under the “tank” category), so, as long as you can, you should try to focus the enemy carries.

However, you saw a question mark starting this paragraph. According to our elo boosting team, focusing the tank isn’t always a poor choice if attacking someone else means putting yourself in a bad position. This is especially good for squishy ad carries: your priority should be “staying alive while dealing damage”, not “walking through the enemy front line to hit their carry”. If you think that you can safely attack a priority target, do it and feel proud. But if the enemy tanks are too scary to ignore, there is no shame in focusing a tank.

This ends our article. If you like our content, check again our site in the next few days for more guides and articles about how to survive in the preseason!

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