Oi lads! Today our LoL elo boost team will talk about the vision again - specifically, we will take a closer look at trinkets. As you all know, Riot revamped the vision game during the preseason: green ward was removed from the sop, pinks are now cheaper and trinket got some slight changes. Since the preseason is almost over, we decided to go over the changes to start your placement games with all the needed information.

Sweeping Lens

Let’s start with the red trinket, “Sweeping lens”. This trinket received a few minor buffs: its range has been increased to 500/1400 units, the cooldown decreased to 90/60 seconds, scaling with level, and now it reveals an area for 6 seconds. Not really a substantial buff, but it was already a great choice, so we can only be happy about the changes: the extra range and duration can make a huge difference since it will be enough time to clear one more ward. It also detects traps and stealthed champions, making it an efficient tool to counter invisibility based ambusher like Rengar- during our duo queue boosting sessions we saw many players surviving ganks from Rengar and Twitch using the sweeping lens.

The major change involves the upgrade. At level 9, you can upgrade the red trinket for free: it doesn’t provide true sight like it used to, but the trinket effect will follow you for 10 seconds, allowing you to clear wards and traps in a large area. It’s also great to protect yourself from sneaky ambushers. TL;DR: Sweeping lens got several minor buffs; use it to deny vision when jungling or supporting or to counter invisibility champions like Rengar.

Warding Totem

The warding totem, or “yellow trinket”, is pretty similar to its old version, but the buffed version now holds two charges from the start of the game. According to our LoL elo boost team, this is a huge difference since it will allow your bot lane to start with four wards at level one, and provide extra safety for your laners.

The cooldown scales with level, from 180 seconds to 120 seconds, and it stores up to two charges. The importance of this trinket increased since you can’t buy green more anymore from the shop. According to our LoL boost team, you should always start with this trinket at level one, but in the mid-late game only the top and the middle laner should use it to provide vision for the whole team cooperating with your support (with a sightstone), the blue trinket of the ad carry and the occasional sightstone from the jungler.

Farsight Alteration

This is my personal favorite. The Farsight Alteration, also known as “blue trinket”, has been drastically revamped: during the last season the blue trinket was arguably the worst option of the three, but now it has its clear purpose and according to our elo boosting team every ad carry should get this trinket as soon as possible (usually, when you shop for the first time past level 9).

You can’t get this trinket from the start, but it’s an upgrade from the warding totem. It grants vision of an area placing a visible ward with one health point, that provides vision of a small area for an unlimited amount of time. This means that as long as the enemies don’t attack it, it will last forever. On top of that, our LoL boosting team really likes this trinket because its wards are not limited to three, like the green wards from the yellow trinket: you can place as many beacons as you want and they will last indefinitely. It’s the ultimate vision tool, and it’s incredibly effective when you are ahead since your enemies won’t be able to contest the vision easily. It’s still helpful when behind since you won’t need to facecheck bushes. It’s the perfect choice for the ad carry.

Final Words

The vision changed a lot in the preseason, and it’s crucial to adapt to the new system if you want to maximize your chances of winning the placement games - the ranked season will start soon after all. As we said in the article, your team should have a balance of every trinket: the support and the jungler should get the red trinket; the ad carries the blue; the top and mid laner the yellow trinket or, in particular situations, the red one. In the early game however the warding totem is always the best choice.

This ends our article. If you like our content, check our site in the next few days for more guides and tips. If you need help with your placement games, consider purchasing our duo queue boosting services and starting the ranked season in the best way possible!

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