Hey lads. Today our LoL elo boost team is going to talk about the pre-season. As you all know, this is a pretty strange moment of the season, since the game looks totally different and the rewards earned (or not!), so playing ranked feels almost meaningless and many players aren’t actually motivated.

However if you still want to play this game don’t worry, there are a lot of useful things to do in the pre-season and the most important one being practicing in ranked and raising your MMR for better placements!

Learn About All The Changes

Just like every preseason, the new patch is bringing a lot of big changes to the game. We saw many changes to the AD carries, items, minions behaviour, summoner spells, new masteries, a new neutral objective and overall a new meta with more fast and snowbally games. Many of these champions were pretty awful in season 5, so you need to understand why the meta is so different instead of mindlessly banning Jax every game. (For god’s sake, keep banning him, but at least know why!)

If you didn’t read all the endless and boring patch notes, our LoL boost team will cover the basics for you. Let’s start with the comeback of crit based heroes. Why are they so popular again? Here the new items play a big role, but the main reason is the Warlord’s bloodlust mastery. Let’s check it.

15% heal against all enemy champions on every crit may seem relevant mostly for ad carries in the mid-game, during their Infinity Edge power spike, but according to our elo boost team it’s really broken on Tryndamere, since he can get 35% crit chance at lv1. The extra heal and the attack speed means that he can basically outduel any champion in the early game as long as RNG doesn’t screw him up.

Another OP champion in the new patch is Soraka, because of the changes to Grievous Wounds and for the Windspeaker’s Blessing mastery. Let’s take a look at it.

If you check our latest LoL tier list, you will see that many healing/shielding supports are stronger than before (Nami, Taric, Janna and Lulu), but Soraka is the true queen. Her heal had already a ridiculously low cooldown (2 seconds when maxed), and can basically fill the hp bar of your ad carries in a few seconds. Her ultimate was already a decent global heal, and now it increases the armor and magic resistance of your whole team! With the rise of ad carries, Soraka will dominate the bot lane. Having faster games also benefits her, since she falls off late game compared to other supports.

Watch streams, VODS and learn, Or Get Coached!

Reading guides or the patch notes can be boring, we know that, but knowing the game mechanics is essential. You should kill two birds with one stone and use the preseason to watch a lot of high elo streamers or VODs.

Watching popular players can be really entertaining and will also give you many pieces of information about the game: you will learn build paths, you will see the new masteries in action, and will receive a flow of knowledge about the game.

However, if you are a hardcore gamer, consider our duo queue boost service: you will learn how to fix your mistakes while playing, and our LoL boost team will explain you all the new changes while you climb the ladder together.

Play The Game And Improve Your Mechanics Testing Your Skill

After all the theory work, it’s time to play! The best way to improve your “micro” is simply spamming solo queue games. It’s still a good exercise to feel in person the changes, learn new champions, and improve your MMR. Try to play a new champion to see if it fits your style, or if a new item made him broken. Don’t be afraid to experiment: the preseason is here for this exact purpose.

Take a Break From Ranked Games and Let Us Play For You

Well, even the most hardcore gamers sometimes need to do something different from advancing the ladder. Grinding ranked games for ten months can be exhausting, and the pre-season is the perfect time of the year to play some normal games with your friends just to have fun while we do your ranked work. So go ahead and our LoL boost service a try.

Our article ends here. Be sure to check our site in the next few days for more guides on the pre season or consider purchasing our duo queue boost service if you prefer personal coaching.

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