Hi lads! Today our LoL Elo Boosting team will be reviewing the top lane meta. Right now, tank tops are still back on the throne but it is not quite as simple as building a Sunfire Cape into an Iceborn Gauntlet and instantly winning the game. You must figure out the role that your champion fulfills by the identity of a said champion.

Do you lock in Darius and rely on snowballing hard in your lane to win the game? What about Nautilus, the top lane king of crowd control? A strong ability-reliant teamfight-oriented tank with a large amount of crowd control and great potential teleport usage is what makes him rank well on our LoL Tier List.

Firstly, you must decide what your chosen champion will do throughout every stage of the game. Are you a frontline player? Do you plan on engaging? Do you peel for your carries well? Do you enjoy diving the backline or becoming an impassable brick wall? Reading through this guide written by our LoL Boosting experts will give you a strong understanding of why some picks are integral to winning, when to pick these champions and the notion that carrying your team doesn't have to mean racking up the most damage or kills in the post-game report.

Choosing Your Top Lane Champion

Follow these specific guidelines when you are choosing a champion. Keep your team's damage mixed between Attack Damage and Ability Power - It is very easy to itemize defensively against a single type of damage. Never go completely full damage if your team does not have a tank. Try playing a tank - Or else your team will be run down and forced to endlessly kite back and disengage.

Stick to what's strong on the LoL Tier List - Champions themselves in League are not always relevant, so try to avoid picking roles like full attack speed Nunu top lane. Make your picks fit what your team needs - Teamwork will always make the dream work. If your team has three squishy mages, then it is highly unlikely you need a forth. Additionally, they will just stack Magic Resist and go full tank.

If you are unsure. Ask your team which top laner they prefer to have - it is human nature to feel more comfortable playing with familiar surroundings, and increases your chances of winning. Now even though it is important to "play the champions that you are comfortable with" and "spend time mastering a select few champions", Our LoL Boosting experts will tell clients during a LoL Boost that it's just as important to find a champion that fits your team composition as well as your play style. If you're one of the first few picks of champion select, then we highly advise you to lock in one of these top tier picks. Here are some examples of very strong top laners in the current meta, why they are picked so much and how they can carry the game.


Ekko has high mobility, mixed damage, and has a very safe laning phase. This boy has it all right now, but unfortunately this won't win you every game without a LoL Boost. Ekko lacks reliable engagement compared to his top lane enemies but what he truly brings is the ability to create chaos and havoc in team fights with the use of his Chronobreak and Parallel Convergence. His low cooldowns synergize with the commonly bought Iceborn Gauntlet, which helps him achieve an easy 40% cooldown reduction on all his skills, and with the constant use of Phase Dive, you'll be able to stick to any target all game.

Ekko's role in the meta right now is simple. He wins lane, takes the tower, and tries to be as slippery as he can be while still dealing massive amounts of damage, both when he is split pushing and in team fights. He's a great champion in blind pick and has very few bad matchups. Diving into the opponent’s backline and then Chronobreaking back to your team to provide assistance and peel for your team’s carries is a beautiful play, one that is seen commonly when we encounter Ekko during a LoL Elo Boosting session. Do you need extra damage while still being a tank and your team isn't lacking crowd control? Ekko should be your priority pick every game.


Malphite is a rock. The perfect champion if you are looking for an Elo Boost. An attack speed lowering, movement speed stealing, hard engaging, area-of-effect ability powered tank. Malphite is never an angering pick… when he's on your team. He is easy to play, rock-solid and becomes a safe laner to play with. His split push is not as effective, but his team fight potential is there.

Malphite’s role within a team is to safely farm while looking for opportunities to use his Teleport effectively. Roaming with Unstoppable Force can help snowball your teammates and the game. Push out top and group group group. If your team is lacking primary engage, crowd control, or a tank, then Malphite is a top tier pick.


Trundle is oppressive. Trundle will run to you, stick on you, and there's nothing you can do to stop him. His King's Tribute passive empowered by his auto-reset and the insane attack damage-lowering Chomp makes trading with their toplaner and the laning phase as a whole a breeze for Trundle. His insane kit acts like an Elo Boost, as you are playing a champion who is simply overpowered. The slow on his Pillar of Ice and his resistance-stealing ultimate has even made Trundle a legitimate support.

Trundle’s role is quite versatile. He can be both an excellent split pusher and a strong team fight presence that his team needs. He saps away an enemy’s resistance in a team fight which can be game-changing, especially with the effective removal of Quicksilver Sash (In the lens of Trundle). He creates so much pressure with his Pillar of Ice because it allows him to catch up to immobile carries as well as peeling for his own marksmen. Trundle is a unique threat that deals massive amounts of damage with the purchase of the items Iceborn Gauntlet and Titanic Hydra while maintaining a tank role from other defensive items choices and the correct use of his Subjugate.

What Role Are You?

Breaking down all of the strengths and weaknesses of a given champion reveals its true identity, which in turn allows you to place yourself within that role. Try to keep your win conditions simple and remain focused on the specific role your champion has to win the game. Analyze what things your teammates can do and try to find out what you can do to help your team win. During LoL Boosts, I’ll often tell my client that the role they are playing depends heavily on a large multitude of variables. I tell them to look at how to specifically identify what roles are available in the game and which champions fill them best. Here's a short breakdown of some of the roles.

Engaging - Without a strong way to initiate a fight, things can become very messy and chaotic compared to when you're proactive with hard engage.

Tank - Some champions excel when they are the strong frontline and protect their squishy carries. For example, Kog'Maw and Lux cannot stay alive without a sturdy tank blocking danger from them.

Peel - If your frontline can't contain the barrage of damage coming at them, the next defense is the strong peel. Champions like Nami and Thresh both have very key abilities that provide strong crowd control to allow their team to lock down and disrupt targets.

Assassin - An attacker is specifically built to deal massive damage to eliminate a single target, usually a fed carry. They are great when used against the strong back lines and priority champions.

Split Push - You are alone in a side lane. Some comps simply cannot team fight well and splitting up on the map can often benefit your team and make you extremely strong.

A lot of champions can fill many of these roles but it's important to understand where and when to use each of these styles. My hopes are that you can take what this guide provides and think more about how to best help your team before locking in.

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