Hello there lads! Today our LoL elo boost team is here with another great article: this time we are talking about mental strength, and in particular about how to play when behind without tilting. Keeping your mind clean and having a positive mentality is really important if you want to climb the ladder, and nothing can tilt you like a solo queue game. We all know that.

First Death is NOT GG

The most common mistake we see during our duo queue boost sessions is losing your mind just after your first death. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: there is a close fight in the first minutes in lane, your enemy survives with just 20 hp and suddenly he has a kill advantage, 15 extra cs and you are screwed. Well, that’s not the case.

It’s always possible to make a comeback as long as you are focused. The first step is understanding your mistakes without making drama. Don’t blame your jungler for not ganking. Don’t blame your mid laner who fed a kill to the enemy top laner for a greedy dive. Don’t blame Riot’s balance for making Fiora so overpowered (even according to our LoL tier list). Don’t blame RNG because you didn’t get a single crit in four autos as Tryndamere. Blame yourself if you really need to, but only when your screen is green. As soon as you are back in the game, “forgive” yourself or your teammates and keep your morale high. Don’t get tilted, or it’s over.

According to our LoL boost team, self criticism is a great way to improve, as long as it takes place after the match. Analyze your replays, get coached or ask for advice to our boosters during our duo queue boost sessions, but if you are playing, always be focused on the current situation of the game, how you can come back and what is gonna be your next step.

Past Is The Past, Think About What Will You Do Next

Don’t worry about what just happened, think only about the future. When I get an extremely hard lane, I like to think that I’m playing LoL in “hard mode”. I mean, nobody likes to play single-player games in easy mode, right? It’s an extra challenge: figure out a way to win even when playing with a disadvantage.

Our elo boost team advises you to think carefully about how you can improve your situation with the resource you already have. Most of the time, your best option is to keep farming safely until you reach a certain power spike before engaging the enemy laner. Maybe it’s already too late for that, but don’t worry: you can still be useful to your team. Gank the other lanes, group early to push mid, teleport bot for a five-man dive with your jungler and mid laner.

In solo queue it’s hard to communicate, so taking the initiative is always a good idea, since the enemies will often be too slow to react. Don’t surrender mentally after five minutes, try to imagine a creative way to win the game and to still be useful for your team.

Change Your Playstyle When Behind

As a member of Boosting Factory's LoL boosting team, I’ve seen hundreds of replays myself, and played thousands of games. In my long experience, the most common mistake, especially in low elo, is to always follow the same pattern, no matter what happened. If you are behind, you should not play in the same way as if you were even: adopt a safer play style and ask for help from your jungler.

Same story if you are ahead: be more aggressive, try to deny some farm, split push if your champion can do that, force a dive with a teammate or push an objective. Not abusing an advantage is almost as bad as being abused.

After every major event in the game, the balance will change, even if slightly. If you just won a team fight, or just lost a baron, or traded a dragon for a turret, chances are the gold and power difference between the teams has changed, Try to understand who is winning right now and what to do in the next few minutes. Games are really fast and snowbally in these new patches, so you can’t get away with farming until late game, and that’s why in our LoL tier list many late-game champions aren’t considered tier one. Fast-thinking is essential if you want to win and snowball your leads, or just comeback from a disadvantage. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and play according to them.

Always keep your goals in mind, be focused on the immediate future, and don’t forget your win conditions. I’ll repeat it: according to our elo boost team, having a positive, forward-focused mindset is the key to victory. On the other hand, tilting is the easiest way to lose a game.

This ends our article. If you liked it, check our site in the next days for more articles, guides, and content about the pre-season. As you all know the Season 6 will start soon, and better be prepared!

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