Hello there lads! Today our LoL elo boost team will talk about the most crucial phase of the game: the laning phase. During our duo queue boost sessions we realized that many games are decided in the first ten/twelve minutes, the so called “laning phase” - especially since during the pre season games are incredibly short and snowbally.

With season 6 starting on 20th January, you do want these tips to sink in, in order to maximise the winrate on your LoL Placement Games

Before Minion Wave

After you leashed for your jungler or just waited dancing around, you will start facing the enemy laner. Be sure to make the most out of your laning phase if you want to win more games and climb the ladder.

According to our LoL boost team, the first thing to do before the laning phase actually starts is to understand if the enemy jungler started on the top or on the bottom side of the map - gromp or krugs, if you prefer. Why? The most common way to lose the lane is dying to the enemy jungler at an lvl3 or 4 gank, and during our duo queue boost sessions we see that almost every game in lower elos. So understanding if the first gank on your side will occur at the third minute or at the fifth makes a huge difference.

There are different ways to understand it: many players try to get deep wards before the minions spawn, so they can spot the enemy jungler doing (or not doing) their buff or a camp. However, this method is pretty risky, since you may get caught by the enemy jungler and laner and give up first blood in a 1vs2, or end up losing your flash. And we don’t want that to happen.

Our LoL boost team thinks that the safest way, believe it or not, is to use the minimap. If you take advantage of every information, guessing the jungler’s position will be pretty easy. First of all, check if the enemy support comes to lane without a chunk of health points: he probably tanked a few hits from the first camp to duo it with the ad carry, because the top laner was leashing.

However, this is not always accurate since many bot laners may prefer to go to lane directly. You can just check if your opponent comes late to lane without a full mana bar - it means he was busy leashing, and he probably used a spell on the camp.

After Minion Wave

As soon as the minions reach the lane, your first goal should be to get as much gold as possible, primarily by farming. According to our elo boosting team, your farming style should change depending on the matchup.

If you are in a bad lane match up because your early game is weak, or you don’t have vision of the enemy jungler, you shouldn’t push the lane. Freezing the minion wave is the easiest way to get free farm without taking too much punishment, and being safe from ganks at the same time: you can farm safely and your opponent can’t go all in because of the tower. If you want to freeze the wave, our elo boost team recommends to only last hit the minions without pushing. Keep in mind that ranged minions will deal more damage, while melee minions are tankier.

Try to balance the wave so that the wave stops right before your turret. At this point, you should try to attack more often the creeps so they don’t end up straight into your turret, otherwise, the lane will reset.

But if you feel confident in your ability to win trades in the early game, for example when you are playing a champion with high base damage and pushing potential like Renekton, you should adopt a different playstyle.

Our LoL boosting team recommends to push the lane as hard as possible, so the enemy will lose farm to the turret. This means that you will have more gold, and on your first back you will be able to buy better items and dominate the lane - maybe you will be able to get a kill as well! Keep in mind that if you are pushing too hard, the enemy jungler will try to gank you. Always look at the minimap and place your wards to avoid ganks. Wards win games, boys, and now they are free. so remember to use them.

If you want to force a kill because you have a stronger early game, don’t be overly aggressive in the early game. Believe it or not, a decently sized minion wave will out damage any champion in the early game, so having a bigger wave will help you a lot. If you want to start a trade, be sure to have more minions than your opponents, or to use medium or long-range abilities so you won’t aggro the creeps.

Remember that if you enter in the bush, minions won’t follow you, unless there is a ward, so try to keep the advantage of that. Having bush control in the bottom lane means that your support can safely harass the enemies without taking aggro from the creeps.

Bushes and Warding

Finally, let’s talk about bushes. Having a ward in the tri bush and in the river bush will keep you safe from ganks, since you will be able to spot the enemy jungler and/or mid laner. On top of this, it will set up a teleport opportunity for your top laners.

Pink wards are even more important: not only they grant you vision, but allow you to deny vision from the enemies, making them more vulnerable to ganks. If you communicate the lack of vision to your jungler or laners, they will probably come to gank your lane to get a free kill.

You should also consider placing wards more aggressively in the enemy jungle - it’s the perfect setup for a deep invade in the jungle. If you cooperate with your jungler you can try to steal the enemies’ buffs and get control over the neutral objectives, the dragon, and the Rift Herald. Don’t forget that the Scuttle Crab gives you vision and a high amount of gold, and it’s pretty easy to kill in the early game.

Following these tips you should be able to get an advantage in the early game and snowball the match. If you liked this guide, check our site in the next days for more articles and content.

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