Hey lads. Our LoL boosting team has a short and informative post for you about the Season 6 End Date and Season 7, we will ofcourse keep the post updated as much as we can.

When Does Season 6 End?

League Season 6 ends on November 7th, this technically means on November 8th 00:01 AM.

What Are the Rewards For Season 6?

- Ranked rewards are based on your end of season rank, not peak ranking.

- New Team Rewards, play atleast 10 wins with your team and earn special wards.

- Victorious Maokai is this season's skin.

- 1 point for a ranked team win on the Twisted Treeline.

- 3 points for a ranked team win on Summoner’s Rift.

- You need WINS with the team, just being in the team doesn't do anything.

- Rewards will come to your account about 2 weeks after season end.

- Ranked borders are queue specific, meaning Team border will not be shown when you load a solo game.

- There is no preseason decay.

- Check our LoL Tier List to maximize your rewards pushing potential in the last month of the season.

When Does LoL Season 7 Start?

The start is expected in January but apparently Riot is going to push it faster so our prediction is December 2016! We will keep you updated. Just as we predicted, LoL Season 7 starts on December 6th, 2016.

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