Hey lads! Today our LoL elo boost team will give you some neat tricks to climb effectively the ladder in solo queue. Many players are frustrated because they play for hours gaining only a small amount of LP, and being stuck in a division can make the game boring. With our advice, you will finally understand your mistakes and fix them. If you want to gain those LP, read on!

Use the “select champions only” option

According to our LoL boost team, this is one of the most underrated options in the game, since many players don’t know about it and make a lot of mistakes targeting minions instead of champions. Just like the name says, pressing the key assigned to this option will ignore the minions, and your spells will only target champions, even if they are hiding in a minion wave.

I’ve seen many times during our duo queue boost sessions low elo players failing a tower dive because they auto attack the turret and not the champion - well, with just a single button you avoid the embarrassment. Pretty neat, am I right? This is really helpful on champions with abilities that can target minions, like Tahm Kench’s W.

Learn How To Get Carried And Don’t Make Risky Plays

During our duo queue boost session, we regularly see, especially in low elos, players trying too hard to make plays in order to “carry” their team. And by making these plays, they often end up dying, since the average bronze/silver summoner doesn’t know how to play from behind. The difference between the lowest leagues and diamond is understanding that losing your lane won’t always lose the game, but feeding your enemies relentlessly…

Stay humble. Don’t lose your cool and remain calm even if you are behind: hug the tower, don’t trade, and try to farm safely. Stay back and wait for your allies to help you with a gank, or just assist them if they have a lead. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should leave your lane and roam all the time: use your own judgment. If you can still farm under the turret, try to defend it, but if your enemy is able to dive you just go farming the jungle until the lane freezes in a safe spot. If you are really behind, then just ignore all my previous advice and group with your team at all costs, even if it means sitting in the mid lane trying to siege.

Take Advantage of the Blue Trinket

Many players forget to upgrade their yellow trinket during the game because they don’t understand the true value of the blue trinket, which is better in most of the situations. According to our LoL elo boost team, every ad carry should get it after level 9, but often even the top laner and the mid laner should pick it.

If you follow the LCS then you know that it’s great to control objectives safely, without having to face check. It’s also excellent at denying flanks: if the enemy team comp is based on a flank engage from champions like Fiddlestick, since you can nullify the surprise effect placing this mini wards on a short cool down. I would be happy to pay 250g for the upgrade, but surprise surprise, it’s free, so why don’t you get it?

Learn How To Trade Efficiently

If you have a hard time landing skillshot during the laning phase, hear me out. You don’t need exceptional mechanics for that, but just a little trick from our elo boost team: fire the skillshot while the enemies are in an animation that “stops” them in place. The most common animation to exploit is the auto-attack: they will be stuck in place to get the last hit, and focused on the health bar of the minion. It’s even easier if you wait for the cannon minion because come on, everyone gets greedy for the cannon minion! This tip is mainly useful for champions with skills that can pass through minions, like Cassiopeia, Brand, and Lux. Remember that Lux’s Q can pass through the first minion, so it’s harder to hide from it.

For the trading itself: if you are playing a ranged champion, it’s pretty easy. Just auto-attack your lane opponent when he tries to farm and is in range. As long as your range is longer, you shouldn’t have trouble. If you exploit the auto-attack animation of the enemies, you can sneak in a lot of free hits.

If you are playing a melee champion, things get complicated, especially if you don’t have long-range poking abilities. Use your gap closers to get in range of your ranged opponents and try to don’t get poked too much - usually melee heroes can win an all-in versus a ranged opponent at full health. If you are in a melee vs ranged match up without a gap closer, you are playing the wrong champion. Looking at you, Singed.

Play Your Best Champions, Not Generic Counters

In lower elos, counter picks don’t really matter. In champion select, don’t browse those outdated sites that feature a brainless list of counters - according to our LoL boosting team, you have higher chances of winning with your favorite champion in a bad match up than with a random counter. If you want to expand your champion pool, try to learn a hero that does well against a common counter to your main champion, and it’s gonna go well. Also, guides that feature a list of matchups with an explanation of how to play the lane are a godsend.

Use Consumable, Especially When Fighting

This is our last point, but it’s still crucial. Many players use potions, biscuits, and flasks only during the laning phase, but according to our elo boosting team they forget to pop them during a fight. Actually their regeneration is quite significant, especially in the early game - it’s often the difference between giving up first blood or surviving with 50 health points.

Let’s consider the numbers: a red pot gives you 150 health points, 175 with Secret Stash. In the early-mid game, it’s more than the damage of almost every basic ability, and it will often make the difference in a close fight. Pots are efficient, cheap (not really after the preseason, but 50g isn’t a lot) and reliable. Use them often and punish your enemies.

With our tips and tricks you will slowly improve your performance, and I guarantee that you will get more LP. If our content helped you, check our site in the next few days for more articles and guides!

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