Hello lads! Our LoL elo boost team today will discuss Trundle, The Troll King. This guy has been around for a long time, mainly as a jungler or as a top laner to counter hyper scaling tanks, but nowadays it’s pretty common to see him played in the LCS as support. Crazy, right?

Actually he is really powerful as a support because of his insane utility, and he became so popular that Riot nerfed him. And all because Yellowstar started playing him! If you want to troll your enemies (hopefully not your allies) in Solo Q, you should follow our guide and learn about his strengths. He is pretty strong in this meta, even after the nerfs. Let’s start taking a look at his abilities.


Passive: King's Tribute

[Whenever an enemy dies near Trundle, he heals for 2/3/4/5/6% of their max health.]

Trundle is melee support, so he will take a lot of harass in the laning phase. Thanks to his passive, he has a lot of built-in sustain and is able to recover a lot of health every time a minion dies.

Q: Chomp

[Trundle's next basic attack deals additional physical damage and slows the target by 75% for 0.1 seconds. After biting his target, Trundle gains bonus attack damage and reduces his target's attack damage for 8 seconds.]

This is Trundle’s main source of damage in the laning phase, as it gives him the opportunity to deal a decent amount of damage when used as an autoattack reset. Just auto-Q-auto the enemy and see the damage - the reset is also great to kill wards.

W: Frozen Domain

[Trundle coats the target area in ice for 8 seconds. While inside, he gains bonus attack speed, movement speed, and 20% increased healing and health regen from all sources.]

This spell gives a great movement speed buff, making Trundle very good at chasing enemies when used in combination with the slow from his E. The extra attack speed isn’t really important as a support, but the bonus health regen and increased healing are excellent for the sustain.

E: Pillar of Ice

[Trundle projects a pillar of ice at the target location for 6 seconds, knocking back everyone directly over it on cast, acting as impassable terrain for the duration and slowing enemies around it.]

According to our LoL elo boostt team, this is what makes Trundle a tier 1 support. This ability has an insane slow, can be used to keep your backline safe, catch enemies out of position, block escape routes, interrupt the casting of some spells or just to provide vision.

R: Subjugate

[Trundle drains the life force out of the target enemy champion, instantly dealing them magic damage, healing for the damage done, and stealing 20% of their armor and magic resistance. He then applies the same effects to the target again over the next 4 seconds. The modifiers on both Trundle and the target decay over 4 seconds after the drain completes.]

This ultimate gives Trundle an incredible tankiness in the team fight, especially in the late game. Using this spell, every tank that tries to reach your backline will be useless because of the decreased armor and magic resistance that you are stealing. This means that you can go deep safely, while the enemy bruisers will be raped by your allies.

Laning Phase

During the preseason, Riot heavily changed the vision game - now green wards are no longer purchasable and the wards from the yellow trinket don’t last as much as they did in season 5. According to our LoL boost team this means that abilities that provide vision are more useful, and Trundle’s E is perfect for quickly checking a blind spot without face checking.

In the worst-case scenario, our troll is tanky enough to take some punishment.

For the laning phase itself, well, Trundle has a lot of bad matchups since he is full melee support that lacks poking abilities, just like Alistar or Leona. However he can regenerate most of the damage he takes thanks to his passive, especially if empowered by his W. He can still get bullied by long-range champions like Caitlyn or Lulu - he is so popular in the LCS because 99% of the time he doesn’t lane at all because of lane swaps, and he is free to roam after level 3 or 4.

He is pretty decent at trading versus melee enemies since his Q reduces the attack damage of his target, but he still needs to be in melee range. His time to shine comes when receiving a gank - his kit is just built for that. Usually he will get pushed to this tower, so when the jungler tries to gank he can chase the enemies through the whole lane.

I’ve seen it numerous times during our duo queue boost sessions: the enemy Trundle closes the gap in a few seconds using the movement speed buff from Frozen Domain and the slow and displacement from his pillar. At this point the jungler and the ad carry can land some easy skillshot on the slowed enemies, resulting in a kill or at least a flash.

If it happens to you, at least know what to expect: Trundle cc’s and speed may surprise you. When trying to gank a Trundle, keep in mind that his pillar can block your patch and slow you, so take that into account.

As I said before, Trundle benefits from lane swapping, as always seen in competitive play, since he can totally skip the laning phase and he is free to roam in the early game. His laning phase is bad, but his ganking power is very high.

He is also good in 2vs1 versus standard melee top laners, because he can easily put down a lot of damage while receiving less because of the AD reduction from his Q. He can also sustain the punishment taken thanks to his passive. Also, according to our elo boost team, Trundle can roam easily in a 2vs1 because he won’t leave the AD carry in a 1vs2 scenario. He can help his jungler invading or try to blow a summoner spell in the mid lane. Show up from the bush, use your flash, slow the enemy with your pillar and he will, either way, get burst or blow a summoner spell.

In this meta most of the mid laners pick immobile control mage like Orianna or VIktor, so they stand no chances versus the Troll King. You can even dive them if they overstay with low health, as long as your jungler is with you.

This strategy is viable even in solo q, just hope that your marksman doesn’t die in a 1vs2. I won’t recommend a lane swap in lower elos, because, as seen during our duo queue boost sessions, many players don’t know how to punish a 2vs1 lane or how to farm in a 1vs2. In general, there is poor comprehension of the macro game, so just don’t bother with it. Wait for your ad carry to recall and then you are free to roam.

Mid/Late Game

This is Trundle’s specialty. If you can survive the early game, our loved troll will bring a lot of utility in team fights. He is a great initiator since he can block jungle paths with his pillar, catching enemies out of position and leaving them without a way out. Really just the slow is insane.

According to our LoL boosting team, the most important ability is his ultimate. Trundle should carefully choose his target and cast his Subjugate on the enemy tank to prevent him from diving your back line.

Now you have two choices: peel for your own carries with your E and damage reduction from Q, or dive the enemy backline thanks to your increased resistance from the Subjugate. If you think that you can get to the enemy carries with the slow from the E and the movement speed from W, and your ad carry is safe, go for it!

In conclusion, Trundle is really strong in the current meta and works well with a lot of composition, since he is versatile. According to our elo boosting team, he will be great even in the 6.3 patch and the nerfs to Alistar. If this guide helped you understand this champion, check our site in the next days for more content about the new patch!

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