Hello lads! Today our LoL Boost squad will be discussing the meta of ADC’s. If you are anything like me, you probably enjoy watching professional LoL games. However, our LoL Elo Boosting experts and I agree that the team comps that we are seeing in competitive play right now are becoming stale.

Let’s start by looking towards the bot lane, where AD Carries and Supports normally fight, except during lane swaps. The ADC meta so far has been a heavy reliance on champions including Lucian, Caitlyn, Sivir, and Kalista. Kalista being one of many champions spammed by users that are LoL Elo boosting.

While you sometimes see marksmen like Ezreal, Corki and Tristana picked every once in a few games, they do not see close to as much playtime as the other four mentioned. There is a fundamental reason for this, and that reason is one basic thing, mobility.

Mobility and You

Mobility can be looked at and measured by a couple of different standards in LoL, such as base MS, access to dashes or blinks or other movement altering abilities, or the ability to remove mobility from others using cc. And due to their high carry potential they are important for Elo boost, and also because once they get ahead they’re hard to stop.

Having mobility or the ability to remove it grants the potential for engages, advantages in positioning, and disengages. Because the role of an ADC is to put out as much damage during a fight as possible, having mobility and being able to position correctly is pretty equal to their success as a dead adc usually means a lost team fight. And also as adc’s are able to pretty much solo carry, they are important roles for LoL boost. If we take a look at the most popular ADC’s right now, we can notice that they all have a form of movement or mobility skill that helps them or their team gain a mobility advantage.

Lucian's E allows him to dash to dodge skill shots or skill shot based CC while activating his passive, Lightslinger, to put out more damage with his double auto attack. And as such, Lucian is a common god-tier on most LoL Tier Lists. Sivir’s ultimate, On The Hunt, gives your team a big potential for an excellent engage and disengage, providing your whole team a movement speed boost. Caitlyn’s E, 90 Caliber Net allows her to reposition herself, dash over terrain, escape, or just to do more damage in the way of her passive. Kalista’s passive, Martial Poise, allows for constant repositioning and dashing and her ultimate gives a teammate the chance to reposition or to peel for her.

Most of these champions perform well because they can escape situations that other champions couldn’t without the use of a summoner spell. Kalista is along with Lucian, probably one of the most popular champions for Elo boost, mainly because of her insanely high skill cap and her ability to dodge skillshots without any problem, in case you're not experienced with them, consider buying a smurf LoL account to practice on it.

These champions perform well because they can escape dangerous situations that other champions couldn’t without the use of a summoner spell. This advantage over other ADC's is why they are dominating the meta and the solo queue.

Competitive Play

Examples of this are everywhere in competitive play. MSI; the mid seasonal invitation, hosted by Riot in Shanghai, marked the play of only ten different ADC’s, of which only 3 were played in more than ten games in a tournament that had a total of 71 games played. Incredible if you ask me. Lucian saw the most play, having a total of 30 games played, in which his team won 11 times and lost 19 times. The best performance with more than 10 games in the tournament was Ezreal, who had an impressive record consisting of 12 victories and 7 losses.

LoL boosting is also focused heavily on competitive adc picks. Both of these champions are extremely mobile and are able to not only change their position closer to their teammates during a fight but are able to keep themselves somewhat safe by having the ability to dodge assassins and attempts for the enemy to cc them. We can see a great example of Ezreal’s strengths in Game 2 of the Finals between SKT T1 and CLG. SKT’s Bang used Ezreal’s mobility to its full potential, able to E into the fight in order to melt Stixxay’s Lucian below half health. Then, after escaping, Bang is able to kite Huhi’s Ekko with the aid of Wolf’s Nami.

Jatt talks about this teamfight in the newest Teamfight Breakdown video. Champions such as Jhin, who went 1-1, and Varus, who went 0-1, have close to none mobility and because of it aren’t priority picks, even though they have their own strenths. The ADC Meta isn’t only defined by mobility. Wave clear, power spikes, and late game potential are all important aspects when it comes to selecting an ADC. Looking at these elements, we can again see the strengths of champions such as Sivir, Kalista, Caitlyn, and Lucian. These champions are also usually placed high on LoL Tier List due to their insane power and late game scaling. Not only do they have great mobility, they all have insane wave clear and late game damage. It’s easy to see why the Meta focuses heavily towards power picks like these. As such they are important for people looking to buy a LoL boosting service.

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