Hi lads! Today our LoL elo boost team will talk about the infamous “tilt”, and how to keep your cool even in the worse situations. In LoL your psychological status has a big impact on your overall performance: even the best players underperform when they aren’t in a calm, focused mindset.

What's a Tilt?

You could say that “tilt” is the opposite state: it means confusion, anger, frustration, blindness, and irrationality. Nowadays it’s almost a meme, but believe me, it’s actually pretty serious and can be exploited to take advantage of emotion enemies. This definition of “tilt” comes from poker, and it’s now a common meaning in the E-sport in general - have you heard the “Tilted Since Cassiopeia top” meme? Now that you know what tilt is, let’s see what its effects are.

I just told you that tilt has become a meme, and this can be quite confusing. During our duo queue boost session we easily understand if someone is tilting by looking at how he is playing and at his attitude and mindset: if he keeps making dangerous plays, failing easy skillshot, forgetting how some basic mechanics work, and if he starts flaming his own team, the enemies or himself, well, you got it: he is tilting. This happens in real life as well, but let’s stick to how it affects your behavior in ranked games.

In a fighting game, it’s easy to tilt if you get hit by the same combo again and again, without being able to react. In FPS, the first cause is getting killed by campers. In MOBAs and LoL, in particular, a camping jungler is the first reason. And in almost every game there are social emotes, like taunts and masteries in LoL. Well, spamming these emotes is a great way to tilt your enemies right after you killed or outplayed him. Hell, according to our LoL elo boost team spamming the mastery emote is a crucial part of Rengar’s combo.

How can someone tilt?

As I said, you can abuse an emotionally weak enemy by making him tilt with a lot of strategies. According to our experience during the duo queue boost sessions, our clients tilt mainly because of the in game chat, and specifically because of what their teammates say, so you can call them out in all chat hoping to start an argument in their own chat. Ofcourse in real events can be pretty meaningful: a lot of guys play online games to vent some of their frustration, and even I do that! So having a bad day IRL can easily lead to tilt in-game. All of these factors may apply to you, so let’s see how to un-tilt yourself!

How to counter the infamous tilt

To be honest, we can’t give a rule of thumb because there are a lot of different players, and each of them reacts differently to tilt. However our LoL boost team decided to give you a list of the more common remedies to tilt:

- Keep a positive mindset: having a positive, victory oriented attitude will improve not only your own performance but the morale of the whole team. Everyone hates “that guy” who always complains in chat and starts saying “gg surrender at 20 after getting first blooded. He is tilting, so don’t do the same!

- Realize that tilting will only help your enemies: pretty straightforward. Your enemies will have an easy time when you are tilting and the game will be harder. So keep your mind cool and try to help your teammates.

- The fight against the tilt is a “teamfight”: elaborating on the previous point, everyone is trying to not get tilted, and you should fight this great battle together. According to our LoL boosting team, hearing positive comments in chat will improve the mindset of your team and boost your morale as well.

- Understand the cause of your tilt. We already listed a lot of reasons, so you should know where to look. If it’s an in-game cause, stop that: if you are dying too much, play safer and group with your allies. If the opponents are trying to cheese you, find a good strategy to counter them. In one word, rationalize.

- Mute who is talking too much. We all know that there is a mute button in game, yet this secret feature is pretty underrated. If someone is irritating you, don’t write anything, just mute him and don’t tell him. I know that non communicating is bad, but tilting is even worse. If needed, tell your allies to do the same.

- If you are tilting because of an IRL event, leave it out of the game. According to our elo boost team, this is the hardest part, since it’s not strictly League related and may as well be something important. If you ask me, you should try to ignore it and create a mental barrier, leaving it out of the game you are playing. Focus on your own gameplay… unless your house is on fire. We don’t want to see that on the news! Act like the game is your own life, and even if you are in mid platinum, play like it’s the world final.

- If it’s a long term tilt. just stop playing and do something else. The ultimate solution to every type of tilt. If for whatever reason your tilt is affecting many games, just minimize the client and clear your mind. Do something else: watch an anime, read a book, talk to your friends. As soon as you realize how stupid tilting is, go back to grinding chap!

Tilt can be a formidable opponent, but hopefully our elo boosting team helped you in your fight against it. Remember that these tips can be useful even in other games or in real life.. but sadly there is no mute button in real! If you like our content, check our site in the next few days for more guides and articles!

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