Hey there all! Today our LoL Boost squad will be taking out how to get the most out of Viktor.


Let’s be honest, even though he often ranks high on our LoL Tier List, Viktor is a very hard champion to play. But even with this in mind, if you can wrap your head around how to make to most of him, eventually you can get Viktor cranking out consistent damage during the late game, alongside a strong laning game,making Viktor an excellent addition to any team as backed up by many players including our own LoL Elo boosting squad. However, to make the most of Viktor it probably will help to bear these tips in mind.

Masteries and Runes

First off we need to look at Runes and Masteries set up. Masteries are quite simple, if you feel confident going head-to-head or against assassins and other mages then you should be running assassin. The alternative here is to run biscuits if you’re not feeling so confident, or even if you just want safer laning. The only thing you need is Thunderlord’s as this will greatly aid your DPS and your ability to harass in lane.

The Runes in contrast are much trickier.

In general, our LoL boost team recommends 9x Magic Pen Marks, 3x AP Quints, 9x HP Scaling Seal, 3x MR Glyphs, and 6x Scaling CDR Glyphs, as this setup gives you a good standing in the midlane. But the more eagled eyed amongst you are probably wondering why on Earth are we suggesting running 6x Scaling CDR?! Well, it boils down to how little CDR your build path is gonna gain you, but we’ll touch more on this later.

Once you hit level 18, and the Scaling CDR starts pumping out at 10%, is when you’ll really start to feel the benefit with nice scaling throughout the game. But the main point to take here is that CDR is vital to a strong Viktor play kit as it is imperative.

Your other option for your rune setup is more straightforward with 6x Scaling CDR for 6x MR Glyph’s totaling 9 MR Glyph’s and 12 MR to start the game, but really it’s best to try both setups and go with whichever you feel most comfortable with.


Itemization is extremely important factor that the brainboxes in our LoL boosting team stress we can’t ignore as whilst your starting items are somewhat bog-standard, in the late game the right item setup can give you a huge power advantage.

For easier laning in the early game you can opt for a Negatron Cloak, but for the most part, going for your first Hex Core upgrade should be your main goal as this will allow you to harass and wave clear much easier. After picking up your first Hex Core you should then have a look at boots to boost Viktor’s mobility and CDR.

The next major power spike comes as we start to build Rylai’s. Rylai’s brings great synergy with your ultimate’s bonus from your Perfect Hex Core, ultimately making sure that the delayed burst from your Death Ray is much harder for the enemy to avoid. The next items you follow are very much up to you and your own playstyle.

If you end up snowballing then look towards using a Lich Bane, to get the maximum benefit from your Siphon Power, or a Deathcap, which provides pure damage. Our LoL Elo boosting team also recommend that a Void Staff can also come in handy if your opponents are building MR, but make sure to follow this up with a Deathcap afterwards.


Looking at trade potential Viktor has one of the strongest levels 1-3. He can rely on his Gravity Field early on to avoid ganks whilst the burst potential with Thunderlord’s is extremely effective in the early game.

But as our LoL boosting squad knows all too well to really make the most of him you need to be leveling you E and Q, in either order, to team this up with Thunderlord’s. If you pushing for heavy early wave clear matchups then opt for E first, but it’s almost always better to go with Q initially when we consider the mana it costs to cast your E.

Reaching level 2 before your opponent can make or break your game. If you are lucky enough to make it there first you’ll be able to make the most of your combos to put the pressure on them without them really being able to respond.

However, in essence, Viktor is a control mage so avoid getting into any 1-on-1 tussles unless you are certain you’re gonna win. Stick to what he does best instead, aka focus on his wave clearing potential, force your enemies to either sacrifice waves or stay in lane.

The only downside is that with Viktor you can’t really roam as freely as you may want to. You’ll instead have to look out for the moment to move after you’ve done dealing your damage and whilst others are distracted.

Trading Combos

Depending on how your opponent is playing then you’ve got two trading combos you can optimize.

First off, you can opt to open with your E and then switching to your Q and Auto Attack as this will give your the Thunderlord’s protection and thus a good extra lump of damage potential. Plus, all the better, your Q will also grant you a shield fit enough to propel a few Minion auto-attacks or even an enemy laner, at least for a little while.

If that doesn’t take your fancy you can also flip this strategy and open with you Q. This option is generally the best route to go if your target has already been hit by the E first. This is because most people will try to retreat as soon as they get hit with an E, so using the additional range of your Q whilst they’re trying to back off, combined with that diddy shield which will protect you from their minions, proves a deadly and very effective combination.

But whilst all your E’s and Q’s are pretty sweet, don’t let your W go to waste. Using Viktor’s Gravity Field can let you cut off routes in and out to your lane AND also lets you chase down the peeps you are trying desperately to kill.

Bear in mind that this is not a foolproof plan as it’s not a guaranteed stun if you do manage to land a hit with the Gravity Field as your target as to remain inside the field’s effect for 1.5 seconds to be stunned. With that in mind, it’s a very good plan to place the Gravity Field behind you when enemies are chasing after you.

This ensures that when they first feel the effects they are not in the center of the field which reduces the time they have to react. This forces them to either back off or be stunned, which when we think about it is a pretty awkward decision to make under pressure. If worse comes worst, or you’re up against a strong melee champion, you can even drop your Gravity Field on top of you and stand inside it. Think of it as a very passive-aggressive way of telling the enemy to back the heck off.

Just keep in mind that your Gravity Field will cover near enough half the width of any lane you’re in. So you can use the field to force/funnel the enemy into certain areas and make them much easier to hit with your E.

Level 6 and beyond

By this time during the game, our Elo boost leaders recommend that you should have, at the very bare minimum, have unlocked your first Hex Core and at the very least a set of tier-one boots. But realistically you should be well on your way to the second tier upgrade to your Hex Core.

At Level 6 is where Viktor really comes out to play, and considering this it can be worth taking on a few riskier, aggressive trades to get there as long as you’re confident you can see them out. Your ultimate here drops an absolute tonne of damage so lay it down early on to get the maximum damage output, but controlling it can be a challenge admittedly.

If you click on your target with your ultimate active this will force it to lock on to said target; make sure you use this quirk to your own advantage. From here on you should have every covered. Just make sure that when you hit level 7 your E, along with the upgrades to the Hex Core, should be strong enough to knock out a backline of minions with little effort.

We hope you found this article useful, check our LoL Tier List that we regularly update to the latest meta.

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