As one of the oldest ADCs in League, Twitch has a very unique playstyle compared to other ADCs. He is a hybrid ADC, assassin but also inherits the power to hyper carry in team fights with proper positioning and timing. With good use of his Ambush and Spray and Pray, he can outplay anyone in the mid and late game. Our LoL boosting team loves playing him.

Early Game Strategy

Twitch has a weak early game due to his lack of burst (you won’t see the burst until you get Hurrican and IE), so avoid early team fights if possible. In the early game phase, take Contaminate at level 1 as your early trading skill, with the Deadly Venom stacks you can easily out-trade anyone at level one. However, if your team decides to invade or do a very early team fight, Ambush might be an option since it gives you a small burst in attack speed which will make you significantly stronger in early team fights.

In the laning phase, try to push the lane as fast as possible to reach level 2 first. If you find out they have a more aggressive composition or the enemy out-pushes you, try to focus more on poking instead, Twitch’s damage is insanely high if you have more stacks. Should you win the race tho, and the enemy bot lane goes passive to prevent being engaged on, you should try to freeze the lane and let the minions do their work. By doing that, whenever the enemy tries to last hit the minions, you walk up and poke them, thanks to Deadly Venom and Contaminate, you will out-trade him even he trades back.

When you reach level 3 or higher, if you had control over the lane, you can bully easily with your Contaminate and Venom Cask. With Venom Cask, it slows the enemy and gives you more time for auto-attacks. On the other hand, if you lose the early laning phase, the slow effect on Venom Cask can provide you time to get away from danger.

As you reach level 6, get in position and be ready to use Spray and Pray, the extra damage and range can provide you a few more extra shots when your enemy is trying to get out of range, and with the help of Contaminate, you can easily get a kill. When you become more familiar with this champion, like our ELO boosting team, by trying to stand in a line with multiple enemy champions, the penetration effect will deal equal damage to whoever steps in the line, and that is also the reason why twitch is one of the strongest hyper carries.

Mid Game Strategy

After the laning phase, you and your team should be diverting your focus to grouping and team fights. If you win your lane well and you end the laning phase earlier than your team, use your Ambush more often to help your team. In the early phase, no one will expect a Twitch early gank. On the other hand, if you lose your lane real bad, ask for help; let the enemy push the lane back, then go Ambush and gank your enemy, your enemy will not expect your Ambush when you are behind.

When sieging towers, as an ADC you have to deal as much damage as possible without dying, what is being said is that you can’t just walk up to the tower and auto-attack it, you have to kite the tower and always beware of the enemy’s positioning. It’s very likely you will get engaged if you are too close up with the enemy, especially in low ELO where your teams don’t have any teamwork and don't know how to protect you. Of course, our LoL boosting team will give you a hand at any time.

In mid-game team fights, your Spray and Pray will do a tremendous amount of damage. With the aid of Contamination, you can easily pick up kills. However, positioning is extremely important on Twitch, since you don’t have any gap-closing skills, one tiny mistake will most likely cause you to die, thus losing the team fight.

Late Game Strategy

In this stage, if you have played him properly like our ELO boost professionals, you should have the strongest DPS in the game. In late game, what you will be doing the most is grouping and teamfights.

As an ADC, there is one golden rule that always applies, hit the one who’s closest to you, don’t try to go over your tank and attack the squishies, even though Twitch can do that, it still takes a lot of skill and one perfect moment (more on this in the tips section!).

Remember to use Ambush before you start attacking, at this point, Ambush gives you an additional 50% attack speed, that is equivalent to having an extra item. In short-hand combat, always remember to kite your enemy as you don’t have any gap-closing skills that can distance yourself away from your enemy, the more health you have, the higher chance you are going to win the team fight.

Twitch Tips & Tricks

- Thanks to Ambush, Twitch is an ADC that can play like an assassin, meaning he snowballs very well and can be very oppressive when ahead, since in any given moment he can pop out of his stealth and kill you, so by winning the lane will make you an assassin. However, in early and mid-game you don’t burst like genuine assassins, so avoid other assassins if you see them. Our LoL boosting professionals can get away with it but they're masters at the game.

- In early game, always remember to use Contamination if you have 2 to 3 hits on the enemy, with Deadly Venom stacks you will always outtrade your enemy.

- In team fights, twitch is someone who can engage like a tank, what's said is that by proper timing and positioning, you can kill someone before they can even notice you or it’s too late that they have to flee. So how do you do that, the answer is getting a position that you can use Spray and Pray on multiple targets. In normal formations, tanks always go in the front and squishies stay at the back, what you have to do is let the enemy tank stay away from the squishies (when the enemy tank tries to engage your team), that leaves you a few seconds for you to do damage or even kill them before the tank heads back. If you are ahead in the game, it usually takes three to four shots to burst the enemy squishies, which you can kill before they can even react.

- Beware of pink wards, one pink ward will attract gunfire from the enemy team, so always beware of pink wards.

- Pay attention to last hits in early games, the damage from venom stacks might mess up your CS.

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