Hello lads! Today, our LoL elo boosting team will be discussing the topic of power spikes. Power spikes are amazing for improving individual play, especially in a duo queue boost session.

Power spikes are periods where a player becomes much stronger than normal. Learning the power spikes of your favorite champions lets you figure out when to play more aggressively. Becoming aware of the enemy’s power spike periods is almost as important, as it allows you to anticipate and play accordingly. Being knowledgeable about power spikes will be very valuable for your decision making on the Summoner’s Rift. Our LoL boost team spends hours reviewing power spikes before a LoL elo boosting session.

Understanding Power Spikes

Specifically pinpointing power spikes is not easy, as they can occur at several different times throughout a game depending on the champion being discussed. Hitting a certain level can possibly trigger a spike or obtaining a major item from the shop. Power spikes are somewhat random and do not always follow a pattern because of the high number of factors influencing a champion at any given time. During a LoL boost, I discovered a set of rules that will help point out power spikes. A lot of these are simple that play off of general champion and skillset knowledge.

The Power Spike Levels

During a duo queue elo boosting session, I noticed power spikes occur at four levels. The levels at which power spikes are most common are levels two, three, six, and nine. Level 2 power spikes occur because combos become possible. With two abilities unlocked, champions can combo to create some massive effects. Some abilities also allow for some major harassment while others allow for extreme escapes.

Reaching this second level before your opponents give a brief but great advantage. Use it to be much more aggressive before they catch up to give yourself an early edge which could pay off for first blood. It also keeps them playing defensive and missing out on some farm and experience for themselves. Since the early game is all about gold, this can turn the tables very early on in a match. Don’t chase for the kill. Rather, keep them on their toes and prevent them from out using you out of the gates with this power spike knowledge and advantage.

Level 3 power spikes once again allow for more effective combos for LoL duo boost sessions. Assassins specifically can now burst combo for first blood or at least early kills. Just as with level two combos, use them to become aggressive if you are ahead. Level 6 power spikes grant champions their ultimate abilities. Everyone takes advantage of the level six ultimate ability in LoL duo boost sessions. Clearly, this gives any player a huge power spike boost, some more dangerous than others. Many champions use their ult to do the majority of their damage and get kills. Being aware of this power spike is probably the easiest as you will be alerted of your team’s ultimate when attained and active. Level 9 spikes aren’t as obvious and the level 6’s. This spike occurs at nine since one ability usually becomes maxed at this point in time. A maxed skill will have great power and should be avoided or utilized during this boost.

Ability vs Auto

Try asking yourself if a given champion does most of its damage from abilities or auto-attacks. For abilities, leveling skills create power spikes since they increase damage. For autos, items are the key power spike trigger, as they increase the amount of damage on basic attacks rather than abilities. This identification is key for duo queue elo boosting.

Key Item Awareness

Training for this tip isn’t very specific. It requires a general knowledge of the game and each champion you’re dealing with. Certain items will trigger power spikes for certain champions, and it’s your job to identify those items. Being aware of when they are obtained will allow you to anticipate an opponent’s power spike. Obtaining them for yourself will give you a spike of your own. Here are some of the most common power spike items in general: Trinity Force, Muramana, Seraph’s Embrace, Morellonomicon, Athene’s Unholy Grail, Infinity Edge, Skirmisher’s Sabre, Stalker’s Blade, Rod of Ages, Spirit Visage, and Black Cleaver. I always try to use some of these while in a duo queue boost period.

Be sure to follow these tips on power spikes to make you and your team better. Check out our LoL tier list to see which champions have the strongest spikes too.

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