Hi folks! Today our lol elo boosting team will talk about a new topic: LoL’s lore and the main theories and conspiracies about our favourite champions. We have been hanging around since the days of the good ol’ Journal of Justice and have quite a few stories to tell.. Prepare your tinfoils!

Is Nocturne… Zed in the future?

So this is my personal favorite theory: Nocturne actually is the future version of Zed. Both splash arts are quite similar and you can find many Reddit posts showing the similarities: they are portrayed in the same position looking in the same direction. Looking at their lores, our lol elo boosting team found more clues: we know that Zed’s followers heard him cry out loud when his former master removed (or tried to remove) his shadow jutsu in the temple. However, it’s strange that Zed came out of the temple unharmed. Maybe the shadows were able to overtake his soul and body? Maybe he lost control?

Quoting directly from Nocturne’s lore, “Witnesses said he cried out once and then stopped breathing. Immediately after, magical energy arced out from the nexus, and Nocturne appeared." So both these guys are assassins, are somehow connected to shadows and they both cried in pain at some point in their former life. On top of that, during our lol duo queue boost sessions we realized that they share similar quotes: Zed says “Cut the last breath of them“; Nocturne on the other hand says "Cut them from this world“. Want a last clue? Zed sometimes says that he is not afraid of the shrouded path, and Nocturne’s W is called “Shroud of Darkness”. And his Q fires a proper path of darkness.

Rek’Sai’s Daddy Issues

Well, this theory isn’t as serious are the others, but in my opinion is pretty cool and worth mentioning. We know that Rek’Sai is quite similar to one of the most popular inhabitants of the Rift: the mighty purple worm Baron Nashor. While securing a baron during our lol duo queue boost sessions, we actually realized that they look alike, and the jungler could possibly be Nashor’s daughter. Quite funny, since usually, she is the one to land the final blow on Nashor.

Jarvan IV is Le Blanc

This is one of the oldest theories, and we are talking about Jon Snow’s mother level of conspiracy here. I know that it sounds silly because Jarvan IV and LeBlanc have different gender, size, physique, and fighting style, but hear me out. Our lol boost team found out this official artwork from Riot Games displaying a battle between Demacia and Noxus, where the Noxian Swain is being attacked by the Exemplar of Demacia. Well, take a closer look at Swain’s breastplate and you will see a feminine figure: Leblanc! It’s believed that Jarvan IV is actually Leblanc in disguise, working as a spy for Noxus.

We know from the old Journal of Justice that Leblanc was, or maybe still is the leader of the Black Rose, an incredibly powerful organization, but she disappeared suddenly. We also know that there were some irregularities during Jarvan’s judgment before entering in the Rift, and this supports the theory since a Summoner would have realized that he was actually Leblanc.

Finally, there is a story about Swain accusing a man of murdering a Noxian, and the man defended himself saying he was acting under Jarvan’s orders. Knowing that it was coming from Leblanc, things appear under a new light. It was Swain’s plan all the time. Next time that during our duo queue elo boosts sessions we’ll hear the famous quote “Looks can be deceiving”, well, we will surely think about this theory.

Connections between Akali and Zed

Let’s keep talking about shadows: since Zed is one of the most popular champions really highly rated on our lol tier list right now, there are a lot of theories about him: some players think that Akali is actually one of Zed’s shadows. Crazy, right? It gets crazier since someone says that Akali could also be Zed’s daughter. Let’s see why.

Riot’s infamous spaghetti code sometimes shows an assist from Akali when someone is killed by Zed’s Death Mark, even when there isn’t an Akali in-game. We have also a few interesting facts from RiotRunaan: in the AMA to talk about Zed, he said that Riot implied a connection between the two champions and that our AD assassin had a former favorite student who “betrayed” him not following his orders. According to our lol boost team, Akali is this unnamed student. Her tile is “The Fist of Shadow”, while Zed is “The Master of Shadow”, and Akali’s passive is called “Twin Disciplines”. Believe it or not, many clues are here.

The relationship between Orianna and Jhin

Finally, we have a theory about Jhin, one of the newest heroes fighting on the Rift: according to our secret informers, he is probably Orianna’s father. Orianna’s lore doesn’t say much about her except that she had a passion for dancing and for LoL, and the former led her to death. Orianna’s death made her father somehow mad and obsessed with technology, eventually realizing this deadly clockwork who used to dominate our lol tier list known as Orianna. And who always talks about beauty and death? You are right: Jhin.

Many of these theories still need confirmation, especially because Riot is systematically revamping the old lores making cool interactions, but the removal of the Journal of Justice took away a great source for our conspirations. Hopefully, we will get new information in the future: after all, we still believe that Jax is a Darkin…

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