Hello there lads! Today our LoL elo boost team will talk about Sivir, the Battle Mistress. She is a typical “old school marksman” with a complete and unique kit: she has aoe damage, wave clear, a defensive tool, and movement speed buff.

Maybe she is not the flashiest marksman, but believe me, she is the perfect champion to carry in low elo. During our duo queue boost sessions, we often recommend to play Sivir if our client is forced to fill the ADC role and he is not a bottom lane main, and we see awesome results. If you want to understand the reasons, go ahead and take a look at Sivir’s kit.

Fleet of Foot

Sivir gains 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 bonus movement speed for 2 seconds when she damages an enemy champion with an ability or basic attack.

Sivir passive emphasizes one of her greatest strengths: movement speed. As an ad carry, kiting your enemy is essential, since you need to survive while dealing damage. Many players in lower elos seem to struggle with kiting, but according to our LoL elo boost team, Sivir is the best champion to learn how to kite thanks to the extra movement speed given by her passive. If you want to practice, start a bot game with Sivir, and after every attack right-click away (or rarely, towards) from your enemy. Repeat, repeat, repeat until you will become the next Rekkles. Pro tip: use the A button to attack the closest unit in range, it will save you time if you can’t click on the enemy.

Q: Boomerang Blade

Sivir hurls her cross blade in the target direction, which then returns to her. Units in its path take physical damage, with 15% reduced damage to each subsequent target, down to a minimum of 40%. Each unit can be damaged only once per pass.

This is her most important skill ability, since it will be your main source of poke damage in the early-mid game, and it’s still a good wave clear ability in the late game. However, take in mind a few things.

First of all, it will dry your mana if spammed in the lane since it costs 70 mana at level one. Second, landing a max distance Boomerang can be tricky, especially because you want to hit directly your enemy to avoid damage reduction. Our LoL boost team recommends to use it when your lane opponent is trying to last hit your cannon minion: many low elo players get really greedy for the cannon creep, and often misposition themselves to secure it. Exploit that and punish their mistakes.

W: Ricochet

For 4 seconds Sivir's next 3 basic attacks bounce to nearby unaffected units, dealing them physical damage, until none remain in range.

Ricochet resets Sivir's autoattack timer. This is one of the most underrated abilities in the game. It’s your free harass in the laning phase, your main source of damage in the first mid-game team fights, and is a good wave clearing tool in the late game.. not to mention the absurd damage to turrets.

The skill itself is pretty simple. It will empower your auto attacks making the boomerangs bounce to nearby enemies. This skill will also reset your auto attack timer, so if you press W just after your auto goes off you can cast two autos immediately, dealing a good amount of damage. If you add your ultimate, her trading ability becomes great. However we feel like Ricochet should be mainly used to poke your enemies in the early game. Despite the fact that Sivir has a short auto range, her Q and her W are great zoning tools that allow her to harass the enemy without taking much damage back.

During the mid/late game, Ricochet, combined with Boomerang Blade, allows Sivir to control waves easily. We often see a terrible wave control in Bronze/Silver during our duo queue boost sessions, since many players will totally forget about farming minions in the side lanes after the 20 minutes mark. With Sivir, you can pick up all the farm around the map in a few seconds just pressing Q W, getting more gold and applying map pressure. Just remember that split pushing is pretty risky as a marksman, so just clear the minion, push the wave, and group with your team.

Later in the game, Ricochet will be your main source of damage because of the autoattack reset and the bounce damage, especially versus melee champions. In this new ad carry-centric patch, having a good damage per second is crucial, and Sivir’s damage output can be scary. Not to mention that her sieging potential is amazing.

E: Spell Shield

Sivir blocks the next enemy ability used on her within the next 1.5 seconds, restoring mana upon a successful block.

This is my favorite spell in her kit since it allows Sivir to outplay almost any other champion in the game. As an ad carry, having perfect positioning is essential, since a single skillshot can mean your death. With Spell Shield, you have a free “panic button” to press when you get caught out of position to increase your survivability.

However, according to our LoL boost team, Spell Shield should be used to block a single key spell. Taric has just flashed to stun you? Press E and shatter those gems. There is an Ashe arrow flying in front of you? No worries, you got this. Your enemy decided to lock in Caitlyn? Make him rage quit since you can block easily all of Cait’s spell. Keep in mind that Spell Shield has a long cooldown, so don’t use it mindlessly.

Last but not least, you get some mana back every time you block a spell. This partially compensates Sivir’s mana problems, so even in a very passive lane it’s worth eating a skillshot just to get the mana back - the easiest way is to step on a Cait’s trap.

R: On the Hunt

Passive: Sivir gains bonus attack speed while Ricochet is active. Active: Sivir rallies all nearby allies for 8 seconds, granting them and herself 60% bonus movement speed that decays to 20% after a few seconds.

According to our elo boost team, On The Hunt offers something unique between all the ad carries ultimate. It doesn’t increase your damage, but increase your movement speed and, more importantly, your allies’! That’s why I like to say that Sivir has a great utility: just like Ashe, she is not the typical “self-focused” ad carry, but she buffs her whole team.

This ultimate has an incredible potential in low elo. When spectating a bronze or silver game, I’m always surprised by how much time is required to engage, especially in the late game. I’ve often seen two teams dancing for half a minute in the mid lane just clearing waves, even if there is a hard engage available, like Malphite’s ultimate. It seems like everyone is afraid of failing.

Popping On The Hunt, you can basically shout “ENGAGE NOW” to your whole team. Even the most reluctant Hecarim will understand that he needs to use his ultimate as soon as possible, and here you go, you have an engage - that’s why our lol boosting team recommends Sivir to carry in lower elos. On top of this, it’s great in the mid-game to catch enemies out of position. It’s really easy to make picks in the jungle if you get vision control (hello blue trinket) and run with your ultimate. Again, your team will follow up because of the movement speed buff - and we know how often players are out of position in bronze or silver. “On the Hunt” is the perfect ability to punish those mistakes.

I also like using this ultimate as a “counter engage”. If the enemies have Fiddlestick or Kennen, running away from their ultimates should always be the first priority in team fights. With On the Hunt, your team can easily counter those abilities, at the very least for the backline. And let’s be honest, a Kennen that misses his ultimate will almost be useless for the rest of the team fight. Be aware of flash initiations tho!

Closing Words

Finally, Sivir’s kit offers everything you need to take advantage of the most common mistakes in lower elos. Her Q is great to poke your enemies and get lane dominance, the W is an excellent wave clear ability to control the waves and has a great pushing potential. The E, Spell Shield, can save you from bad situations, and On The Hunt is more effective than any ping to tell your allies to engage. According to our elo boosting team, even if Sivir isn’t really a great pick in competitive or in high elo right now, she is the best ad carry for Bronze and Silver, especially for those who don’t main adc.

This ends our guide. If you enjoyed it, check our site in the next few days for more content and articles.

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